5 Best Brand Nailer for Woodworking [Reddit Choices]

The transition of modern harmful methods to guns has led to the development of different kinds in the market. Nailers are designed to drive nails into wood or other materials. They are commonly used for framing, roofing, and also pining works. 

There are 3 types of nail guns, i.e., electric supply, an air compressor, and a battery powered brad nailer. Many woodworkers opt for nail guns since they are more accurate, safe, and compared to the traditional use of hammers and nails. They are also very easy to use, requiring minimal operating effort. 

These tools are very effective regardless of the size of your project. In addition, they feature an advanced mechanism that ensures reduced wood damages while working. There are multiple different brad nailers for woodworking in the market. To help you make the best choice, I have reviewed some of the best ones in the market.

Top 5 Best Brand Nailer for Woodworking

1. WEN 61721 18 Gauge 3/8-inch Pneumatic Brand Nailer 

WEN 61721 Pneumatic Brad Nailer

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WEN 61721 18 Gauge is an advanced brad nailer. This machine is designed with rubber-lined handle to reduce tiring and also bruises caused by friction during long working time. It is also lightweight for easier handling and movability. In addition, it can fire 18-gauge brads from 3/8 to 2 inches.

WEN 18-gauge pneumatic nailer features a spring-loaded magazine that enables quick and easy reloads. Has the capacity to hold up to 106 nails. The machine has an adjustable air exhauster which allows control of pneumatic air output. In addition, the gauge window allows for monitoring the number of nails left.

Moreover, this device operates at a pressure between 60-115 PSI while a nail consumes roughly 0.028 CMF at 88 PSI. In addition, it has a convenient ¼ inch NPT air inlet, which ensures a quick connection to your selected air compressor. Also, the front nose can be unlatched to clear jams effortlessly.


  • Easy to use.
  • Has a convenient, hassle-free nose latch
  • It enables quick and easy reloads
  • Has an adjustable air exhauster for the direction of air output
  • provides a two-year warranty and effective customer service


  • Includes no protective case
  • sparks may be produced when driving nails
  • brads sometimes are left stuck out

2. BOSTICH Brand Nailer Kit

BOSTITCH Brad Nailer Kit Pneumatic (BTFP12233)

BOSTICH is one of the lightest brad nailers weighing about 2 pounds. This tool is very effective and can be used on both hard and softwood surfaces. It can be used with an 18-gauge brad ranging from 5/8 to 2 inches. Moreover, you are assured a 7-year manufacturer’s warranty.

BOSTICH brad nailer has an advanced triggered operation. It features a dial depth adjustment control that allows the proper placement of nails to top it off. It also has a narrow nose tip for accurate nail placement. This device operates with a pressure of 70-120 PSI and ¼ air inlet.

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Most importantly, this device uses an oil-free operation to reduce oil stains on your workpiece. Moreover, it comes in a convenient carrying case with other accessories like; belt hook, fasteners, no-mar tips, and air fittings. BOSTICH also has an effective jam clearing mechanism. Moreover, it allows for different performance settings.


  • Smart point technology for easy nail placement
  • Oil-free operation avoids oil stains
  • Has a superb jam clearing release technique
  • Its spring-loaded magazine has a capacity of 100 nails
  • It can be used on multiple wood surfaces.


  • There are fair amounts of misfires
  • It’s quite pricy
  • It is a bit heavy

3. PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer Kit

PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless Brad Nailer is ideal for daily projects at home or job sites. This machine is faster and quieter than brad nailers with a built-in compressor. In addition, this tool has a low running cost generating its power from a battery that lasts all day on a single charge. 

Porter-Cable 20v Max does not require oil to run. The gun also features many safety features. It can be used on base molding, cabinet assembling, and door trimming. The gun has no mar tab, therefore, leaving a clean surface. Moreover, it is well-built with a nice size and considerable weight.

In addition, this brad nailer is made with quality materials for durability. It also has a rubber back coverage for easier grabbing and handling of the tool. It features an optimal center of gravity for comfort in multiple positions. Has multi-functional dual LED lights for illumination and error indication. 


  • Multiple free tool settings of battery for easy use.
  • Has an optimal gravy center for easy multiple working positions.
  • Multiple safety features
  • Dual LED lights for workspace lighting and error indication.
  • Quick and quiet operation.


  • It’s a little bit heavy
  • Difficult to access confined areas
  • Quite often, jamming of nails.

4. DEWALT T Brad Nailer Kit

DEWALT Finish Nailer Kit (DWFP12231)

DEWALT T Brad Nailer runs on electricity and has an oil-free operation for easy and affordable maintenance. This oil-free operation also prevents staining your work surface. This unit can drive 18-gauge nails of 5/8 to 2 inches in length perfectly. The sequential style trigger offers the nailer’s versatility.

Furthermore, it has a rear exhauster to keep wood dust away from you and your work. This device is built with magnesium material for lightweight properties without compromising its strength and durability. The handle of DEWALT T Brad Nailer is designed with rubber material for comfort and to reduce fatigue.

Moreover, this machine comes with an adjustable belt hook to enable the device to be near and avoid misplacement. It also offers a depth-of-drive adjustment for the correct placement of nails’ heads. Also, DEWALT has a removable non-marring nose tip to protect your wood surface. Finally, it comes with a carrying case.


  • Comes with a convenient carrying case and a reader’s manual.
  • Easy to run and maintain
  • Has an adjustable hook for easier carriage.
  • Made with magnesium for durability
  • Features a sequential style trigger for the user’s preferences


  • It’s a little bit noisy
  • Has no carrying case
  • Slight delay in nail driving.

5. Makita AF505N’’ Brad Nailer 

Makita AF505N 2 Brad Nailer, 18 Gauge

Makita AF505N” Brad Nailer is one of the simplest to operate. Like most brad nailers, it has a dial-in-depth adjustment control for placing nails correctly. Moreover, it features a narrow nose to get to confined areas easily. The nose piece is also cast and machined for additional nail driving accuracy.

It is designed with non-marring rubber bumpers and a nose to protect your wood from nail damages. Furthermore, Makita AF505N” features a non-complicated jam clearing mechanism. It has a tool hook featuring 180 degrees rotation. This unit is usually used with 18-gauge brad nails of length 5 8 to 2 inches.

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Makita AF505N” features a multi-directional exhauster port that allows you to easily direct wood dust away from you. It also has a tool hook featuring 180 degrees rotation. In addition, it is designed with a window notification that indicates the number of nails remaining. Finally, it grants a 5- year warranty.


  • Has a narrow nose for easy nailing access to confined areas
  • has the aluminum body for strength and durability 
  • Has tool hook has 180-degree rotation
  • Effective customer care services guaranteed
  • It is easy to operate.


  • It is quite expensive
  • it is not that durable
  • Some reports of ineffective customer care services.

What to look for in a brad nailer? 

Choosing the best gun can be quite tricky. I recommend weighing your options before making your final choice. Make sure you get a brad nailer with safety features to limit any chance of accidents. A good brad nailer should also be lightweight. Most importantly, it should be durable and affordable.

Magazine size 

This refers to the number of nails your nail gun can carry and also the nail size. Most brad nailers support 18-gauge brad nails of range between 5/8 to 2 1/8 inches in length. The size of your magazine will determine how frequently you can reload your gun. 

Those with big sizes do not require frequent reloading, which is faster and less tiring than those with small ones. Small-sized magazines hold small nails, which are ideal for precise work. WEN Gauge Pneumatic Brand Nailer has the biggest magazine size with a capacity to hold up to 106 nails. 

Dry fire lock 

A dry firelock is a very important feature in brad nailers. The use of a dry firelock is to notify you when your gun is out of nails; it is also an energy saving technique. This feature does not allow you to fire the nail gun when it is empty of nails.

Firing a brad nailer when there are no nails in the gun chamber may cause damages internally. This may occur, especially if you are using a high-powered option. This feature reduces the chances of internal damages and also the breakage of the nail gun.

PSI (air compressor models) 

A convenient air compressor model is a must have featured in brad nailers. Nail guns usually require frequent bursts of air, while other guns use them as their power source. Therefore, the effectiveness of your nail gun will depend on the size of its air compressor model. If you are going to fire multiple nails at once, you will require a big air compressor.

Most brad nailers of today need around 60-100 PSI; therefore can survive on small compressors. However, you should consider the size of an air compressor in accordance with the nature and size of your work project.

Battery Life (20v models) 

Brad nailers powered by batteries usually rely on gas fuel cells or motors. Ensure you get a nail gun with good battery life to avoid work disruption due to dead batteries. Although the battery life usually depends on how busy you can get, its quality is also a contributing factor.

The best batteries can last a full working day on a single charge. The poor-quality ones may not even get you through a single project. Good batteries also ensure the fast firing of your nail gun. When the battery’s life approaches its end, its shooting power declines.


Brad nailers with narrow noses give you a more working advantage compared to those with wide noses. Narrow noses allow for precision in your work and also maneuverability, especially in tight corners. They also ensure neat and more pristine work. 

A brad nailer with a smaller nose allows for easy and accurate pinpointing where the nails are driven. Most brad nailers use very tiny nails. If you are working with a nose gun with a large diameter, you will be firing nails off targets. Furthermore, rubber noses ensure that your working surface is not damaged.

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A good nail gun should ensure easy grabbing and handling techniques. Most brad nailers handles are made with high quality material to reduce hand fatigue and promote comfort. The rubber handle is also anti-slippery for a firm grip and also accuracy while driving nails. Moreover, it protects the palm from bruises in case of long working hours.

Make sure the brad nailer’s handle fits perfectly in your hands; it should not be too loose or too tight. This will especially help in ensuring a steady grip and also ensure your hand to be relieved of excess pressure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best brad nail gun for woodworking? 

There are many good-quality brad nailers in the market; however, I recommend PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX Cordless nailers. It is faster, safer, and more accurate than other nailers. It also drives nails to your desired length. To top it off, it can be used to work in a variety of woods.

Is a brad nailer good for woodworking?

Brad nailers are great for woodworking. They are a lot safer and accurate compared to hammers and nails. Moreover, brad nailers save the user a lot of energy since they are lightweight and of nice sizes. Most importantly, they reduce the risk of damaging your wood when working.

What can you build with an 18-gauge brad nailer?

These types of nailers are mostly designed for day-to-day projects at home. However, they are quite strong and can be used for a variety of wood projects also on various wood types. For example, 18-gauge brad nailers are commonly used for trimming works, attaching face frames, and building jigs.

Can you use a hammer for brad’s nails? 

It may work. However, this process may be frustrating and also not safe. Driving nails of small sizes using a hammer is quite hard. The nails may bend due to the hard hits of the hammer. Furthermore, there is a high chance of damaging your wood surface due to using too much force. 
And worse of all, you may miss the nail and hit your thumb instead. Accuracy may also be tempered since it is hard to hold the tiny nails. Therefore, I advise you always use brad nails on a brad nailer for more effectiveness and outstanding work output.

What can I use if I don’t have a brad nailer? 

Finishing nails can be used as an alternative to brad nailers. They are made of about 16-gauge steel wire which is thicker than most brad nailers. Finishing nails are probably more effective than brad nailers; this is because they are a lot thicker. They also create a stronger hold.

Final Thought 

Through the years, nail guns have become more advanced due to new technology hence more accurate, safer, and quicker. However, the above review shows that different nail guns have different features. Therefore, it is important to select the brad nailers depending on the nature of work you want to deal with. 

Be sure to do more research to be aware of the functions and cons of the tool to avoid making a wrong purchase. Furthermore, you need to study the factors of the nail gun well to avoid frustrations and disappointments. Finally, don’t shy away from asking for advice from experienced personnel.

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