Types of Stain for Parawood – Does Parawood stain well

Wood surfaces are prone to change color due to weather conditions and other factors. Staining brings out the natural look and keeps them fresh. Parawood, which comes from rubber trees, is commonly used to make furniture, kitchen cabinets, and most interior woodworks. It is becoming a popular wood since it produces quality finishes.

To transform woodworks and give them a beautiful look, they need to be stained using good quality wood stains. You may want to enhance the color of the wood or would want to imitate a certain type of wood.

Buying guide on buying stain for parawood

Type of wood surface

Before buying a stain, consider whether the wood surface is new or was previously painted. This will determine the kind of stain to purchase. This is because different stains will bring out different finishes. For example, using certain strains on the already painted surface may completely change the look

Type of Finish required

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The choice of stain will depend on what kind of finish you like. There are a variety of finishes ranging from clear, slightly tinted, to vibrant colors. I recommend you always get assistance from experts so that you can end up with the right product that matches your taste.

Waterproof properties

When shopping for a wood finish, consider one with waterproofing properties so that you can protect your wood surfaces from getting damaged easily. Look for a product that contains polyurethane which hardens when dry and can offer great protection.

 Finding a good stain for Parawood might be an uphill task, but this article will give you useful tips and guide you through the journey to finding a wood stain that will preserve the natural appearance of the wood while making it beautiful at the same time.

5 Best Stain for Parawood Reviews 2022

Below are reviews of the best stains for parawood. Continue reading for more.

1. Ready Seal 512 5-Gallon Pail Natural Cedar Exterior Stain

Ready Seal Pail Natural Cedar Exterior Stain

Ready seal 512 exterior wood stain works both as a stain and sealer. It retains the natural look of wood. It is oil-based and transparent and does not leave runs or streaks on surfaces. With a 5-gallon stain, you can cover a large area. In addition, it brings old and weathered surfaces to life.

 It contains a blend of oils, resins, and pigments that penetrate deeply into the wood. This protects your wood from moisture while offering a perfect finish. In addition, having a product that combines both sealer and stain will save on costs and save you the time of making multiple applications.

This stain can be applied on any wood, for example, western cedar, cypress, and redwoods. You can use a sprayer, roller, or a brush to apply it on the wood surface. However, do not apply on a painted or stained surface for best results as there will be no penetration.

The seal is ready to use and does not require to be diluted before application. The seal does not require any temperature range. You will achieve the best results regardless of the temperatures. It is easy to work with the stain as you do not have to sand before applying another coat.

 It does not contain linseed oil; hence you will not stain your hands while working. Again this product is environmentally friendly. It is completely biodegradable if it gets in contact with soil or water. The tin has a pullout rubber pour spout that makes opening and pouring the stain easy.

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  • It is easy to apply and dries up quickly
  • It does not leave runs or streaks once dried
  • It repels water well
  • It comes as both a stain and a sealer in one
  • The stain cleans up quickly with just soap and water


  • Complains of bucket arriving damaged
  • You cannot stir because it has only a pouring hole
  • It does not last longer

2. General Finishes High Performance Water Based Topcoat Satin

General Finishes High Performance Water Based Stain

 Are you looking for a high-performance topcoat for a perfect finish? General finishes have the solution. This water-based topcoat is the most durable product available in the market. It contains polyurethane, providing harder and more durable finishes. It is suitable for areas like table tops, kitchen cabinets, and hardwood floors.

It has UV stabilizers that protect the topcoat from breaking down in sunlight hence preventing yellowing. The stabilizer also protects the stain on the wood from fading, thus lasts longer. Once applied, it dries up fast and does not leave any odor. You can clean up easily with soap and water.

High performance top coat is easy to apply with a brush or can be sprayed. A minimum of 3 coats is recommended, but you can add more coats to get the desired finish and color. The dry time between coats takes 1 to 2 hours, thus allowing you to complete tasks in a short time.

 It can be applied on most water-based or solvent-based stains and paints. It spreads quickly and evenly, resulting in a perfect and smooth finish. With its superior toughness, durability, and high water resistance, I highly recommend it for use in high wear surfaces like tables and chairs.

To prevent yellowing, avoid applying this topcoat over white painted surfaces. However, you get good quality results when you use High performance topcoats for interior woodwork projects.


  • Durable
  • It dries fast since it is water-based
  • Results in a beautiful finish 
  • Easy to clean with soap and water
  • It contains UV stabilizers that protect the stain from fading


  • Leaves streaks if you change brush stroke
  • The product dries yellow

3. Minwax 61350444 PolyShades Polyurethane for Royal Walnut, Satin.

Minwax Stain on Parawood

For long-lasting wood finishes, I recommend this rich stain color from Minwax. It is one of the best-colored wood stains that has polyurethane that protects wood and offers long-lasting finishes. You can use it to stain furniture and other DIY indoor wood projects.

If you need to renew your old wood surfaces, this stain is perfect for you. It can be applied on surfaces previously painted without removing the existing paintings. The result is a nicer color and a refreshing new shine. This also reduces the finishing time and other costs.

 It comes in various colors like royal walnut, classic oak, American chestnut, and others. Whatever color you choose, the results are amazingly beautiful. For optimal results on color change, use the polyshades color transformational guide to learn more about how your stained wood can be transformed using Minmax stains.

For best results, stir the polyshades thoroughly for an even distribution of color throughout the polyurethane. Then, apply the stain in the direction of the wood grain and thin layers for a perfect finish. Although the polyshade may take a while to dry, wiping it after the application is not recommended. 

You can apply it easily using a natural bristle brush and not require mixing with other products before use. Unwanted stains can easily be removed by simply cleaning them with mineral spirits or paint thinners.


  • It contains polyurethane hence durable
  • There are a variety of colors to choose from
  • You can apply on an already painted surface
  • The stain spreads easily over the surface
  • Cleans up easily with mineral spirits


  • It takes a while to dry
  • Reports of leakages due to poor packaging
  • Leaves streaks on the surface

4. Varathane 262006 Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain For Dark Walnut

Varathane Premium Fast Dry Wood Stain for Dark Walnut

The Varathane 262006 wood stain is one of the affordable options and is ideal if you are looking for a fast solution for your wood projects. As the name suggests, it dries up so quickly. In just one hour, you will have a finished piece. 

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Unlike ordinary stains, it offers a more durable and brilliant finish. Why buy new furniture when you can restore it? In addition, this stain stains and penetrates deep into the wood and seals any pores. Therefore, you do not require a wood conditioner before application.

This fast-drying stain is ideal for interior use. You will give your furniture, cabinets, doors, and other interior wood projects a new look when you choose this product. This oil-based formula leaves a shiny and natural look with just one coat. 

Each can contain a quart of stain, which can cover an area of up to 275 square feet. It is a high-performance stain that is blended with nano pigments. Apply in the direction of the wood grain to reveal the beauty of the wood. It has 26 colors that you can choose from to match your designs.

This product is easy to use, and proper sanding should be done on wood to achieve satisfactory results. Use a brush to apply stain on the wood, then wipe the excess stain in the direction of the wood grain. Use Varathane polyurethane protection for quality and long-lasting finish.


  • Dries up quickly
  • The product is affordable
  • Wide variety of colors to choose from
  • The stain is of good quality 
  • It has good coverage of up to 275 sq. ft


  • The color shade on the tin might differ from the actual color
  • Fades when exposed to sunlight
  • Sanding is a must

5. Minwax 40910000 Wipe-on poly

Minwax Stain Colors on Pne

If you are looking for a wood finish with versatility that will complete your wood projects, I suggest this Minwax 40910000 wipe-only poly finish. This oil-based finish is made from high-quality polyurethane that offers high protection and is durable.  

It is available in satin and gloss, and no matter which you select, each finish will have a hand-rubbed look. The great aesthetic properties and the smooth finishes make wood projects look stunningly beautiful. It offers great finishes for furniture, railings, and trim. You can also use it to repair scratches on wood surfaces.

Applying it to wood is quite easy. Use a lint-free cloth to apply the coats. No drips or brush marks will be left. You can apply it to new surfaces or previously stained surfaces. Use only two coats for a smooth and natural-looking finish. This polish dries within 1 to 2 hours.

Cleaning up is simple, and you only need warm water and soap to do the work in a short time? In case you did not finish the product in the tin, the leftover is safe and uncontaminated. This is because it has a lid that closes it tightly.

This Minwax poly finish does not only provide quality finishes but can also be applied on already stained surfaces. It will protect these surfaces against water, household chemicals, and food stains. It also protects surfaces from wear and keeps them looking eternally new and shiny.


  • It is easy to apply n surface
  • Dries within 2 hours after application 
  • Leaves good looking clear finish
  • A little goes a long way
  • It does not leave runs or brush marks


  • You will need to apply many coats
  • The quantity in the bottle is little

Minwax stain on Rubberwood

Minwax stains provide good finishes for rubberwood. Minwax has a great variety of colors ranging from light-colored stains to dark stains. You will not miss a color of your choice from the options.

Parawood is slightly porous and may absorb stain unevenly. Before using Minwax stain, I suggest you use a pre-stain from Minwax to seal the large pores to even out stain absorption. Sanding is recommended before applying wood stain for better penetration.

For parawood, an oil-based Minwax stain will produce better results. Minwax polyshades combines stain color and polyurethane hence resulting in good and long-lasting finishes. 

Rubberwood stain colors 

Rubberwood is a good quality wood to make good wood items like furniture. This type of wood is naturally light, but it can be stained using any color to suit your needs. It takes up stains and finishes well, just like any other wood. 

Although you can apply dark colors to this type of wood, the finish may appear flat, and you may need to apply many coats. Again, testing the stain on a small piece of wood will give a hint on the final look.

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It is advisable to use a quick-drying primer and an undercoat to stain rubberwood before applying a topcoat. Thus, you will enhance the final look of your wood items.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is rubberwood furniture made of? 

 Rubberwood furniture is made from rubberwood lumber which comes from tropical hardwood that produces latex. Once the trees stop producing latex, they are harvested and used to make furniture. Rubberwood is not a softwood but a hardwood belonging to the maple tree family.
The rubberwood is stable and does not shrink or crack easily hence good for furniture making. Contrary to some belief, furniture from rubberwood is durable, just like any other hardwood. Since Rubberwood is less expensive, making furniture using this type of wood is cost-effective. Moreover, Rubberwood furniture has quality finishes since the wood takes stains well.

How to stain rubberwood?

Before staining the wood, ensure it is completely dry to prevent warping or splitting. Start by sanding, moving from medium to fine grit to ensure that the surface is as smooth as possible. Once done, wipe off any dust with a lint-free cloth. Finally, keep the area well ventilated.
Apply a wood sealer to the wood and allow it to cure completely, then sand once more. The sealer will give the stain maximum penetration. Using a lint-free cloth or a paintbrush, apply the stain in the direction of the wood. Give it time for the stain to absorb into the wood. You can add more coats until you get the right color.

What is rubberwood furniture? Is it good quality?

This furniture is made from rubberwood timber which is regarded as an environmentally friendly wood. Rubberwood is one of the most flexible and strong woods suitable for making furniture. It provides solid strength to the furniture and can withstand wear and tear.
Rubberwood furniture is durable and can resist mold, bacteria, or fungus. However, furniture made of this wood is suitable for indoor use only. Due to its flexibility, the wood can be carved to produce good furniture designs.
Rubberwood is notably as hard as oak wood, cherry, or maple and is durable, making good quality furniture.

Is parawood the same as rubberwood?

Yes. Parawood is also known as rubberwood, plantation hardwood, or Malaysian oak. These are trees planted for rubber production and are mostly found in Asia and Central America. It features a light color and is of medium density. It is harvested for timber once the tree stops producing.
Parawood trees can grow up to 75 feet high and 3 feet in diameter. Rubberwood, just like other hardwoods, is regarded as strong and durable. It has a dense and straight grain and is easy to work with, making it popular among furniture makers. Parawood can be used to make furniture, flush doors, fiberboards, and other wood projects.

Can you stain parawood?

Just like other woods, parawood can be stained using good quality coats. In addition, you can stain it to obtain a customized look. There are various options to choose from depending on how you would want your final product to look. I suggest you go for oil-based stains as it goes well with this wood.
For stain to absorb well, sanding should be done using 180 grit sandpaper. Also, apply a wood conditioner and allow it to dry, then stain your wood. Parawood has lighter color. Therefore, you can choose to maintain the light color or choose a darker stain.

Final Thoughts

Parawood is becoming a good option for furniture making and other wood projects because of its durability and reliability. After reading through the article, we are certain that you are in a better position to make good choices.

Just like any other wood, parawood requires staining for aesthetics, protection, and durability. The wood stains that we have discussed offer the best results for this type of wood. We are confident that you will make an informed decision the next time you purchase a wood stain.

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