How to Remove Paint from Wood Without Sanding? [5 Ways]

Removing old paint or stain from wood is a great option to give it a new and astonishing look. Basically, after a certain time frame, new paint gets old and looks at odds. So in order to give it an ultimate look, we need to remove every splatter of old paint and require repainting. 

There are tons of ways you can remove paint from wood without sanding. You can do this job by manually using heat guns, sander, paint strippers, scrapers, chemical-based, etc. But today, I’ll discuss the top 5 best ways to remove paint from wood without sanding. 

However, before starting the paint removal, read this step by step guide. 

How to Remove Paint from Wood Without Sanding
Remove Paint from Wood Without Sanding

What do you need Before removing paint from wood? 

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There are a few things to consider before removing the paint from wood. First, let’s have a look below: 

Is your wood worth removing paint? 

First of all, you need to ensure that the wood is good for stripping paint off. Whether you’re removing paint from furniture or wood cabinets, make sure that you’ve ended up with something good. At the same time, you need to check that there is no finish. To know whether there is a finish or not, you need to make a small spot on the wood. 

However, if there is a finish, you need to apply the finish removing method. 

2. Is it lead paint? 

Usually, the vintage furniture is found with lead paint. So, if you’re dealing with old furniture, make sure there is no lead paint because it requires a different removal method. However, if your wood paints with this, then you need to test the lead condition. There are a lot of lead test kits available on the web, and they work great. In order to remove lead paint, you should hire a professional carpenter because there are a lot of health issues involved.  

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For your kind information, leap paint was so famous before the 70s, but In 1978, the United States federal government banned it for consumer use. 

3. Do you need a professional carpenter? 

There are many advantages of hiring an expert carpenter, such as they professionally do the job. However, at the same time, you need to pay them; this is a downside. Furthermore, if you’re a DIY enthusiast, you must try on your own. On the other hand, there are also huge benefits of doing it by yourself. First of all, you can save some bucks. Secondly, you’ll get real time experience. 

4. Do You have all the necessary equipment? 

Without sanding, all you need to remove paint from wood is below: 

  • Protector gears such as mask, face shield, gloves.
  • Paint stipping brush.
  • Suitable Sandpaper. Click here to select the right sandpaper. 
  • Microfiber cloth.
  • Chemical based paint removers.  
  • Natural paint strippers. 
  • Heat gun.
  • Scapers.

How to remove paint from wood without sanding?

I believe you prefer removing paint from wood without sanding; that’s a great option. There are tons of options to apply during the old paint removal process. On the contrary, there is another guide on chemical free paint removal methods. However, let’s check them below, 

Heat guns

You already noticed that I’ve mentioned a heat gun on the equipment checklist. If you’re planning to remove paint by using a heat gun, you need to use scrape at the same time. Basically, it makes bubbles on the wood and scraper used to remove the paint. It’s a labor intensive and time consuming method. There are tons of YouTube videos available to see the exact removal process. However, it would help if you do some homework and wear all the protective gear mentioned above. 

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Using Vinegar

To be honest, using vinegar to remove the paint isn’t an ideal option. However, let’s begin with how it works. First of all, after boiling the vinegar for a couple of minutes, you need to pour it on the paint surface. Now, leave it for a while to soak the vinegar. Then, use a scraper to remove the softened paint. As mentioned above, this method left a tiny paint spot on the wood. So, implement this method with another process. 

High power pressure washer

If you intend to remove paint from outdoor places like the fence, deck, garage, wooden wall, or exterior projects, a pressure washer is a great option. First, however, make sure that the wood is solid enough to tackle at least 2500 psi. 


You already noticed several times on the above that I mentioned scarpering to remove paint from wood. In that case, you can surely use scrapers to remove paint from wood. However, in order to get smooth paint removal, you need to use appropriate sandpaper as well.

Chemical based paint Removing method.

There are many chemicals based paint removal available on the market. You can implement them according to the user manual. However, you need to follow some instructions while removing paint with chemicals. Basically, so-called chemicals aren’t eco friendly as well as toxic. So, make sure that you’re buying something that doesn’t have the above two downsides. 

However, let’s tell you how it works. First of all, pour the liquid on the paint and leave it for a certain time frame. Then, while fully soaked, use a scraper or a paint stripper to remove paint bubbles. In the end, use sandpaper to give it a smooth finishing. 

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Final word

Whether you’re a DIY or professional, removing paint from wood is easy. All you need to do is follow some guidelines. However, I’ve mentioned several ways you can remove paint from wood without sanding. Now, give it a try! 

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