How to Convert Inch lbs to Foot lbs on a Torque Wrench

Converting torque measurements are easy when you’re dealing with in lbs to ft lbs. Below, there is a quick conversion method to make it even more accessible. 

However, you’ll get a 100% accurate measurement by following this inch pounds to foot pounds converting method. 

Torque wrench conversion method

However, if you want to convert inch pounds to foot pounds, you need to divide the inch lb by 12. At the same time, the converting measurement of foot pounds to inch pounds requires you to multiply the foot lb by 12. This is how inch-lbs to foot-lbs converting method works. For example, 

Inch lbs to Foot lbs
Inch lbs to Foot lbs
Inch pounds to foot pounds conversion table

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If we take the above table as an example, the calculation works as converting 2400 inch lb to ft lb is 1200 ÷ 12 = 100.

At the same time, The converting from foot-lbs to inch-lbs works as 200 x 12 = 2400. 


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