Top 7 Best Drop Cloth for Painting [Reddit Choices]

You already know what drop cloth is but I want to tell you again. The drop cloth is a kind of cloth that protects your wooden or regular furniture as well as floors. It happens when you hold paint and paintbrush at a certain distance. Then excess paint goes down to earth by gravitational force. So, it requires using a drop cloth to preserve your valuable furniture and precious floors. In that case, today, I’ll discuss the best selling top 7 best drop cloths for painting. 

Before discussing the best painting drop cloth and tarps, I want you to know all kinds of painters drop cloth and their upsides as well as downsides. Because it requires the use of the right drop cloth depending on home improvement or painting projects. However, at the end of the article, I’ve added the 5 different types of painters tarp and drop cloths available in the market. 

Top 7 Best Drop Cloth for Painting

1. Chicago drop cloth review – The best heavy duty canvas drop cloth.

You’ll get to know soon why I chose the Chicago dropcloth. While I was writing this article, there were more than 7 thousand five star ratings and reviews. First, however, let’s check why it took the first position in this listing post. 

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If you need heavy duty drop cloth for all types of home improvement projects, you may consider this one. It was designed and developed to handle large painting projects. It has a wide range of drop cloth sizes. For example, if you’re dealing with a large wall painting, you may require large canvas drop cloths. In that case, Chicago offers a minimum of 4 feet by 12 feet to 20 feet by 20 feet in height and wide. So, you can buy drop cloth according to your preferences. 

best drop cloth for painting

Therefore, this fabric drop cloth is made from 100% cotton for maximum durability. It has a wide range of applications so that you can protect your furniture, floors, carpets, etc. 

The great feature I’ve noticed is that it’s reusable and washable. In addition, the double stitch seams make it more robust and rot resistant. 

So, before making any purchase, I’ll urge you to read some reviews on the web to make an informed decision. 

Consequently, I want to add some reviews here, so please have a look below. 

By feature, it gets a different rating out of 5, Such as: 

Sturdiness4.7 ratings
Durability4.6 ratings
Value for money 4.6 ratings
Maneuverability 4.4 ratings
Thickness4.2 ratings
Water resistance4.2 ratings
* Knowthefaq ratings

2. VICMORE – Best plastic drop cloths for painting. 

Choosing the heavy duty plastic drop cloth for the home renovation or painting is an important task. That’s why I’ve added one of the best plastic drop cloths from Vicmore. It has a lot of positive sides that attract potential customers to buy. First, however, let’s discover its most highlighted features. 

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First of all, it’s made from high quality plastic which is waterproof and easy to use. So whether you’re a DIY or professional painter, this plastic painting tarp delivers the ultimate result. It ensures 100% paint floor covers and is suitable for indoor as well as outdoor in all weather. 

plastic drop cloths for painting
plastic drop cloths for painting

As mentioned earlier, this plastic drop sheet is produced from high grade polyethylene and has many advantages. Such as it has no bad smell, non slippery drop cloth. In fact, it’s highly transparent and able to protect tiles, floors, furniture, carpets, windows, etc. 

However, let’s check other features. First, this thick plastic drop cloth is large, 9 feet by 12 feet in size. It’s 100% recyclable and comes with standard 2 packs. Secondly, it protects all of your place from paint splatters. So, you may consider this economical drop cloth for your next project. 

Therefore, let’s check the below ratings by features out of 5 ratings:

Value for money4.4 ratings
Durability4.1 ratings
Sturdiness4.0 ratings
Sheerness4.0 ratings
* Knowthefaq ratings

3. TapeManBlue – Best Carpet Protection Film

Carpet protection film may be the best alternative painters drop cloth. It does the same job as a drop cloth does. So without further ado, let’s make you clear why it’s the best option to use while painting the wall or use for other purposes. 

Carpet Protection Film
Carpet Protection Film
Best Protection:

If you’re running a large painting or home improvement project, this protector film is a perfect choice. It’s 24 x 200 feet long. So whether you’re using it on the home renovation or construction site, it’s an ideal plastic film that can cover up to 400 square feet. Basically, it’s a sticky plastic carpet protector for the floor that ensures 100% paint spill protection. If you want minimum maintenance drop cloth, then I can’t see anything else except this one. 

Easy to remove:

As you already know that it’s a sticky carpet protector and can be removed within 45 days without having any problem. While removing it, you won’t face any hassle as it’s easy to remove after painting. In fact, if you’re running a long time project, then it might be a great option to consider. 

Made in USA:

This temporary carpet protection is made in the USA with 100% high quality raw materials. As it’s a native American product which means you’re contributing to the American economy. At the same time, the manufacturer claims that it’s eco-friendly plastic drop cloth too. 

High durable adhesive carpet protector:

Usually, a painting tarp is used as temporary carpet protection. In that case, this is a heavy duty carpet film to use during interior or exterior painting. Its high quality, durable, and withstand excessive footsteps. 

Easy to use: 

As its plastic adhesive carpet protector, it can easily fit in every place. It would be best if you rolled the plastic carpet on the floor. It automatically gets stuck on the surface. Therefore, it’s easy to maneuver and install in every situation. 

Let’s check different ratings depending on the features: 

Easy to remove4.1 ratings
Adhesion3.8  ratings
Durability3.7  ratings
Value for money3.7 ratings
Easy to use3.4 ratings
* Knowthefaq ratings

4. Polyethylene Sheeting – Best painters plastic roll

If you want lightweight drop cloths for home improvement or everyday uses, you may check this out. This Polyethylene Sheet is made from 100% high quality materials. Its multi operational plastic drop sheet can handle more than dozens of jobs such as home renovation, construction, garden, painting, garage restoration, etc. Usually, it’s used for covering furniture, floor, and equipment during heavy painting projects. At the same time, it’s used for covering doors, windows, outdoor and indoor machinery during the offseason. 

painters plastic roll
painters plastic roll

On the other hand, it also delivers the same result when you cover the boat and plant. Again, this is because it works like a moisture barrier. 

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However, if you’re dealing with hardwood floors, you must consider this carpeting sheet. The manufacturer claims that it’s specially designed to cover hardwood floors, carpeting, rugs, etc. 

I’ve noticed that there is also some negative feedback about this product. So, please make your decision wisely during the purchase. 

5. Easy Mask 35″ x 166′ – the best paper drop cloth roll. 

Trimaco’s flooring Paper is a great option if you’re particularly looking for floor paper drop cloths. However, when it comes to temporarily protecting your floor from paint spills or constructions, Trimaco’s Easy Mask flooring paper does an excellent job. It is made from professional grade materials and delivers the award winning performance. From Protecting wood floors to concrete, laminate to carpet, it does what it was made for. It’s a traditional red rosin paper that ensures 100% protection on the sites. 

paper drop cloth roll
paper drop cloth roll

Therefore, below there is a detailed breakdown:

  • It’s a red Rosin Paper.
  • It’s an ideal option for floor and roof restoration.  
  • You can use it as a moisture barrier.
  • It’s 100% recyclable and widely found across the United States. 
  • USA product. 

6. GREEN LIFESTYLE 12 x 15 – Best Lightweight Canvas Drop Cloth.

If you’re looking for a large canvas drop cloth at an affordable price, then you may consider Green Lifestyle drop cloth. First, however, let’s clarify why it’s the best canvas drop cloth among the many options. 

Lightweight Canvas Drop Cloth
Lightweight Canvas Drop Cloth
Wonderful Durability:

It doesn’t matter where you’re going to use it; it’s extremely durable in terms of performance. 

Easy to use:

It comes with ready to use compatibility. In order to get the instant result, you can use it after receiving it in your hand. In fact, this is an odorless drop cloth, which means you don’t need to wash it before using it on the project. 

Ultimate performance:

Whether you’re using it indoor or outdoor, it always delivers a unique performance under any circumstance. In addition, as it’s thick and absorbent, it can help you tremendously on real life home improvement projects. 


Green Lifestyle offers a 100% money back guarantee for optimal customer satisfaction. Fortunately, they’re good enough not to return. However, if you’re a professional painter, you may definitely try this drop cloth. As mentioned earlier, it’s lightweight and weighs 8oz and 12 x 15 feet wide and long. 

Therefore, let’s check the ratings depending on the different features: 

Durability4.6 ratings
Thickness4.5 ratings
Sturdiness4.3 ratings
Sheerness4.3 ratings
Value for money4.2 ratings
Water resistance3.9 ratings
* Knowthefaq ratings

7. Trimaco SuperTuff – Best thick Canvas Drop Cloth. 

This is the second canvas dropcloth from the Trimaco brand. It’s made from high quality cotton and offers different sizes and weights. It has a 6oz to 12oz drop cloth which includes lightweight to heavyweight. However, it keeps your surface safe from droplets during painting or renovation projects. 

Furthermore, it’s easy to maintain, ideal for wallpapering, staining, etc. In addition, all the dropcloths in this package are reusable and washable. 

thick Canvas Drop Cloth
thick Canvas Drop Cloth

Let’s check the different marking by features: 

Durability4.4 ratings
Thickness4.3 ratings
Value for money4.3 ratings
Easy to clean4.3 ratings
Sheerness4.0 ratings
For stairs2.6 ratings
* Knowthefaq ratings

5 Different types of drop cloths and tarps 

1. Canvas Paint Drop Cloth


  • It’s the most durable and thick as well as long lasting.
  • It features both outdoor and indoor usages.  
  • You can use a canvas drop cloth multiple times as it’s reusable and washable. 
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  • Usually offers a higher price point.
  • It gets bunched up after multiple uses.

2. Vinyl or plastic drop cloths for painting.


  • The plastic drop sheet is suitable for covering wood or metal furniture as well as to fit well in any shape.
  • It offers a comparatively lower price than a canvas drop cloth and is waterproof as well. 


  • It’s not a great product for the environment as it’s not eco friendly. 
  • It causes slipping and doesn’t soak the paint. 

3. Tarp paper drop cloth.


  • If you’re dealing with woodwork, tarp paper drop cloth is the best option. 
  • As it is made from paper, it’s recyclable. 
  • Easy to set up and use. 


  • It cuts easily and doesn’t tolerate heavy wind. 

4. Polyethylene tarp


  • If you’re looking for painting tarps for exterior projects, then a polyethylene tarp is the best option.
  • With this type of tarp, you can use it for multiple purposes.


  • It easily catches debris and gets dirty.
  • Usually, the painter uses this tarp as an underliner.

5. Protective film Drop cloth or Tarp


  • It’s a long lasting cloth tarp for multiple usages. 
  • Durable and doesn’t slip. 


  • It requires a workforce to set up and get the job done. 

6. Hardboard cloth drop cloths


  • Usually, hardboard tarps are solid and great protection options for floors and furniture. 
  • It ensures maximum surface coverage. 


  • It’s not a good option for low budget projects. 

How to use Drop Cloth more efficiently? 

There are five ultimate tips for using canvas drop cloth more efficiently. If you’re dealing with interior painting, you must follow some guidelines to give it a nice look. At the same time, these guidelines help you not to have a disaster during the painting. The canvas drop cloths are the best option to cover the floor and furniture from unexpected paint. So, let’s discuss the painting drop cloths using tips and tricks. 

  1. First of all, you need to cover the whole floor with plastic. Then apply the canvas paint tarps or drop cloth over the plastic. The double protection ensures no paint leakage. 
  2. To give your painting a professional look, you should remove the cloth after removing all the paint stuff. Otherwise, you’ll mess up everything with the leftover paint. So, you have to ensure this end of the painting. 
  3. While folding the drop cloth or plastic, you have to be careful. It suggested not to fold these clothes in the painting place. Instead, remove them carefully and take them to outdoor places where the painting isn’t a problem. At the same time, don’t shake the cloth after removing it on the floor. 
  4. During the cloth removing step, you should also ensure that you’re not leaving any footstep paint. Painting is all about consciousness and carefulness, so make sure that you take full preparation during the painting projects.   
  5. There are expensive to cheap canvas drop cloths available in the market. In order to cover the whole floor or furniture, you should consider a bulk amount of dropcloth. However, there is a guide on picking the best paint tarp and drop cloth you may look at. 

Drop Cloth FAQ

What is the best drop cloth for painting?

Chicago canvas drop cloth is the best drop cloths for painting so far. 

Can you use a tarp as a drop cloth?

Yes, You can use the tarp as a drop cloth. They both do the same job. 

Will paint go through a drop cloth?

Yes, paint can go through within the drop cloth. So, how can you overcome this issue? Well, while purchasing the drop cloth, pick those drop cloths where paint can’t go through. 

What can I use as paint drop cloth?

There are different types of drop cloths available in the market. In fact, some manufacturers offer cheap drop cloths. So, instead of using other cloth or paper, you should use a paint drop cloth. 

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