Top 10 Best Sander for Deck Refinishing [Reddit Choices]

Having a deck in your backyard gives your home some natural beauty. Your deck should be made of durable wood that is treated and sanded properly. The best sander for deck refinishing comes in handy when you are handling a large project. Deck sanding makes it easy for you to maintain the exterior wood and give it an elegant look.

This eases your work when you are reapplying a protective coating on the wood. Many woodworkers know that deck sanding is not an interesting job, especially if you have the wrong tool. However, you can complete your projects faster if you get a perfect deck sander.

The market features different types of deck sanders. How will you determine which one suits your needs well? There is no need to worry since we will help you select a decent quality sander for your deck finishing jobs. We have reviews and essential tips that will make your purchase easier.

Sanding a Wood Deck

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Sanding your deck before refinishing is crucial if you want to get a better outcome. Once you power washes the deck, the wood fibers raise because the water makes them expand. When they dry, you may experience raised surfaces that can lead to splinters.

Therefore, it is great to consider sanding your deck to make your refinishing jobs easier. When it comes to sanding tools, you can find them in various forms to suit your needs. You can either go for upright commercial sanders, hand-operated orbital sanders, or lease from rental outlets.

Using a normal power sander can also be great, although you need to be patient if you are sanding a larger deck. It can take you some days to complete the task. Also, if you are dealing with softwoods, using sandpapers and power tools can make the wood gouged. Therefore, you need to use an orbital sander or an oscillating sander for softwood.

Additionally, you should consider some safety precautions when sanding wood. Always wear safety glasses and a mask when doing a sanding job. This will prevent you from inhaling the sanding particles or getting in your eyes. Moreover, you should wear hearing protection and knee pads to enhance your comfort when sanding.

You should also ensure that the deck is completely dry before you begin sanding jobs. If you have power washed your deck recently or there has been raining, it is great if you wait for some days for the deck to dry before you sand. Also, you need to use different techniques when you are sanding various parts like the edges, deck surface, and railing.

Preparation Steps

Don’t just start sanding the surface without doing some preparation steps first. You have to check all the surfaces you want to sand, like the stairs, decking surface, railings, and the edges, carefully. Ensure that you drive the fasteners down the wood surface. You might also need to remove or replace old screws.

If some boards are loose, secure them well by driving the fasteners. If you experience deep gouges or some splinters in the wood, fill them before you start sanding. When using wood fillers, ensure they dry completely and are hardened enough to begin sanding.

Sanding the Deck Surface

You aim to get the smoothest surface possible when sanding the hardwood. However, this is not your main goal when sanding your deck’s exterior surface. You need to use sandpapers with 60-80 grits when sanding floorboards and the roughness should not exceed 80.

If you use finer grits of 100 and above, the result will be smooth wood to the extent that it closes the pores down. As a result, it will be hard for the wood to absorb sealer or stain. You should also apply medium pressure when using a hand sander and inspect if it is even as you continue with work.

Sanding Board Edges

The design of your deck will determine whether it will be easy to sand the outer edges. Your work can be tough if the railings feature a lower bottom baluster rail hence hard to access. To do this, you will need a smaller sander to do the job if the sander you have doesn’t fit.

Additionally, use sandpaper with 60-80 grit when handling your decking board’s end grain. You should also ensure that the sanding is even as you can. This is because the end grain absorbs the stains unevenly if you don’t sand the board evenly. Also, before you start sealing and staining, ensure you wipe the dust from the end grains.

Sanding the Railings 

This is where you should pay more attention because it is what people see. On top of that, you should sand the handrail smoothly to eliminate splinters that can cause hand injuries. When sanding railings, use 80-100 grit sandpaper and sand every crevice and surface.

To do this, you can utilize a detail sander or choose to sand by hand so that you can cover all the areas. Also, remember not to sand too smooth that it will prevent penetration of the stain. Use a vacuum and wipe the entire surfaces with a rag to get rid of sanding dust before you begin sealing and staining.

Clean the Wood Before Staining or Sealing

After sanding, the next step is staining and sanding. Before you do that, make sure you clean the wood. Vacuum the surfaces to eliminate sanding dust, and then use a tack cloth to wipe the surfaces. After this, you can proceed to staining and sealing.

Top 10 Best Sander Reviews 2022

Using power sanders has made sanding easier. You need to select a high-quality tool that will deliver admirable sanding results. We will give you top recommendations to enable you to pick the best sander for the deck refinishing job. You will also learn more about different types of sanders, buying guides, and other essential tips.

1. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander (DWE6421K) 

dewalt 5 random orbit sander

Dewalt is a well-known brand when it comes to the product of high-quality power tools for different projects. This is one of their top sanders that will help you do your deck refinishing jobs to perfection. The sander features a 3.0-amp motor that enables you to achieve a speed of up to 12,000 OPM. This sander works best for sanding different materials like plastic, wood, and metal.

Using this sander is easy, and it is comfortable to hold. It is designed with a rubber overmold handle that gives you a secure and comfy grip. Therefore, you will not experience hand fatigue even when working for many hours. The sander also features a dust-sealed switch, and this helps in prolonging the life of the tool. You can easily remove the dust bag with one hand locking mechanism.

It has a great dust collection system that works well with the vacuum locking system to collect all the dust produced during sanding. Operating the sander is easy because it has a shorter height, making it easy for you to get close to your working surface. Additionally, its counterweight design eliminates vibration during work. You will get the tool, a carrying bag, dust bag, and a user manual in the package.


  • The sander provides ease of use and great results.
  • It has a nice design for easy maneuverability.
  • You will enjoy comfort with the ergonomic handle.
  • It works well in sanding different materials.
  • It has more power and excellent dust collection features.


  • The housing would have been thicker.
  • Some users don’t like the design changes.
  • The Velcro pad doesn’t hold the sanding disc.

2. Makita BO5041

Makita bo5041 random orbit sander

Makita is also another top brand that provides hand and power tools to suit your needs. If you are looking for a random orbital sander, this one will match your requirements well. It is designed to provide an excellent sanding job without compromising your comfort. This tool features more power and variable speed of 4000- 12000 OPM, which provides better performance.

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Therefore, you can control the speed to meet the material you are sanding. It has a big two-finger trigger that has lock-on buttons to provide optimum comfort and continuous use. Additionally, you will get better control with the improved grip on the handle. If you are a finish carpenter, a woodworker, or a general contractor, this tool will come in handy. It has an oversize ball-bearing make, which lengthens the life of the tool.

This large random orbit sander provides smooth and fast sanding. It is easy to use because it has a front handle that easily adjusts to make it easy to sand confined spaces and corners. The handle is ergonomic to provide users with the needed comfort and better control. You will also find the efficient dust collection system great because it makes your work environment neat.


  • It is a large sander that provides quick and swirl-free finishes.
  • It has an excellent dust collection system.
  • Its pad brake promotes productivity at work.
  • The sander provides adjustable speed to match your material.
  • Features a durable construction to lengthen the life of the tool.


  • Great sander, but the pad makes the tool unusable.
  • It works well, but it produces vibrations.
  • The speed lever will begin to stick at high speed.


black & decker bdero100 random orbit sander, 5-inch

Enjoy faster and efficient material removal with this random orbit sander. This is an affordable sander that works amazingly well for the price. It is great for DIYers because of its compact size, and you can easily get closer to your work surface. The tool is also easy to maneuver around your projects, and you will love its quality finish and high material removal rate.

This is a convenient tool that makes it easy for users to easily change the papers, thanks to the loop and hook system. Additionally, you will find it easy to use since it has a sealed dust switch that keeps away debris and dirt to boost the machine’s life.

Users love this sander because it is ergonomic for comfortable use. Additionally, holding is easy, and you will love its adhesion. You will also love its compact design, which makes it move to different places. Apart from the sander, you will also get a dust bag and sanding sheet.


  • It offers easy maneuverability and use.
  • The sander is great for the price.
  • You will enjoy top finishes and high material removal rate.
  • It keeps dust away to protect the tool’s components.
  • Changing paper is easy with the loop and hook system.


  • The on and off button stops working after some time.
  • The dust system is not efficient as it leaves dust everywhere.
  • Good for the price, but it provides uneven sanding.

4. DEWALT 20V MAX Orbital Sander (DCW210B)

dewalt 20v max orbital sander

We understand that sanding is not a job that many people like to do. It even gets worse if you do not have the right sanding tools. We recommend this Dewalt orbital sander to help you do your deck refinishing jobs to perfection. This is a high-quality tool that provides a variable speed of 8,000-12,000 OPM. Therefore, you can pick the right sanding speed depending on the material.

This sander provides maximum comfort when you are working. It features a textured overmold rubber handle with a soft grip. Additionally, the tool features a low height to enable you to get closer to your work area. You will also get more control when you are handling sanding jobs.

It features a brushless motor that gives you a longer run time. Changing the sanding paper is also easy since it has a replaceable hook and loop system. You will also find a none-handed locking dusting bag that attaches well to the sander for effective dust collection. Therefore, you will not get dust everywhere when you are sanding.


  • Compact and lightweight for easy operation
  • The tool has a low profile design, which makes it easy to reach your work surface.
  • It is equipped with a function dust collection system.
  • You will enjoy the variable speed to suit your sanding job.
  • Changing the sanding paper is easy.


  • You need to buy the charger and the battery separately.
  • The bag doesn’t hold as much dust as you would expect.
  • The tool breaks after a few months.

5. Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander

Enjoy smooth finishes on your deck with this amazing palm sander. Its rotation and pad orbit provide faster removal and smooth finishes. This sander is great for cabinet makers and carpenters who want to do their job faster without leaving behind swirl marks. The tool has a pad dampening system that eliminates any swirl mark on the surface.

This sander also features a hook and loop attachment that will offer up to 35,000 long life and a firm grip. Moreover, you can depend on the microcellular backing pad that provides fine and smooth finishes on contoured and flat surfaces. You will also like working with this palm sander because it delivers the needed speed for the job. It has an adjustable speed of 7,500 to 12,000 rpm to choose from.

Comfort should also be your concern when you are dealing with a sander. This one has a comfortable and soft-grip handle that makes it easy to use. It also features a nice body design to enable you to get various grip positions as you desire. The sander also has a micro-filter system that traps the smallest particles up to ½ micron. Therefore, you will not breathe too much-sanding dust when you are working.


  • You will get the needed speed for your job.
  • The palm sander ensures no swirl marks on the surface.
  • It features a soft-grip handle for comfortable use.
  • Easy to use and easily maneuverable.
  • Powerful motor to make sanding faster.


  • Great palm sander but the dust leaks.
  • Some users find it large and bulky.
  • It is underpowered even at the highest speed.

6. Makita 9403 Belt Sander

Makita 9403 belt sander

If you are handling aggressive material removal, you will better perform with the Makita belt sander. This is an excellent tool that offers both speed and power, and it is easy to use. You will also achieve less noise, fast and efficient material removal. These make the sander a great pick for deck builders, floor installers, general contractors, furniture makers, and carpenters.

This tool features a powerful 11-amp motor that provides the right speed control to handle your sanding tasks. Unlike other belt sanders, this tool works with a minimal noise level of up to 84dB. It is, therefore, the quietest belt sander you can find. You will also like the labyrinth make of the tool that protects and seals the motor and the bearing from impurity.

The sander is also equipped with a dust bag that swivels in 360 degrees to offer the best operation. Achieving a master material removal is easy because it features a 4-inch wide belt operating at a speed of 1640 ft/min. Moreover, the larger front grip is well-positioned to make operation simple.


  • It is a Great belt sander that operates without noise.
  • It features durable construction and more power.
  • You will enjoy a quicker material removal.
  • It features a large foot grip to provide comfort.
  • You can choose the desired speed with the variable speed control dial.


  • The belt keeps on ripping.
  • Many users complain of broken dust port.
  • The tool gets too hot after a few uses.

7. DEWALT Random Orbit Sander (DWE6423K)

dewalt dwe6423k variable speed random orbit sander, 5

Dewalt provides you with yet another amazing belt random orbit sander with a powerful 3-amp motor. This motor provides a variable speed of 8000-12000, so you can choose the desired speed to match your material. Working with this tool is great because it has a separate counterweight to keep vibrations minimal. Additionally, it features an overmold rubber handle that provides a comfortable grip.

You will also love the tool’s shorter design that enables you to get closer to your working surface. It also features a one-hand locking dust bag that attaches securely to the tool for effective dust collection. This gives you a neat work area, and you will not inhale too much dust. Alternatively, you can attach the tool directly to DWV012 and DWV010 dust collectors.

This random orbit sander is great for sanding wood, plastics, and metal. You will get the sander, carrying case, owner’s cars, and a dust bag in the package.


  • It has an enhanced dust collection system.
  • Rubber over mold handle reduces fatigue when working.
  • Reduced vibration and improved working comfort.
  • It has a shorter height; hence easy to get closer to the surface.
  • You will enjoy a variable speed and more power.


  • The belt breaks easily.
  • Complaints of poor quality.
  • Manipulating the handle is hard.
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8. SKIL 7510-01 Belt Sander

skil 7510 belt sander

SKIL is another reliable brand that offers great quality tools that work well. In their line of sanders, you will be impressed with this belt sander. It utilizes pressure control technology that works well in monitoring the pad pressure you apply for optimal finishes.

The tool also has a micro-filtration and efficient vacuum attachment to keep the sanding dust particles from the working environment. Additionally, its flush edge sanding sands the edges perfectly to achieve maximum capacity.

You will enjoy a 6-amp motor power, which makes it suitable for different types of wood surfaces. Moreover, the sander has an auto-track belt alignment that ensures the belt remains at the center.


  • Easy to manage the dust particles with the micro-filtration.
  • The sander is compatible with vacuums.
  • It is powerful and easy to use.
  • It is A great sander that is rugged and compact.
  • It can work well with many wood surfaces.


  • It dies or catches fire.
  • The motor burns easily after a few uses.
  • Great, but it has many design flaws.

9. TACKLIFE Belt Sander

tacklife belt sander with Bench Sander

This is a 2-in-1 machine so that you can use it as a bench and a belt sander. It has two metal screw clamps so you can turn it over and fix it to the table to act as a bench sander. The tool features a lock-on button to keep your hand free, giving you great flexibility and convenience.

You will get 13 pieces of sanding belts where six pieces have 120 grits, and the other seven pieces have 80 grits sanding belts (aluminum oxide). This will help you save money and meet your requirements for various projects. The sander also has a convenient metal clamping lever that offers quick and easy sanding belt changes.

Enjoy a powerful 5-amp motor with a variable speed design to give the needed power for various sanding jobs. Therefore, you can achieve efficient and quicker material removal. Additionally, it has a variable speed knob featuring 6 knobs to help you get the best speed from 0-560 rpm. The tool also has a great dust collection system, which is detachable to make installing and removing it easy.


  • Powerful motor to handle the toughest sanding job.
  • You will save money since it comes with a 13-piece sanding belt.
  • An efficient dust collection system collects up to 90% dust.
  • Improved handle design provides maximum comfort.
  • You can achieve multiple sanding ways.


  • Dust collects constantly pops off.
  • Not durable enough to handle bigger projects.
  • It feels cheaply made and doesn’t last long.

10. Bosch Electric Orbital Sander

bosch electric orbital sander

It is a top orbital sander that provides two sanding modes. You can choose the eccentric orbit sanding mode if you want to achieve aggressive sanding. Additionally, it has a conventional random orbit sanding mode to handle fine finishing and normal stock removal. You can change the sanding mode easily by flipping the lever.

This tool has a powerful 6.5-amp motor that is ideal for handling the most demanding sanding tasks. You will also get a variable speed control ranging from 3100- 6500 opm for different job flexibility. It is equipped with soft microcellular sanding pads that provide smooth finishes on a contoured and flat surface. This sander is easy to use, which helps you get fast and smooth finishes on different surfaces.

The sander also has a rugged die-cast aluminum gear housing that features a dual bearing pad mount to extend its life, reduce wobbling and vibration. Additionally, it has an effective dampening system that offers effective pad braking to ensure no swirl marks occur on the sanded surface. It also has a passive dust collection system that needs a vacuum cleaner and a hose. However, you need to buy the hose and the hose adapter separately.


  • It provides faster and efficient material removal.
  • The dust collection system is excellent.
  • A great quality tool with a nice feel.
  • You will enjoy a powerful motor and variable speed.
  • It is suitable for many sanding jobs.


  • It is challenging to use on fast sand mode.
  • The tool breaks after a couple of months.
  • It has some design flaws.

Different Types of Sanders for Deck Refinishing

Deck refinishing might not be the best job you want to handle. But if you choose to do it yourself, you will end up saving more money. You need to understand the various types of sanders for deck finishing jobs available to decide which one is good for you.

Before you start the process, you need to strip off any coating, paint, or sealant on the wood. You should also consider buying a powerful sander with all the necessary features required to complete the job. The following are different types of sanders you need for deck finishing. I will also cover other great sanders you might require when doing a sanding project on your deck.

Belt Sander

It is a traditional tool that works similarly like when you are using sandpaper manually. Alternatively, a belt sander’s working mechanism is similar to a treadmill where you need to move the sanding belt on the surface to make it even.

Belt sanders work well to help you come up with a perfect finish. A belt sander offers a wide range of benefits because it is multi-functional, can polish metal, and smoothens rough surfaces well. Additionally, you can use it to eliminate unwanted surface residue. Belt sanders are available in two types so that you can choose a portable or a stationary belt sander.

Orbital Sander

It is a popular tool for handling a wide range of decking projects. While you can use a floor drum sander for your deck refinishing jobs, you can end up with surfaces that are gouged permanently. An orbital sander is a better option because it moves in circular motions to give a gentler sanding, unlike floor sanders. Therefore, you will not end up with a ruined deck finish. Additionally, with an orbital sander, you can easily get to the edges and corners.

Random Orbit Sander

This is another type of tool you can choose, which has round pads and provides an extra layer of movement when sanding. A random orbit sander doesn’t move in a circular motion but utilizes orbiting movement. This movement is essential because it prevents marring the sanding surface with swirl marks. With this tool, you can achieve a uniform surface with very few visible scratches. You will also end up with finer finishes on all your sanding projects.

Other Types of Sanders 

The above types of sanders are great if you are covering a larger surface. However, you can also use other types of sanders, especially when handling smaller projects. These sanders include:

Disc sanders

These are sanders specially made to handle finishing off tasks. They feature round sandpaper pads that have a fine grit. A disc sander also works well for deck projects, but I would not advise you to use it if the deck has debris and gunk layers. All these need to be removed before using a sealer for finishing.

Detail sanders

If you want to handle your deck’s intricate parts like the railing and the corners, a detail sander can be a better option. These sanders are designed with a triangular sanding surface that makes it easy to get into crevices.

File sanders

Lastly, a file sander is mostly applicable in the automotive industry. They work great if you want to get rid of debris in tight spaces. It gets well in tight spaces to give you the desired abrasion without causing damages to the deck.

How to Find the Best Sanders for Deck Refinishing?

For the best deck refinishing job, it is great to ensure that you have the right sander. There are several considerations to have in mind when you are picking a sander for refinishing job. You also need to get a quality tool with excellent features to make your work easy. Here are essential considerations that will help you shop for a top-notch sander for deck refinishing.

Dust Collection Features

Sanding tasks involve dust production, which will be all over the place. You need to protect yourself from the dust by wearing a mask and the right eyewear to prevent particles from getting in your eyes. Like other power tools, selecting a sander with a dust collection feature is essential in capturing the dust.

As a result, you will not experience dust flying all over the place. You can get a sander with attachment bags or one hooked to a vacuum to suck the dust. Whichever option you choose, you will reduce dust particles from your working environment. Therefore, you will be less messy, and doing your work will be easy in a neat environment.

Speed Settings

Speed setting in your sander matters. Look for a tool that provides variable speed to help you handle your projects perfectly. For instance, when you are starting a deck sanding job, you might require a high speed. When you are done removing the gunk layer, you might want to handle the rest of the project with variable speed.

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This involves sanding railings that need extra care. A sander with variable speed setting will make your work easier since you can choose the right speed depending on the finish you want to get.

Multi-Functional Sanders

Do you need a multi-functional sander? Having a multi-sander gives you versatility so that you can handle a wide range of sanding tasks. It is easy to sand intricate parts with the detail sander mode with such a tool and handle tight spots using the finger attachment.

Additionally, some sanders can hold various paper grits to suit your requirements. In other sanders, there is a possibility of finding polishing aspects. However, in decking projects, you might not require that precision and care level.

Noise Level

How noisy is the sander? While you don’t expect deck sanders to produce noise, you might not be surprised to find models that produce much noise during work. It is great to look for a sander that doesn’t produce loud noise because it can be frustrating to work with.

Additionally, you might consider buying ear protection if you have a noisy machine. When buying, look for a sander with a lower decibel so that you do not disturb people near you when sanding. The CDC advises using ear protection when working with loud tools. Prolonged exposure to the noise can cause damages to your ears.

Power Options

You also need to consider how you want your sander to be powered. Would you like a corded or cordless model? You can choose either model based on your needs. For example, a corded option is better if you want to get consistent power. Additionally, you might find it tough to work with cords, and extension cords, so having a battery powered sander will suit you well.

Additionally, portability is essential when you are handling deck projects, and this calls for battery-powered sanders. It will help you move from one point to the other to finish your projects.

Orbital Sander Vs Belt Sander

Are you torn between choosing an orbital sander and a belt sander? Do the two tools have differences, and which one is the best? We will look at these two tools in detail and find out which is better for you.

Belt sanders are suitable for aggressive material removal. The tools have two rotating drums turn, which moves the sandpaper belt on the surface. The main advantages of belt sanders are that they are suitable for different uses, provide fast action, and are easy to use. Additionally, you can find them as portable or stationary models.

They also have some drawbacks because their aggressive nature can cause damages if you are dealing with delicate projects. These tools are also noisy at work.

On the other hand, orbital sanders are suitable for different uses. They are a handheld tool with a square or rectangular sanding pad that moves at high speed back and forth. An advantage of an orbital sander is the shape that makes it easy to reach corners. Also, you don’t need to buy large sandpaper sheets, and they also provide smooth surfaces.

The disadvantage of orbital sanders is that they move more material faster, scratch the top mildly.

So, which one is the best? Frankly, you cannot do your sanding tasks with one of these sanders. A belt sander will come in handy for heavy-duty sanding, and an orbital sander will work well to remove the gashes that a belt sander leaves behind. On top of that, a random orbital sander can also be great to remove the ugly marks that the two sanders leave after sanding.

Belt Sander Vs Palm Sander

Like I mentioned above, a belt sander is suitable if you want to remove materials quickly and aggressively. They are useful in removing old paint and old finish from the wood. The only disadvantage of using a belt sander is that it can scratch the wood and leave some marks.

A palm sander is also known as a finish sander, and the tools fit your hand’s palm perfectly. They are compact and lightweight than other power sanders, and they also have a weaker motor. Additionally, they utilize sandpaper with 160-220 grit.

The tool moves the pad in circular and small orbits, and controlling them is easy. You can use palm sanders for light-duty tasks like polish wood finish you do not intend to paint. Additionally, they are affordable compared to other power sanders.

Some disadvantages of a palm sander are that they need a lighter touch. Pushing it too hard can damage the sander. The tools also use a lot of pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to sand a deck?

The first thing you need to do is to prepare your deck for sanding. Check the screws and nails and ensure they are all sunk below your deck’s level. This will prevent them from ripping off your sandpaper. After that, get a belt sander, which will help you sand a large area quickly. Use the tool backward and forward. If you want to remove stain or paint, use coarse sandpaper (40 grit). You can then use 120 grit sandpaper to get a smooth finish. You can now finish your corners and edges with a finishing sander but avoid pushing it too hard. After sanding, use a broom to sweep and then begin staining.

How to sand wood?

When sanding wood, you can either use power tools or sandpaper. Of course, power tools are easy and faster to use. First, you need to check the wood to find pores that form a grain pattern. You should always sand the wood following the grain direction. So not do it at an angle or perpendicular. Keep the wood you want to sand at a horizontal height. Hold your sanding block flat and apply the same amount of pressure when moving forth and back. Avoid exerting more pressure at the corners because it will result in depressions.

How to use a drum sander?

A drum sander is an essential tool that gives your hardwood floors a nice finish. Before you start to use a drum sander, prepare the surface first. Inspect your floor to find out if gaps, cracks, or protruding nails and sweep the surface. Additionally, you should wear eye protection, ear protection, and a dust mask. Also, ensure the room is well ventilated. Star sanding parts of the room that are less visible and then move to where there is furniture. Also, the condition of your floor will determine the type of belt to use.

How to use an orbital floor sander?

An orbital floor sander is a perfect machine that you need for DIY floor sanding. It is easy to use, and it has rectangular pads that attach to the tool’s bottom. The pads have attached abrasive sheets. When you lower the tool down, it will be working at full speed. Avoid moving the machine too quickly on the floor. Also, avoid turning off the tool when it is resting on the floor. If you move the sander too fast, you can experience circular scratches. These scratches appear when finishing.

What grit sandpaper for deck sanding?

Understanding the right grit sandpaper to use for deck sanding is important. It is great to use 60-80 sandpaper grits when sanding the floorboards of the deck. Ensure that it is not rougher than that. If you use finer grits above 100, then the wood will be smooth to the extent that the pores close down. This leads to no absorption of the sealer or stain in the wood. Additionally, if you are using a hand sander, always apply medium pressure and inspect evenness as you sand.

Final Verdict

We understand that deck finishing projects can be challenging. You can make your work easier by choosing the best sander for deck refinishing. It makes your sanding projects quicker, and you get the desired results. We have given you a list of quality sanders suitable for deck finishing that budget-friendly and great for DIYers.

Depending on the one you want to handle or the type of finish you want to get, you can choose any of the above sanders. We have reviewed belt sanders, random orbital sanders, and palm sanders to help you choose wisely based on your job requirements.

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