How Much is a Cord of Wood? [Complete Calculation Guide]

Today you get to know how much is a cord of firewood? Basically, there is a specific measurement of a cord of firewood which is 128 cubic feet. Here the pile is 4 feet high and wide as well as 8 feet long. However, there is a difference in measure between countries.

You may want to know what is a cord of firewood? Well, it’s the measurement method of firewood in terms of selling. There is a specific volume mentioned above. Before measuring the full cord of firewood, you need to put all the stacks together and tie them tightly as much as possible.

How much wood is in a cord?

There are 128 cubic feet of firewood in a cord. First, let’s talk about some advantages of firewood. Depending on the fireplace, it helps to stay warm in cold weather. However, a full cord of firewood is extremely suitable if you need a large volume of wood. In addition, it helps your overall heat costing.

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how much is a cord of wood

The different cord of wood measurement:

As you already know, there are different types of firewood measurements. For example, there are face cord of wood as well as rick firewood. Country to country, state to state, it varies, but both partially the same. However, there is a slight difference between the face cord vs full cord. The full cord of wood is larger than the face cord in volume. On the other hand, the Sheldon cord is bigger than the full cord of wood.

While buying the full or half cord of wood, make sure that how big is a cord of firewood. In fact, it varies from seller to seller, so it will save your money and effort.

Different Types of Wood

You know all the woods aren’t the same compared to the price. For example, some firewood burns perfectly, whereas some are going to ruin your camping. So make a comparison between price and wood while purchasing.

Basically, hardwoods are suitable for small to large homes. This is because it burns slowly and produces less carbon dioxide as well as sparks. In addition, never consider buying softwood. It burns fast as a rocket and won’t get what you are expecting. However, let’s check some slow burning firewood:

  • Oak red and white slow and steady firewood.
  • Ash white is Hardwood good for firewood.
  • Walnut black is good firewood.
  • Hickory is slow, steady, and the best firewood so far.
  • Black birch
  • Maple sugar is perfect firewood.
  • Beech is Hardwood suitable for firewood.
  • Birch yellow is also Hardwood and good firewood.
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In the end, you won’t regret it if you buy any firewood from the above list.

Understanding the cord of wood size:

While purchasing the firewood, it’s getting annoying when you encounter different size of a cord of wood.

As you already know, almost all firewood comes four feet long and can’t burn in the fireplace. But, at the same time, it’s difficult to handle before making small pieces.

For that reason, you need to cut the wood into small pieces between 12 -24 inches.

So, whenever you plan to buy firewood, be sure of the size of a cord of firewood.

Dimensions Of A Cord Of Wood And FAQ

How much cord of firewood costs?

As you already know that there are a lot of factors that determine the cost of firewood. However, let’s discuss some additional costs that you may need to pay per order.

  • If you want to deliver the stack by the supplier, you need to pay extra transportation fees.
  • When you order to cut the wood into small pieces, you need to pay labor and cutting costs.
  • Dry and clean firewood usually costs higher than regular wood.

Furthermore, these things can save your time and money but are worthwhile.

Can you fit a cord of wood in a pickup truck?

It’s a wise decision to check before carrying a full cord of firewood on your own. For your kind information, a cord of firewood weighs up to 2000 to 3000 pounds. So make sure that your truck can lift that amount of weight.

However, a typical pickup truck can handle half cord of wood, so you can ship the firewood separately or hire a big truck for the full cord.

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In addition, I must add, there is a chance of getting scammed. A full cord of wood can’t fit in a small truck or vehicle, so you need to be aware of that.

How to find the best cord of firewood?

The cord is all about the measurement of firewood, not quality. So make sure that you got something that you are looking for.

Before making any purchase, it is always good to know what type of firewood is better in terms of burning. If you found something that you already purchased before, you must go with that.

It’s a bit challenging for a new buyer to find the correct wood with numerous options. The common thing to consider is the season or dry wood to put in your cart.

While purchasing the firewood from the suppliers, you make sure that the wood isn’t moisture or looks green. It means wood isn’t ready to burn immediately. In that case, you need to dry them properly for burning, which is an extremely waste of time and effort.

However, if you want to save some bucks, you can buy green wood as they have a lower price.

Furthermore, it’s good to go with a green pile of wood when you have enough seasoned wood for burning and enough space to dry out the rest of them.

Whether you purchase green or dry wood, it doesn’t matter, but you can tell the difference that matters.

How do you figure a cord of wood?

If you want to measure the cords of firewood, you need to measure the height(h), width(w), and length(l) of the pile. Then you need to multiply these volumes and divide them by 128.

Let’s check the below example: 

Suppose a pile of firewood consist of 10 feet long (l), 4 feet high (h), and 3.5 feet wide (w), so the calculation is

10(ft)x4(ft)x3.5(ft)/128 = 1.09 cord 

This is the calculation of the cord of firewood.

How many pieces of wood are in a cord?

The short answer is there are almost 700 pieces of wood in a full cord of wood.

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What does 1/2 cord of wood look like?

A 1/2 cord of wood measures 4 feet long, 4 feet wide, and 4 feet high, equal to 64 cubic feet.

What is a quart of wood?

As you already know, a full cord of wood is 128 cubic feet. On the other hand, a quart of wood is the quarter cord of wood which is 32 cubic feet.

How long will a cord of wood last?

A cord of firewood lasts 6 to 10 weeks. So basically, it depends on you. But usually, a full cord of wood lasts six to ten weeks if you own a large home. So you need to make sure you have enough wood for the rest of the time.

What’s The Difference Between A Face Cord Vs Full Cord Of Firewood?

Basically, people use firewood to burn to stay warm in the house. But, at the same time, typical firewood is 4 feet long, which is awkward to keep in the fireplace. So that’s why firewood needs to be cut into small pieces; that’s called a face cord.

On the other hand, full cord firewood is the standard measurement of wood. Those are 4 feet high and width as well as 8 feet long.

Final Word

We have broadly discussed how much is a full cord of wood, but there are other criteria to determine the firewood, whether it’s good or bad, which is price.

It’s important to know how much a full cord of firewood costs. Many factors determine the price, such as country, state, wood type, etc., But typically firewood costs between $120-$750.

However, make sure how much wood you get for the price. Before making any purchase do some homework such as discussing with people who already know what type of firewood, how much it cost, etc.

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