How to Remove Paint From Wood Without Chemicals? 6 Ways

How to strip paint from wood without chemicals is the most frequently asked question by homeowners. There are more than ten ways to remove paint from wood without chemicals. I will discuss each of them below, but why chemical strippers aren’t suitable for removing paint from wood. 

Well, chemical solvents are very dangerous for health, but that is a different case if you are a professional. Basically, the chemical is the best way to remove old paint from wood, but industry experts can implement this method as they have previous experience. If you are an environment enthusiast, it’s the best way to take paint off wood as chemicals free paint removing method is good for both nature and you. First, however, I will discuss the most popular method and fastest way to remove paint from wood. 

Paint removal tools for wood: 

  • Safety Glasses
  • Face Mask
  • Heat Gun
  • Paint Scraper or knife
  • Soft Cloth

How to remove paint from wood without chemicals – 6 Different Ways


How to Remove Paint From Wood Without Chemicals
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1. Stripping paint from wood with a Pressure Washer.

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There is a step by step process to strip paint from wood through a pressure washer. Check below:

First of all, take a pressure washer and connect it with water as well as a power supply. Before it begins washing, wear all the safety materials. Above there is a safety materials checklist. Now turn on the pressure washer with medium pressure. 

Secondly, Press the pressure washer’s trigger and hold it ten to twelve inches above the wood. Do this until the paint takes off, and make sure that oil wood isn’t damaging. At the same time, you need to change the water direction on the wood surface in order to remove all the paint fully. 

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Finally, increase the water pressure to stripping old paint from woodwork. In the end, you will notice some paint yet stuck in the wood; in that case, you should use a sander. By the way, keep in mind that extreme pressure can damage your wood, so be careful while doing this whole process.    

2. Taking paint off wood with Sanding

It’s an easy way to remove paint from wood through sanding. First, however, you have to follow some guidelines to getting paint off woodwork. So let’s check what they are! 

Firstly, you need to take a belt sander with long corded and 80 grit sandpaper. Next, install the grit and connect it to the power supply. Make sure that you have long enough wire to reach the toughest area.  

Secondly, put the sander on the painted wood, turn on the switch, and start sanding. Again make sure that you have held the sand tightly; otherwise, it will not deliver ultimate sanding. While sanding, move it across the wooden surface and make sure you don’t hold the sand in one place for a long time. Furthermore, you may be required to sand in a little bit longer on a block of old painted wood, and you should do this until the paint is fully removed. 

In the end, make sure that paint is full off and use 120 grit sandpaper to give it a nice finishing. 

3. How to remove paint from wood with a Heat Gun? 

Now you are going to know how to remove paint from wood with a heat gun. As always, here is also a step by step process to remove paint from baseboards or timber. 

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In the beginning, pick a heat gun and connect it with the electricity and turn on the trigger. To protect your hand, wear heavy duty leather gloves and take a wooden handle paint scraper.  

Now start heating the painted surface from 8-10 inches above. Make sure that the gun is in medium heat, and you will notice that the painting is bubbling after 10-15 seconds later. At this position, use a metal scraper and start taking off the paint from the wood. Repeat this process until paint is removed. After that, use a belt sander to make the surface smooth. 

4. How to strip paint off wood with a Wire Brush?

It’s a comparatively easy way to remove paint from wood. First, you need to pick a solid wire brush or drill wire brush to take off the paint from baseboards or wood. Then, depending on the wood condition, put water on the wood surface and start brushing. If you are dealing with precious old wood, don’t pour water; it may hamper the wood. 

However, brush the whole wooden area until no paint is left and leave it for a while to dry fully. After that, you may use a sander for further application.

Furthermore, it’s not suitable for large or professional work, and at the same time, it requires huge dedication as well as hard work. That’s why woodworking experts do not usually recommend it.

5. Infrared Devices for removing paint from wood

Now you are going to get an expensive but effective paint removing idea, which is the infrared device. The advantage of having an infrared device is that it will not create dust during the paint removal. Instead, it removes paint by producing heat. 

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However, while using the infrared device, you have to be cautious because overheating may damage your wood. In fact, it can burn your wood as well. 

In addition, it can’t reach tight areas as well as you need to make sure that there are no fragile items like glass, plastic, etc. 

6. Steam Strippers method to removing paint from wood

This process is less popular but effective for removing paint from wood. But I usually don’t recommend this method if you are removing paint from old wood. 

Basically, stream strippers melt the paint through the water vapor process. It heats the wood to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, softens the paint, and is easy to remove. At the same time, it reduces the chance of having an unexpected fire. However, it isn’t a great option for old wood as it creates moisture which helps the wood to get wet. 

Final Thoughts

Now you know six different ways on how to remove paint from wood without chemicals. So let’s give it a try and see which one you find more comfortable. 

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