What is a Drop Cloth, and How to Choose it for Painting?

According to Merriam Webster, a drop cloth is a kind of cloth made from various components and used for painting, home improvement, construction, etc. 

There are different types of drop cloths available on the market. However, there are four most common drop cloths: plastic drop cloth, polyethylene drop cloth, canvas drop cloth, and paper drop cloth. 

How to Choose a Drop Cloth for painting? 

There are five ultimate ways you can easily select the ideal drop cloth for your next painting or home renovation project. First, however, let’s go! 

What is a drop cloth
What is a drop cloth
  • First of all, there are different types of drop cloths available nowadays. Among them, plastic and canvas drop cloths are the best options for painting projects. On the other hand, a regular drop cloth isn’t quite suitable for a serious job. They can’t resist paint droplets. That’s why experts usually recommend using canvas drop cloth. 
  • Secondly, if you’re renovating outdoor projects or covering trees, you should use thick plastic drop cloths. There are a lot of advantages to using thick drop cloth. As they are thick, robust, and heavy duty. However, there is a downside of plastic drop cloths, which is that they’re slippery. So, if you’re doing an indoor project, plastic clothes aren’t an ideal option. 
  • If you’re planning to use a thin drop cloth on the floor covering, it might not be a great option. A thin plastic cloth can easily tear and get slippery too. So, painting experts usually recommend using thin cloth for covering furniture, walls, and related stuff.  
  • On the other hand, a tarp is the best option to choose if you’re dealing with outdoor or exterior renovation. Usually, tarps are used for removing paint, and it’s not a great option for starting new painting projects. So, keep in mind what you need while making the purchase. 
  • As mentioned earlier, a paper drop cloth is also used for painting. It’s an ideal component for non wet painting projects. If you think you’re dealing with thin paint, you should use a regular drop cloth instead. 
Is drop cloth waterproof?

Usually, most drop cloths aren’t waterproof except plastic drop cloths. But, nowadays, there are other great painters dropcloths are available that are made from Butyl fabric. It has huge advantages, such as its waterproof, durable, washable, long lasting, heavy duty, and reusable. 

Can you wash a canvas drop cloth?

Nowadays, almost all canvas drop cloths are washable but make sure during purchase, whether it’s washable or not. 

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