Top 6 Best Dial Indicator For Woodworking [Reddit Choices]

It’s kind of overwhelming to pick the best dial indicator for woodworking among the tons of options. It’s not easy as you are thinking. Luckily, I’ve sorted out the list within the top 6 woodworking dial indicators. You may be still thinking about how can I choose among the top 6 lists? Well, I didn’t input the best table saw dial indicator for their brand but the quality.

While I was writing this article, I put myself in your position. How could I select the best dial indicator table saw alignment tool from the numerous choices. I had many queries in my head. The answer to those questions is below. There is also a buying guide to enhance your knowledge about the dial indicator for table saw.

Top 6 Best Dial indicator for woodworking

1. Best Dial Indicator for Table Saws, Band Saws, and Drill Presses:

table saw dial indicator

If you’re looking for the best woodworking dial indicator for multi-uses, here it comes first. As its title best describes what about this dial indicator is used for.

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However, the best feature includes, you can set and tune up quickly. At the same time, it will show accurate measurement after installing. If you’re a small shop owner or hobbyist, this is the perfect tool to have. It includes IT Basic kits for fine installment.

Furthermore, it’s able to read 1 to .001 inches accurately. You can perfectly set up this in your miter slot as it comes with a miter groove bar. You’ll get the accurate cuts on your table saw, as many woodworkers already admit this.

What it includes for installing? In order to get the professional performance accuracy, it includes hardware, hex wrench, basic kits, instructions, DVD, expert guidance. You can do everything in just 5 minutes for immediate use.

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In my view, this is a good tool to invest in. The interesting thing is that it’s affordable and price under hundred dollars.


  • It provides 100% Accuracy.
  • Super Easy to use.
  • Best Value for money.
  • It’s the ultimate gauge for perfect table saw blade alignment.


  • It seems cheap but provides accurate results.

2. Mitutoyo: Best magnetic base dial indicator for woodworking

Best Magnetic Base Dial Indicator For Woodworking

If you’re looking for the premium dial indicator magnetic base, it’s a considerable item to look at. This Japanese-made magnetic dial indicator does the job accurately as described in its features. It also includes a magnetic dial indicator to ease your woodworking.

However, it can measure 0-1″ and resolution: 0.001″ accurately. The magnetic base pulls 132 Lbf. There is an on/off switch for the magnetic base. Some potential buyers claim about the plastic case that why expensive machinery comes with horrible cases? By the way, it doesn’t matter because the tool itself a masterpiece.


  • Descent in accuracy.
  • Made in Japan.
  • Good solid unit.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Premium quality with a little bit high price.


  • Non-Returnable.
  • It’s expensive for the hobbyist.

3. Clockwise DIBR-0105: Best Digital Dial Indicators for woodworking

Best Digital Dial Indicators For Woodworking

Let me start by telling you that this tool comes first at an affordable price if you’re looking for a digital dial indicator magnetic base. The extra-large LCD screen provides accurate metric reading. The surprising thing is that it will automatically turn off after seven minutes and remember the last measurement.

However, you can easily adjust it with any machine comfortably. The measuring range 0-1″/25.4mm.

In addition, it has two magnetic faces and a maximum pull of 176 lbs. It works great with thicker metal and shows accurate reading.

As its digital dial indicator, you can transfer data to your pc, but the Clockwise Tools DTCR-01 data Cable is required. The downward thing of this tool is that you can’t use a regular USB cable; instead, their cable. And the plastic storage case is also garbage.

What is included in the feature? It comes with a DIGR-0105 Digital Indicator, MGBR-01 Magnetic Base, a lug back, user manual, factory calibration cert, extra 3volt battery, and a durable case. I can relate that you don’t need to replace the battery within a year.

Furthermore, if you deal with lam sanding, you should have this wonderful tool.


  • Easy to read.
  • Easy to use and reliable.
  • It comes with a stand.
  • Great value for the money.
  • It operates smoothly and doesn’t hang.


  • Sometimes shows inaccurate data with a thin metal base.

4. Triton 1″ Dial Indicator: best cheap dial indicator for woodworking

Best Cheap Dial Indicator For Woodworking

I can’t wait to introduce you to one of the best-selling cheap dial indicators for woodworking; here it is. If you don’t want to invest in this tiny woodworking gadget, you must think of it. It’s super affordable and the best dial indicator for the money.

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It’s made of stainless steel and looks solid body. By the way, reading measurement range from zero to one inch.

It provides accurate and consistent metrics and able to fulfill your woodworking needs. In my view, it’s the best machinist dial indicator for ultimate woodworking.


  • Excellent value.
  • Very precise.
  • Accurate.
  • Great indicator for the money.


  • Not too bad!

5. Clockwise DIGR-0055: Best Digital Dial Indicator Gauge

Best Digital Dial Indicator Gauge

Another great addition from Clockwise Tools is the DIGR-0055 Electronic Digital Dial Indicator Gauge. Let me briefly introduce you to the Clockwise Tools company. They have been serving the United States for a long time with professional and home improvement DIY products. They’ve got a wide range of woodworking tools, home appliances, industrial machinery, and many more. They’re committed and maintain a high standard of customer service.

By the way, there is a lot of factors why I choose Clockwise Tools again. First of all, it’s the best dial indicator under 30 dollars. Secondly, it always comes with a large LCD screen. Thirdly, it can remember the last metrics and auto turn off system enabled.

However, its measuring range zero to half-inch with 100% accuracy.

The most highlighted feature is Data Transfer functionality:

This electric digital dial indicator includes a data transfer function. You have to input the cable at the top of the LCD screen. There is a very annoying factor that the regular USB cable isn’t compatible with this model. You have to buy the Clockwise Tools DTCR-01 cable separately.


  • The most select for 1-inch travel digital dial indicator.
  • Smooth operations.
  • One of the best cheap dial indicators.
  • Accurate and Best Quality.
  • It’s also perfect for the 3D printer.


  • Not bad!

6. Starrett dial indicator reviews: Starrett dial indicator set 196A1Z.

Starrett Dial Indicator Reviews

You’ll agree with me when I say premium and professional tools always cost a little more than traditional ones. This Starrett dial test indicator is one of them. If you think you need a professional and heavy-duty dial indicator, this is the best desirable one you should have.

Let’s get into the post mortem of this dial indicator.

Best Value:

It’s one of the most versatile indicators on my list so far. It has very smooth operations. Super reliable in terms of accurate data. If you run a big shop or do a large project, it’s an ideal tool. By the time Starrett improves the design, but they didn’t change the basic design.

Perfect Measuring:

It can measure zero to 0.2 inches accurately. It can read data easily as it has zero to one hundred counter.

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  • Good investment.
  • The best tool you can buy for the money.
  • It’s easy to mounting.


  • None!

Best dial indicator buying guide

Now, you will get the exact information you need to buy a table saw dial indicator. I’ve evaluated several things while choosing them, such as product features, value, quality, durability, brand, reviews, ratings, etc.

Product Features: 

There are several things to check in features such as a quick setup system, tune-up, accuracy, etc. It also features tool kits, don’t forget to check this.


There is a price range between 20 to 150 dollars. It depends on several factors, and they’re digital dial indicator, table saw setup tools, measuring, etc. Check the details before purchasing the dial indicator jig that meets your requirement.


The expensive dial indicator doesn’t represent that they’re good in quality. It’s advisable before heading a decision to check their ratings and reviews on the web.


Yes, durability plays an important role. As dial indicator requires setup, it must be durable; otherwise, it will ruin your expensive tools.


You may be thinking about why the brand does matter. Yes, brand matters. We buy Apple products because Apple produces them. They never compromise with the quality. In that case, the dial indicator brands also play an important role. Be brand aware while making a purchase decision.

Reviews & Ratings:

Before purchasing any product, you may check the product’s reviews and ratings across the web. Amazon is the ultimate destination for reliable product reviews.

Most Frequently Ask Questions

What is a dial indicator for woodworking?

Well, dial indicator means amplifying the distance for accurate measurement of anything. In woodworking, it means the accurate measurement of wood. Whether you call it table saw gauge or woodworking dial indicator, it means the same.

How do you use a dial indicator on a table saw?

Below is a step-by-step guide video on how to setup a dial indicator.

Can I use a dial indicator on the jointer?

Yes, you can use it on the jointer knives, but read the user manual and instructions before that.


It’s never been an easy task to pick the best products among the best options. However, I’ve made a shortlist so that you can make any decision quickly. You can buy the best dial indicator for woodworking blindly from the above list.

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