Top 6 Best Brush for Polycrylic [Reddit Choices]

Polycrylic is a tough, durable, water-based enamel that delivers exceptional protection for all your DIY jobs. This guide explores what polycrylic can do for you.

The best brush for Polycrylic is the stainless steel poly fiber brush. These are great because they’re effective, durable, and easy to clean. To find out more about this all-purpose brush, read on!

Top 6 Best Brush for Polycrylic Reviews

1. Minwax – Best brush for Minwax Polycrylic

Minwax – Best brush for Minwax Polycrylic


  • Great for wood furniture or other items.
  • Makes the item look like it’s never been used. 
  • Read the instructions to follow before using this product.
  • The natural wood finish for a durable, smooth surface. 
  • No shedding after heavy washing. 
  • Professional results from beginners to professionals.

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The secret to achieving even, smooth surfaces is to apply the stain over the entire wood, not just the middle. And that’s where Minwax Polycrylic Wood Stain Brush comes in! Simply flip it on its side and use it as a flat fan to evenly distribute the stain all over the wood. After you’ve applied it all over, flip back over and use it as a flat fan again to finish it off. You’ll be left with a smooth, even finish every time!

This product will cover and protect both indoor and outdoor wood surfaces and is ideal for furniture and cabinets. It is designed to provide a smooth finish and protect the wood from yellowing and cracking as well. 

However, I must say it’s the best brush for water-based stain. 

2. Purdy – Best Purdy brush for polyacrylic

Purdy – Best Purdy brush for polyacrylic


  • Great for many different surfaces 
  • Great value, made in the USA 
  • You can use it with all paints. 
  • Easy clean up, natural hardwood handle.
  • A durable, essential tool for your painting projects.

It’s a good idea to buy Purdy when you want a special effect that is durable and convenient for your painting needs. In addition, the Purdy brush provides durability and the right amount of stability so your painting projects will last a long time. The stainless steel ferrule is sturdy so you will have no complaints about the quality of the work Purdy has provided.

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When you want a tool that not only looks good but does a great job as well, you can’t beat Purdy. They offer a long list of benefits that go beyond just meeting all your painting needs, from superior cutting capabilities to their easy, natural cleaning ability. Plus, if you’re living in a newly built or recently renovated home, Purdy provides great value with their products as their products are all manufactured in the United States. So go ahead and buy a Purdy brush for Polycrylic coating.  

3. KILZ – Best Polycrylic brush

KILZ – Best Polycrylic brush


  • Provides deep down, rich color.
  • Blends easily for a smooth finish. 
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable & High Performance
  • Painless application without the mess of brushes that get stuck.

With the KILZ MASTER COLLECTION brushes, you’ll never be without a tool and never find yourself at a loss for the perfect finishing touch. Each brush is molded for precise control and made to clean loosely woven natural fibers. The bristles are stiffened with an ultra-fine metal filament that offers maximum wear resistance and makes it easier to complete your project.

However, for seamless application and blending of your favorite color, look no further than the KILZ brush.

4. Bates Choice – Best Polycrylic foam brush

Bates Choice – Best Polycrylic foam brush


  • Give your house a great painting with the best Polycrylic brush.
  • Get it professionally cleaned. 
  • Use it to clean away dirt, hair, and dust mites.
  • Save money on professional painting services.
  • This Polycrylic foam brush set is ideal for use on all types of painting. 
  • It’s made from quality materials and is designed to last long. 
  • Designed with a simple yet effective design that’s easy to assemble and use.
  • The best foam brush for polycrylic. 

BEST PRICE, EVERY TIME … With the choice of professionals, craftsmen, and home enthusiasts alike, Bates Choice brushes are a must for all painters. Made from a synthetic polycrylic foam material, the brush has a unique yet simple design that makes it easy to handle and use. No matter what your circumstances, we’ve got you covered. You can use it to apply any type of paint by hand or brush. No tools are required!

5. Wooster Brush – Polycrylic brush Reviews

Wooster Brush – Polycrylic brush Reviews


  • Easy to hold in your hand. 
  • Durable with an elegant design. 
  • Works in any weather conditions.
  • The best grip for working in tight spaces
  • The synthetic blend makes the paint more durable and resistant to chipping.

With the Wooster Brush, Polycrylic is painless. This brush won’t damage your Polycrylic or leave bristles all over the surfaces. It’s flexible, easy to use, and has a softer design for an extra smooth surface with less chance of scratching. Perfect for accent surfaces and hard to reach spots, this brush does it all!

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Furthermore, it is a high-quality brush that even professionals trust. Made of high-quality, synthetic bristles, it can cover a large surface area without being too heavy. 

6. PXPRO – Best Polyester Brush for polycrylic

PXPRO – Best Polyester Brush for polycrylic


  • Professional quality polycrlic brush.
  • High gloss paint finish.
  • Durable and long-lasting.
  • Designed for easy and smooth application of paint or stain.

Have you ever tried painting? Well, if you don’t want to be a stranger to your friends after you start, the first thing you should do is get a PXPRO polycrylic Painting brush. 

PXPRO is one of the companies that has invested in research to create the ultimate brush set for painting contractors. These are the one stand-out brush set, for painters, decorators, designers who use paint brushes on a daily basis. In fact, they have invested their time and money into produce the best quality brush set at the lowest price you will ever see.

Buying Guide: What to look at while selecting the best brush for polycrylic?

When it comes to selecting the best brush for polycrylic, there are a few things you should keep in mind.

A good polycrylic brush has soft bristles and is dense without being too heavy. The brush should be flexible with a medium-sized head that fits the hand comfortably. It should be easy to hold and maneuver around the surface of the polycrylic. The brush should not cause any bleeding or pooling of color on your substrate or paintbrush bristles.

In addition, a good polycrylic brush will provide even coverage without leaving streaks, while being able to provide a smooth finish without pulling the paint.

The type of polycrylic brush you choose will depend on your personal preference and how much time you have available to get your project done.

Polycrylic spray vs brush

Basically, it depends on whether you are willing to use spray or brush. Polycrylic spray is an ideal option for a large project. On the other hand, the brush is suitable for small projects. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Polycrylic vs Polyurethane

Polycrylic and Polyurethane are two different types of finish coats. Both can be used to apply a clear coat on wood but there are some differences between the two. First, Polycrylic is more versatile than Polyurethane as it can be used with oil-based paints and varnishes. Also, Polycrylic is easier to apply than Polyurethane as it can be brushed on or sprayed directly onto the surface of wood.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brush for Polycrylic?

The best brush is the one designed for polycrylic, which is usually round and made with Polyester and nylon bristles. The best brush for polycrylic works well on both hard and soft surfaces. It can easily be cleaned, too.

Can you use different types of brushes with Polycrylic?

You can use different types of brushes with Polycrylic. Similar to painting with oil-based paints, you need to prime the surface before applying the finish coat by wiping it down with a dry cloth or paper towel. After this step, you can paint using your chosen brush.

Which one should I buy if I don’t want to spend a lot of money on a good brush for Polycrylic?

Paint brushes are a significant investment and you should be sure to get a good one. When investing in a brush, there are a few things that you should consider. Firstly, the material that the brush is made of is paramount. A brush can be made from many different materials such as metal, plastic or wood so it is important to understand which material will suit your needs best.
For example, metal brushes are perfect for applying polycrylic and other finish coats because they can easily remove excess paint. On the other hand, plastic brushes work well with oil-based paints as they help to clean up any messes that you may make while painting.

Is there any difference between brushes that come with and without handles?

Brushes with handles are more comfortable to use. They are also easier to carry when traveling. If you are looking for a specific type of brush, then go for the one that has a handle. On the other hand, without handle brush isn’t suitable for any painting.

What are the advantages of buying brushes in bulk?

Buying paint brushes in bulk can save you a lot of money. For example, if you buy five sets of one type of brush then that will be cheaper than buying just one set for each room or project.

Final Verdict 

Polycrylic is a type of paint that dries in about 15 minutes, and it’s incredibly durable. It’s perfect for use on metal, wood, and even glass. This is because the process doesn’t involve any solvents; instead, it uses a polymer resin that’s water-based. The end result is a paint that can withstand extreme heat and can also be applied to many different surfaces without damaging them in any way. To get started with Polycrylic painting, you’ll need to invest in some tools and supplies before getting started. For example, you’ll need the Best brush for Polycrylic.  

However, buy a Polycrylic brush and try it by yourself!

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