Top 7 Best Tongue and Groove Router Bits [Reddit Choices]

Without further discussion, let’s get into the best tongue and groove router bits reviews. Well, you can get ready-made stuff without having woodworking hassle, but today, you’re here to find out the best one because you’re passionate about your woodworking.

On the other hand, it’s quite expensive to hire someone to get the job done, and you won’t get what you’re expecting as well.

There are a lot of factors to look at before buying the tongue and groove router bit sets. You should check the router bits adjustability, what they are made from, and don’t forget to check the size because size does matter.

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However, having the best tongue groove router bit for your woodworking was difficult, but now it’s easy as we compiled the top 10 tongue and groove router bits for flooring, particle boards, compact plywood panel, etc.

Top 10 Best tongue and groove router bits 2022

Below is the ultimate list and reviews, including the most sold Yonico router bits review. You’ll identify soon why we have chosen the following top 10 best-rated router bits.

1. Freud tongue and groove router bit: Freud 99 036 Review

tongue and groove router bits for 2x4

Thousands of customers rated five-star to Freud tongue and groove bits for its extraordinary built-in quality, precision, durability, extra edge cutting ability, etc. Today you’re going to one of them.

However, Freud 99-036 gone through a heavy industrial making process to ensure the quality. These highly adjustable router bits are made from Cobalt, Tungsten, and Titanium Carbide. As Freud uses their own technology called TiCo Hi-Density Carbide, it makes it unique and effective for professional uses. You can’t compare their innovative design with other manufacturers. Though it’s the best router bit set for the money.

While talking about the carbide size, it’s better to have a large one for extreme sharpness cutting. Usually, the standard carbide size is five microns, and an advanced one get measures 1 micron. But Freud’s TiCo Hi-Density Carbide can cut at .8 micron, which is exceptionally incredible.

One of the best features you’ll notice that is its adjustability. These are the best router bits for hardwood floor tongue and groove as well as softwoods, plywood, etc.

Let’s see some previous buyer’s thoughts:

These are the ultimate router bits for tongue and groove you’re looking for:

Well, it’s been a nice router bit sets to have in your woodworking list, as it gets the job done perfectly. In addition, it comes in great condition and able to build the best joints. However, it would be best to keep in mind that it doesn’t come with already dialed. You’ll need to adjust shims on your requirements.

Great Bit combo set:

As you know, that is the best router bit under 100 dollars but kind of expensive for the novice woodworker. One of the buyers stated that he hesitantly bought this router bit set, but he found this interesting later while he was testing. The ultra-design makes it user-friendly. However, if you want something for your cabinet doors, don’t think twice about having these bit sets.


  • It’s well made and user-friendly.
  • Highly adjustable.
  • It comes with the best shaker set.
  • A great bit off kit.
  • It cuts very well.


  • It’s not properly packaged for shipment.

2. Yonico router bits review – The best wood router bits so far

Yonico router bits review

We know that you’re looking to making tongue and groove for your home improvement stuff. Yonico Router Bits Tongue and Groove Set is the second-best choice in our list so far compared to its price, durability, ease of work, etc.

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However, let’s get into the details of the review. Well, these small router bits can cut one-fourth inch thick and a half-inch deep tongue with various adjustability. You can use these 2-bit sets for flooring, stile, rails projects, etc.

In addition, it comes with premium quality C3 carbide blades. The silver induction brazing and C3 ensure sharpness, maximum strength, durability, and a long-lasting cutting edge. The drawback is that you can only use this on the table mount router.

Furthermore, another advantage is that this the best router bit for jointing under thirty dollars. If you’re a beginner or want something for light uses, then it’s a must-have tool.


The Yonico mentioned on their guidelines on how to make tongue and groove but keep in mind that you can only route one-quarter inch; otherwise, it will destroy your wood and kickback.

In a nutshell, if you deal with something professional project or work with hardwood, then you should invest high-end router bit. On the other hand, it’s okay if you do a DIY tongue and groove job.


  • It works great for light uses.
  • Small and the best router bit set for the money.
  • It provides solid performance at a reasonable price.
  • Best tongue and groove router bit set 1/4 shank.
  • Perfect for DIY and hobbyists.


  • There is room to be improved in durability.

3. KOWOOD Tongue and Groove Set – Best router bits review

tongue and groove router bits for flooring

It’s wise to test something inexpensive for the first time if you’re a novice. Below is the best option to check before investing money in higher-end tools. Let’s review why this KoWood top rated router bits so appealing.

Heavy-duty Durable Steel Body:

Yes, durability does matter when you look into woodworking, especially dealing with the router bit. Well, what about this wood router bit’s durability. The blades are made from rigid steel alloy board and well balanced. You can use this for professional purposes, but it’s the best for beginners. However, Kowood develops an anti-kickback system for safety uses.

Safety uses:

You’ll get the best performance with one forth inch shank bits. Otherwise, you’ll lose stability, and it will heavily vibrate during use.


These router bits have wide applications. You can use tongue and groove router bit for hardwood flooring, wood, plywoods, particleboard, etc. You can make a disaster if you apply them on iron, steel, rock, sand, etc.

Storage Box:

It comes with a wooden box for easy storage and carry. However, this case is made of high-quality wood and quite sturdy. Whether you’re doing remote projects or in the house, it’s super convenient to carry.

Customer Satisfaction:

The Kowood provides 100% customer satisfaction after the purchase. If you find any manufacturing defect, you can quickly get back to them.


  • It’s very sharp and solid.
  • Highly recommended for Shaker Door build.
  • It’s the best value router bits and a good starter.
  • As always, it delivers smooth and accurate cutting.
  • Worth buying.


  • I don’t highly recommend it for professional uses.

4. Helovmine tongue & groove router bit set – Ultimate adjustable router bits.

router bits tongue and groove

If you’re looking for something heavy and made out of solid steel, these are considerable router bit sets to have a deep look. These are made from high-quality elements and lasts for a long time. The ultimate professional woodworking toolset for beginners to expert. Convenient to carry and highly durable.

However, there is an anti-kickback system enabled to avoid uncertain incidents. The solid steel body is heat resistant coating and thoroughly lubricated.

You can cut all appropriate materials on a standard half-inch shank. The heavy-duty tungsten carbide tips are exceptionally sharp, and even you can make them sharper after use.

In addition, these router bits are developed for portable, remote, and table woodworking machines only. As mentioned earlier, you’ll ruin them if you apply these router bits to drills and drill presses.

Where can you apply this woodworking router bits? 

There is a wide application of uses. Actually, you can use them on all types of materials such as woods, plywood, hardwood, softwood, particle boards, MDF, etc. But if you’re planning to buy a hardwood floor router bit set, this is the best choice, and you’ll get an astonishing result.

Cautions: As always, don’t apply this on the metal object.

Furthermore, if you’re a DIY, hobbyist, or professionals, it can handle all types of projects like office and kitchen cabinets, walls, bathroom doors, shelves, frames, and many more.

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  • Handy flooring router bits set.
  • Great customer service.
  • It comes with a fantastic price point.
  • Sharp and solid.


  • It may be expensive for the novice.

5. Yonico Router Bits Tongue & Groove Set –  Yonica 15228.

router bits for tongue and groove

This is the second tongue & groove router bit set from the Yonica. It’s able to cut one-fourth inch thick and deep tongue. The ultimate tongue and groove router bit for hardwood flooring, rail, etc.

However, Yonica’s router bits are market-dominating for creating a masterpiece. The C3 carbide blades are an example of it. It ensures high durability and long-lasting operations.


  • High-quality bits.
  • Reasonable price and excellent performance.
  • Suitable for Beginners to pro.
  • It provides smooth and durable service.
  • Sharp and deliver clean cuts.


  • It needs minor adjusting before operations.

6. ASNOMY tongue & groove router bit set reviews:

Tongue & Groove Router Bit Set Reviews

Asnomy, wow! the new tool brand, arrives in the town. Let’s take a quick look.

Uppermost Quality:

These router bits are made from top-quality carbide steel alloy and developed with an anti-drawback system enabled. Even there is a heat-resistant coating to prevent unexpected occurrences. However, these features make them more robust and efficient. In addition, they also come with an anti-rust functionality.

Safety Guidance Enabled:

You’ll get the best performance while using these router bits for 1/4 inch shank bits. It ensures lower vibration and super stability. However, you’ll notice there is a “K” Line in router bits. It’s the minimum clamping point; otherwise, the shank will be bent.

Multi Operations:

You can consistently implement these tongue groove router bits on different types of materials such as MDF, plywood, woods, particle boards, etc., except metal objects.


These professional woodworking tools come with two router tongue and groove bit as well as one 1/4-inch shank. I believe you’re a woodworking enthusiast and want practical tools then I must say these bits are also considerable items to look at.

Customer Satisfaction:

ASNOMY doesn’t focus only on manufacturing the products but also ensures 100% customer satisfaction. If you occur any defect, you may get to them via email, and they’re very responsive.


  • Durable and Sharp.
  • Tungsten Carbide blades.
  • Alloy Steel body.
  • It’s a 45 Degree lock miter joint router bit.
  • A set of 3 Teeth Shape T Cutters.


  • It seems cheap but worked as advertised.

7. Jooyle tongue and groove reviews

tongue and groove router bits 1 4 shank

Quick look: 

If you want a professional-quality groove router bit at a reasonable price, you should look at these bit sets. These tongue and groove router bit for hardwood flooring works excellent. But also can cut MDF, woods, panels, softwood, plywood, etc. Please check the below details, features, and reviews.

Tongue router bit 1 piece:

The tongue bit size is half-inch shank with 1/4inch width tooth. As I mentioned just above, this is the perfect tooth to enhance your hardwood project. However, a previous buyer comments on this item that even a novice can make professional joints with these tools.

Groove router bit 1 piece:

The groove size is also the same as the tongue and an absolutely versatile tool for your fine woodworking. These are only designed for table woodwork such as a router, CNC machines, etc.

The finger Jointer:

This set comes with a one-piece finger joint router bit to make joints easily. If you ask me, what is the best part of this toolset? I can say this is the finger jointer. As always, never implement these on the electric drill or regular drill to avoid damages. One more caution, the above router bits are not enriched for metal uses.


I’ve already mentioned that these are developed for desktop uses; otherwise, you’re going to have some disasters.

Furthermore, while working, you should wear appropriate protective gear such as a mask, soundproof headphones, goggles but don’t wear hand gloves.

best Tongue groove router bit buying guide

best tongue and groove router bits

Above I’ve written reviews on several router bits and recommended, but here is the ultimate buying guide. You may be thinking, what are the best quality router bits or how to buy the best one. Let’s get started!

Build Materials

I put the materials in the first considerable factor to look at before making any purchase because solid steel router bits are only recommended in that case. In addition, some of them are made from carbide steel alloy, which is also great to pick. However, you should check the building materials during buying.


The sharpness is another vital thing to keep in mind while checking the product features. Of course, it’s not possible to check this feature before purchasing, but how could you ensure it’s well sharped. Well, there is a technical way to get to know how sharp router bits are? First of all, check blade building materials, secondly check previous buyers’ reviews, and finally YouTube.

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It plays an important role during work. How to cut tongue and groove? In that case, durability comes first. How effectively you can handle the tool while making tongue and groove.

Shank Adjustability 

It’s required when you work with different thicknesses of wood. Before installing the bit adjust the shank according to wood thick. Almost bit comes with a half-inch shank for convenient uses. Please, make sure the shank adjustment; otherwise, it’s going to blow your router.


I guess shape is the least notable feature to look at, but almost router bit is T shape. Although, there is a difference in size.

Ultimate FAQs

How to use a tongue and groove router bit?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to cut tongue and groove with a router. First of all, take a tongue router bit and place it on the desktop or router table. Please, keep in mind that router bit width is different, so you’ll mess up drastically if you put them on another table.
However, now it’s time to set the fence forward; before fixing it, measures first. After that, take wood and cut the tongue first. At the same time, while moving the wood, use supporting materials for safety. Furthermore, pull the fence backward and cut the groove. Meanwhile, it is compulsory to make an accurate measurement for both to get perfect jointing.
Finally, after making tongue and groove, joint them together. If you don’t see any mismatch, that fantastic but fix the fence again while having inaccurate joints. By the way, you’ll get tons of videos on how to make tongue and groove on YouTube; check them for further details. Now it’s your turn!

How to cut tongue and groove with a router safely?

You’ve to take several actions before doing any router-related woodworking. First of all, wear the eye protector, then use the safety cover. Never wear any hand gloves during the pulling; it’s hazardous. You can get caught subconsciously while spinning the bit.
Secondly, check the router before starting, whether it’s damaged or ready to use. Make sure that you don’t put a broken bit. However, make sure that it doesn’t cross the maximum limit.
Thirdly, don’t use a router bit with another machine like a driller.
Finally, after the work, store the router bit in an appropriate and safe place for the next uses.

How to maintain groove router bit?

First of all, the shank is always needs to be lubricated. While using, you should add some lubricating oil every three hours. It ensures the durability and longevity of the tools.
Secondly, always clean the router bits after each uses. Make sure that there are no wood chips, resin, wastage, etc.

What router bits do I need for tongue and groove?

I didn’t mention the Bosch tongue and groove router bit set above because of this legendary 1/4 Inch Carbide Tipped router bit. It can go through 3/4 inch thick wood simultaneously. Whether you’re a professional or beginner woodworker, you’ve heard Bosch. They’ve been manufacturing world-class router bits with unique architectural designs. However, you won’t regret it if you buy this bit set. These medium-range wood router bits cost less than fifty dollars.

Are tongue and groove joints strong?

Absolutely they make strong enough joints if you cut the materials accurately.

Can you make tongue and groove with a router?

Yes, you can make tongue & groove with a router, but you have to install the right bit.

Final Verdict

I just tried to assemble the best tongue and groove router bits in this whole article, but never forget to check each one of them before purchasing. Even it’s not possible to add all the router bits here due to a shortage of time and space. By the way, I can recommend you among the best Freud 99 036 and Yonico router bits. However, a large number of people positively reviewed and suggested these tools.

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