DeWalt DW745 Review In 2022 [Ultimate Buying Guide]

Dewalt 745 is one of the best motor-powered table saws in the market. The portable saw provides the accurate cutting ability and durable use. You will enjoy a 15-amp motor power with a no-load speed of 3,850 rpm for superb cutting. 

This table saw is easy to use with a switch on and off control. It provides room for storage and easy access to the extra machine accessories.

It has features that allow for easy adjustment or replacement of needed accessories and a strong frame built to withstand tough conditions at the Jobsite. It comes in the colors silver, yellow, and black.

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This machine is straightforward to use by experts and woodwork beginners, though it is always advisable to get expert tips or help. One wrong move with any table saw will result in irreversible damage or body injuries.

Dewalt DW745 Review 2022

DeWalt Table Saw DW745

Like any other Jobsite construction tool, to get the most out of the Dewalt Dw 745 table saw, you need some knowledge on it. A beginner should get some tips or help on using the Dewalt table saw effectively and efficiently.

Using it on the job site may prove challenging due to the nature of the material you want to use. The DeWalt saw has an additional accessory stand, which can also be purchased on the side.

For efficacy, you can attach the table saw temporarily to a table for stability or fixed on the table saw collapsible stand. It also has storage features on the saw side that allows for easy access and storage of accessories and safety features that protect the machine and the person using it.

Every machine comes with a ‘must-read’ user and safety manual. Always make sure you read, understand, and use most if not all of the instructions that come with the manual. Among which is personal safety using earpiece protector and eye protection.

Dewalt DW745 Reviews : Features

The Dewalt saw comes with features that mainly power and control the machine and also features that protect the machine and its user.

Extendable working surface and fence that holds the desired size of the material you want to use.

A strong push stick that helps push your workpiece through the machine. This safety feature guards the hands from the spinning blade.

The Dewalt fence is adjusted by a rack and pinion control the fence to the desired workpiece size.

Blade guard and kickback prevents the wood from falling on a spinning blade.

DeWalt DW745 Review

dewalt table saw dw745 Basic Features: 

  • Onboard Storage used to store machine accessory part.
  • The blade guards prevent the wood from falling on the spinning blade.
  • Electric cord management for winding the wires when done.
  • On-off control switch on the side of the machine with an emergency switch feature.
  • Fence, push stick, and the adjustable fence control mechanism that adjusts with the workpiece size.
  • 23-inches right-hand side and 12 inches left side rip capacity.
  • Table bolts used to fix the saw on a table or a stand for stability.
  • Handle space for lifting and moving the machine.

What We Liked Most?

What we liked most about the Dewalt Dw 745 table saw is its 45pound weight, compact structure, and portability.

  • The Rip capacity allows for the handling of fairly large workpieces.
  • An easy to access onboard storage form the machine accessories.
  • You can adjust the fence and overturn it to use on both sides of the working surface.
  • Also, the emergency kill switch to turn off the machine if need be.
  • The blade wheel lifter mechanism sets up or sets back the blade.
  • The easy change of blades and the blade safety guard features.

What We Did Not Like?

A limited tabletop workspace that cannot handle bigger workpieces.

Because of its lightweight, the saw tends to move when working on a heavy workpiece.

As essential as the blade guard is, you do not get the full range of the blade when you fit it on. Most people opt not to use the guard, which is very dangerous.

Its miter gauge numbering is not legible; this causes a strain when adjusting it. It would need an upgrade on legibility.

The riving knife is not perfectly in line with the blade and needs constant adjustment to realign.


This is a compact 10-inch table saw that can cut trim materials and larger shelving. The tool features a metal roll cage at the base to provide unmatched durability compared to tools with plastic bases. This table saw is lightweight, so you can quickly move it around your job site.

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It features a nice coating to minimize friction and give you smoother cuts. Apart from the tool, you will also get other items like a push stick, blade guards, and a miter gauge. However, you will need not get a stand.


Dewalt provides high-quality table saws at affordable prices. This table saw is budget-friendly and has great features to enhance your woodworking projects. Considering the price and the performance of this tool, you will get good value for your money.

I recommend the Dewalt DW 745 table saw for beginners or DIYers who get their money’s worth for the work that they would use this saw for. Other Dewalt table saw models that are also very affordable and durable, hence giving its money’s worth.

Dust Collecting

The Dw745 comes with a dust collection feature that prevents dust from collecting inside the machine, though complete prevention is very difficult. Therefore, you can maintain a clean workplace. It comes with a vacuum fitted to a motor vacuum cleaner that will ensure complete dust collection.

Always clean the dust collectors and the machine, in general, to avoid future damage to the machine because of the dust collection. You can clean the machine with a dust air gun, which very useful in cleaning, or a brush.

Size and Build

The Dewalt 745 table saw a small, portable machine that weighs 22 kgs or about 48 lbs. Dewalt’s earliest table saw model was made of light metal, making it very portable. There is an onboard built-in to allow for easy storage of the accessories of the machine.

It has built-in features that allow for easy use. Moreover, you can fit it on a table or a saw stand for stability when working. This tool is perfect for both Jobsite jobs and workshop jobs and works best for beginners.


The user’s safety should be their number one priority when working with any tool. You should wear personal safety gear: headgear, ear protector, eye protector, an oval, and gloves. Also, know what to do in case of an emergency and the machine’s safety features.

This tool features a blade guard that protects you when working. Therefore, you will not risk cutting your fingers or hands. This tool also features a lock mechanism to enable you to fit it perfectly on the table stand.

Motor Power

This table saw features a 15-amp motor, with 3850 RPM speed hence ideal for cutting hardwood easily. This makes the tool suitable for tough applications that need more power. So whichever woodworking project you want to deal with, this saw will meet your power needs.

Cutting Capacity

The DW745 has a good cutting capacity. You will find a fence system that gives up to 610militers rip capacity. This makes the tool convenient for cutting large materials. Additionally, it has a max rip of 12-inch to let left of the blade and 20-inch to the blade’s right. It can cut easy and high revolutions per minute of 3.850rmp

It comes with a riving knife fitted to align the wood for a perfect cut and prevent the blade from chipping in the already cut wood. The blade features a blade guard and a kickback guard that prevents wood from falling back on the blade. It is held perfectly to avoid wobbling and can be replaced easily in case of any damage.

User Experience

Users of a motor-powered tool should know the particular tool’s use and its repercussions in case of any mishaps. The DW745 comes with a user manual and warranty in case of damages. It would be best if you used it in perfect condition for efficiency and safety.

Dw 745 Dewalt table saw may be very easy to use though beginners shouldn’t handle it without supervision. Experienced users may also need a refresher course from time to time, which may be a hazardous tool to assume.

Ultimate Overview of dewalt dw745 table saw

This is one of the earliest produced models of the Dewalt brand of table saws. After looking at some of the saws in the market, features, and specifications. I would recommend Dewalt DW745 as the go-to table saw for small and heavy-duty workshop jobs and at the job site.

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The Dewalt DW 745 table saw is an excellent piece of equipment, though various rival products are proving to be as good and efficient in the market. This is a handy and efficient tool for your woodworking projects.

Dewalt dw745 table saw Pros

  • It has a high revolution per minute of 3.850 rpm.
  • The tool is easy to use and maintain with safety features for the user and machine.
  • There is onboard storage on the machine with easy access to the accessories. 
  • A cast tabletop design allows you to get accurate cuts.
  • Powerful motor to cut through hardwoods easily.
  • Its guarding system makes the tool applicable for various functions.
  • Compact and lightweight design make the tool easy to transport.
  • Dust collection system to maintain a neat workplace.

dewalt 745 table saw Cons

  • It wobbles, which compromises its precision.
  • Complaints of safety issues

Dewalt Brand- Brief Introduction

The Dewalt name has been around for some time and is well known for a wide range of construction and power tools. The company was founded in 1924 by Raymond. It produces more than 300 power tools and more than 800 accessories.

You can find Dewalt products worldwide with many headquarters and factories. The company specializes in making polishers, power tools, saws, drills, sanders, and much more.

Dewalt products are popular and unique. Not only does the brand provide quality products, but they also last longer. It is also easy to get replacement parts for their products.

Key Differences between DWE7480 VS DW745

Dewalt has been in the market for many years, and these two are amongst the most preferred saw. Their features and specifications are similar, though they also have a few differences. The DWE7480 is the newer, more upgraded model of the two table saws and has a higher speed.

DW745 Table Saw

Among the critical difference in these two tables saw is the revolutions per minute. The DWE7480 delivered a higher 4.800 RPM, unlike the DW745, which gives 3.850RPM. The Dw745 allows for a 2-inch increase in rip capacity, and the DWE7480 allows a 4-inch increase.

Alternative Table Saw Options

In the market, there is a variety of saws of different sizes and specifications. Though there is a specific table saw for different jobs. Apart from Dewalt tools, other great brands provide quality tools. If you need an alternative table saw to the Dewalt model, we recommend the following:

Bosch 4109 Table Saws Review

The Bosch brand of construction tools has a variety of table saw models. The Bosch 4109 is a small portable model with basic specifications and unique features. It comes with a gravity rise stand and a mobile wheeled base for easy movement, and a foldable feature for easy storage.

The 120-volt tool provides a speed of 3,650 rpm for high precision cutting. This table saw features a portable and innovative design so you can relocate it easily. Additionally, the pneumatic wheels provide easy mobility. This is a dependable tool that will give you durable performance.

Bosch 4109 Table Saws Review

SKIL 3410 Table Saw Review

The Skil saw is portable and a fairly small-sized table saw. Beginners and DIY woodworkers can get the best from this table saw. You will get a useful steel stand to provide easy setup and mobility. Additionally, it has a self-aligning fence that allows you to achieve accurate measurements. The 6 feet cord length is long enough to suit your needs.

The tool comes with awesome features such as a self-aligning fence on the workspace and safety features such as machine dust collection, push-stick, and a kickback guard. This is a good Jobsite saw, which comes with side spring clamps used to hold it securely on a stand or a table. It has a riving knife safety feature for preventing pinching by the blade and cutting back into the wood.

SKIL 3410 Table Saw Review

Ultimate dewalt dw745 reviews in 2021 – YouTube

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Dewalt Dw 745 discontinued?

There has been no official communication by the Dewalt manufacturers on discontinuing the Dewalt Dw 745 or any other Dewalt product currently unavailable in local stores and online purchase sites.
There are speculations that the Dewalt Dw745 model shortage is due to the covid pandemic that hit the world, causing companies worldwide to close temporarily. However, these are just speculations, not known facts.
Note that there is also no communication from the Dewalt vendors on its discontinuation of the DW745 or any other model that is currently unavailable.

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Q: What is the best Dewalt table saw?

It would seem that the most sought after Dewalt table saw is the Dw 745 and the Dw 7489 table saw model, which continues to have a skyrocketing demand despite its scarcity.
These two saw are good but are fairly priced and give the customer his money worth in performance. Other than the price, these Dewalt tables saw models come with excellent specifications and safety features. The tools feature portable and compact, and you will find them easy to operate. Of the two tables saw models DW 745 ranks as the best of the two blades.

Q: What is the difference between DWE7480 and DW745?

DWE7480 model is a compact table saw with excellent but different features from the DW745 model.
The DWE7480 is slightly heavier at 50 pounds, and the DW745 weighs 45 pounds.
DWE7480 has a locking feature under the control switch, which is not found on the DW745 model.
At the bottom of the DWE7480 table saw are fitted rubber feet that reduce movement, and the Dw745 has table screw in or bolt in features.
The DW745 has a 20-inch rip capacity, and the Dwe7480 has a 24.5-inch rip capacity.

Q: What is the difference between the Dewalt table saws?

Dewalt has a variety of table saw models you can choose for various applications. Some of their popular table saws include the following.
The dissimilarity between them is their prices. They accomplish the same functions though all of them come with built-in main feature or specifications that differentiate them:
The Dewalt saw models can be determined by their weights that range from 45 pounds to 110 pounds. The right and left rip capacity of 12 to 16 inches left side and 20 to 32 on the right side.

Q: What table saw is better, Dewalt or Bosch?

These two saws perform the same function more or less, though Dewalt may come off as the better table saw of the two. It is fairly priced, and you get your money worth in performance, whereas the Bosch is priced slightly higher
Bosch is a little weightier than the Dewalt as a portable saw mainly because of the onboard storage, which takes a lot of space as compared to the Dewalt. The cord management for the Bosch is more exposed than that of the Dewalt covered by its yellow trademark housing.

Q: What is the best table saw for the money?

The table saw that gives its money’s worth is the Dewalt Dw745 table saw model. This saw not only fits size specifications but customers’ price specification. Note that table saws perform more or less the same function and need almost the same kind of accessories. And you can create an adequate workspace to fit workpiece specifications. Delta DW 745 table saw is sought after that supply has not met the demand, and customers continue to request for Dw745 as the best.

Q: What is the best table saw for a beginner?

The table saw is one of the most dangerous tools in the workshop that is misused or mishandled. The first rule of law is to accept it can cause irreversible damages or injuries. It is, therefore, advisable that beginners use low maintenance and easy to use saws. They should also acquire professional help.
A recommended beginner’s table saw Skil 3410, which easy to handle features such as a self-aligning fence, easy cutting tooth blade that does not need much effort, and a kill switch.

Final Verdict

The Dewalt DW745 table saw is an excellent piece of equipment, though, in the market, there are a variety of rival products that are proving to be as good and efficient as this Dewalt saw.

I would recommend dewalt table saw dw745 as the go-to table saw for small and heavy-duty workshop jobs and at the job site. If you have to handle workpieces larger than the workspace, as a woodworker, you can make a temporary, more efficient workspace.

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