Chicago Electric Miter Saw Review [Reddit Choices]

For every woodworking project, you will be required to acquire a compound miter saw that would help you make precision cuts. However, there are several compound miter saws from different brands in the market, making it hard to make the right choice. Everyone is looking for a miter saw that would enable him to make cross cuts on boards and metals quickly. Miter saws have different blade sizes ranging from 7¼ to 12 inches. They also come in different weights, so choose wisely according to your task.

As you look for a tool to purchasing, you must know its features, quality, power source, and ease of use to produce quality products. The price of a tool also matters as you cannot purchase a tool you cannot afford. Also, you should look for a miter saw with a desired blade size depending on your type of project. For a professional worker, it is good to choose a tool with the highest power ability as this will guarantee you quality wood products. Also, select one with the highest cutting ability.

Creating mitered corners has never been easy while using a hand saw together with the miter box. This tool makes angled cuts smoothly. In this article, you will learn about the Chicago Electric miter saw features as well as uses. This will give you an idea of how you can make accurate cuts using a compound miter saw.

Chicago Electric Miter Saw Review

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  • It makes accurate cuts since it has a high-speed blade and can cut woods in the right and left directions.
  • It is cost-effective if you are working on a squeezed budget and require a quality performance tool.
  • Easy to use as it comes while almost assembled completely hence fewer skills and time needed to install. Device controls are uncomplicated.
  • High-quality accessories that make the tool to be more durable


  • Sometimes the blade guard fails to work.
  • Cheaper quality compared to its corresponding items.
  • Poor dust collection resulting in a messy working area.

Chicago Electric 10-inch Compound Miter Saw is a tool measuring 27.5inch by 19.9 inches by 16 inches. It weighs 30.4 pounds. This tool was produced by Chicago Electrics, a company that was established in 1910. The device is a high-quality miter saw made of steel material that makes it very strong and rigid. Chicago Electric’s 10-inch compound miter saw has several unique specifications. These include:

  • 45 degrees angle right or left.
  • 15 amp motor.
  • Accessories: table clamp, dust bag, aluminum fence, cords’ storage hooks, and vacuum adapter.
  • 3800 rpm.
  • Laser guide system.
  • 10-inch wide blade.
  • Power source: Corded electric.
  • Material: metal.
  • Instruction manual.

This tool has a very powerful motor that provides accurate trimming of large wood pieces without any difficulty. It comprises a sliding system that allows you to cut wood pieces with a lot of precision. It is a heavyweight tool to ensure that it does not make any movements while cutting. With a soft handle, you will be able to hold it tightly without causing friction on your hands that can result in bruises. With the highest speed power of 3800 rpm, you will be able to cut any wood size comfortably.

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It comes with an easy-to-understand instruction booklet that guides you on the safety measures to take while using the tool. You will also be able to install it perfectly on the workbench within seconds.

Build & Design

The Chicago Electric 10-inch compound miter saw has a solid and compact design. It is made of very high-quality material that enables it to serve you for a very long time without wearing it out. All the accessories are fitted perfectly to ensure that no one comes out while making cuts, leading to injuries. The compound miter saw design helps you to make bevel as well as miter cuts in both directions.

The compacted tool can sit even on small workbenches, so you do not have to worry about your work-piece size. In case you want to carry our minor works or framing works, the Chicago Electric miter saw will work perfectly. Also, it comprises a strong metal stand that has already drilled bench holes for easier connection. The sturdy base maintains tool balancing and also positions the blade and the tool’s arm securely. The handle is soft and upright and contains a trembling reduction grip that improves comfort while the blade is rotating. You will be able to control the tool with ease to make desired cuts.

There is also a slide rail with double lines that helps you to do away with rear clearance. The rails contain balls that allow the blade to slide smoothly and so you do not need to use much of your energy while cutting.

Cutting Capacity

The Chicago Electric 10-inch Compound Miter Saw can make cuts in both right and left directions. It has a great capacity to make precision cuts. This is because cutting power is empowered by the compacted slide system that makes the blade strong enough, hence cutting different materials perfectly. The muscular system also allows you to have comfort while using the tool as the blades stay in place during the task.

Although the tool is small in size, it does not affect its cutting ability, making it portable and reliable. In case you want to make 90-degree cuts, the Chicago Electric miter saw is the tool to look for. It can make cutting depths equal to 2, 3/4 inches by 13, 3/16 inches. It can also cause cuts at 45 degrees, although with lesser depth size. This is, however, not a significant problem since you can tilt the blade to both right and left sides to make desired cuts on a wood product.

With the Chicago Electric miter saw, you will always produce excellent cuts that will improve your carpentry work. Your products will be of superior quality owing to the high cutting capacity of your miter saw.

Blade & Accessories

The Chicago Electric 10-inch miter saw comes with a collective carbide inclined cutting blade. The 10-inch blade comprises 60 carbides saw teeth, and it is capable of making cuts in both directions of the work-piece. The 60 teeth make the blade cut through fine and course cuts with a lot of ease. The blade cuts different materials, including metals, wood, and plastic. You can use the robust knife to cut through plywood, softwood, MDF, hardwood, laminate, among other engineered wood.

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Alongside the blade, this tool comprises other valuable accessories. These include:

  • Dust collection bag. This is used to bring together all sawdust as well as other debris produced while making the cuts. This helps to keep the working area as clean as possible.
  • Table clamp.
  • Extension bars. They are used to add to cut capacity.

Speed & Performance

Chicago Electric 10-inch Compound Miter saw is one of the best tools for cutting wood. It has a 15 Amp motor that makes the blade rotate at a very high speed, making precise cuts. The engine is designed for DIY projects as it can produce up to 1,520 watts. This great power can spice the cutting blade to about 5,000 rotations in a minute without causing any load. This makes the knife cut different types of wood, including softwood, exotic lumber, and hardwood materials, with a lot of ease and accuracy.

Do not worry about the coarse cuts in the hardwood materials, as this tool will align the wood surface efficiently to get the desired woodcuts that result to perfect wood products. The Chicago Electric miter saw does not require any skilled personnel to operate as it is straightforward to control it. When it comes to performance, it offers exceptional results. It suits well with various blades to make accurate cuts in metals, plastic, and wood. Although it is not made to operate on heavy-duty projects, you will always be sure to achieve great success while using it in your homestead activities as well as in minor project cuts.

Chicago Electric Power Tools Reviews

Customers Rating

The Chicago Electric 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw is a tool liked by so many customers. The highest percentages of people who used the miter saw term it a dependable tool with ease of use. Almost every customer highly commends the solidity of the device. Despite it being compact, it can be mounted on a small workbench so quickly, and this makes it so practical to use on different sizes of workbenches. The customers’ expectations on the Chicago Electric 10-inch miter saw performance had not failed almost 90 percent of them.

However, every tool does not lack an ill. Some customers have complained about the tools’ dust collection bag. The bag is there, but it fails to collect dust and other debris efficiently. This makes the users working compound to be messy, which a problem they think can be resolved by the manufacturer. Also, some have complained that the blade guard fails to perform its duty and does not see the need for it. A small percentage of people claim that the quality of material used to make the tool is of lower rate compared to other counterpart devices.

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The device gets a more favorable rating which makes it among the top-rated sliding miter saws selling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are Chicago electric miter saws any good?

Chicago Electric has produced a variety of high-quality miter saws in the market. The saws have cost-friendly to every consumer. The saws are made of steel metal that makes them durable. They can make accurate cuts, and their performance is on another level. With the high-powered motor and the LED lights, you will be able to cut the board in a straight line. They have a professional blade for tough-duty tasks. The blade can be rotated to make cuts in both rights and left directions.

Q: How do you use an electric saw in Chicago?

You can use a Chicago electric miter saw to make angled or miter cuts at the end of a wood-piece. This can be done at right-angled or 45 degrees on both sides. Every time you work with the tool, ensure that your eyes are protected. Keep your hand’s several fits away from the blade to avoid injuries. Support your work-piece with a stand. Before powering the saw, check if the edge is in the correct position. After that power, it up and then bring it down on wood to make a clean cut. Ensure that the blade stops entirely before raising it.

Q: How do I change the blade on my electric miter saw Chicago?

First, unplug the miter saw and restrain the locking pin. Raise the blade to avoid it from revolving. Take out the fixing bolt cover in the middle, followed by the security screw using a screwdriver. Raise the center cover together with the blade guard away of the way, then lower the arbor security button. You can use a wrench to loosen the arbor bolt. Take out the outer flange, dull saw blade, and the arbor bolt. Slide the new knife into the arbor, then to the external flange. Make the bolt tighter into the pavilion. Retrieve the blade guard, middle cover, and then make the fixing bolt tight. Let lose the security pin.

Final Verdict

Chicago Electric miter saws are the best quality tools in the market. With the ability to make accurate cuts and ease of use, customers highly ranked these tools. The Chicago Electric 10-inch Compound miter saw is one of the Chicago miter saws that offer excellent cuts. This tool is cheap to buy, making it ideal for persons on a stiff budget and who require a means to provide exceptional cutting ability.

When purchasing any miter saw tool, check on its performance as well as the power. I highly recommend Chicago Electric miter saw for all types of woodcuts.

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