Top 5 Best Face Shield for Woodworking [Reddit Choices]

Like any other field of work, woodworking has its fair share of accidents. Whether you are expertise or a learner, woodworking could be a very difficult process. Many injuries can be associated with woodworking. It is therefore of the utmost importance to sort ways of protecting yourself before beginning your work.

While working on wood, sawdust and shavings could get in your eyes, and this could lead to vision problems. In addition, the respiratory system could also be affected if the woodworker breaths more. Therefore, it has many important safety features which are very essential in the woodturning process.

One way of protecting yourself is through using a face protection device commonly known as a face shield. A face shield is must-have gear for every woodworker. They should be wearing this every time he cuts down a whole tree or chopping some logs like always protection.  

Top 5 Best Face Shield for Woodworking

1. Lincoln electric OMNIShield Professional Face Shield

Lincoln Electric OMNIShield Professional Face Shield

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Lincoln OMNIShield is an ideal face shield for professional woodworkers. It fits perfectly and allows you to adjust face lens distance and tightness. The top of the head can also be adjusted to fit for comfort. Moreover, it has a modular design, thus providing versatility for a wide range of applications.

The Omni shield headpiece has a high-density clear polycarbonate lens that is 190% thicker than an average face shield. This is to shield the user from flying debris and chemicals without compromising his vision and also enhance durability. In addition, the anti-fog and anti-scratch lens improve abrasion resistance, durability, and clear vision.

This modern headgear features a cushioned front r with a back headband. These features help eliminate pressure points and evenly distribute the face shield weight to promote comfort. In addition, it’s compatible with various types of lenses and hat adapters; this is probably why it’s best for use in an industrial environment.


  • Anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings were availed.
  • All parts are easy to assemble.
  • Availability of lens enhancements.
  • Double cushioned headband for comfort.
  • High-density contoured polycarbonate lens.


  • There are cases of compromised vision.
  • The inside lens is not anti-scratch.
  • Dust may penetrate through.

2. Uvex Bionic Face Shield       

Uvex Bionic Face Shield with Clear Polycarbonate Visor

Uvex face shield is one of the best face shields in the market today in terms of reliability. This shield is designed well to protect both your face and your chin from airborne debris. It also includes top-of-head coverage to protect against falling objects, impact, and chemical splashes.

To top it off, Uvex offers cool optics and peripheral vision and also has an anti-fogging feature when working under hot conditions. In addition, it has a comfortable rear cell form which maintains the user’s comfort even when worn for long. The headgear also offers a dual-position option to suitable fit for any working angle or task.

Uvex Bionic face shield provides multi-tint options, and visors can be easily replaced. Furthermore, it has a non-complex, lightweight and balanced construction design for extended use. This headgear is metal-free and fits comfortably with most safe eyewear. Most importantly, the breathable headband can be removed and washed easily.

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  • easily adjustable into different sizes.
  • Two inside and outside protective coating for better vision.
  • Replaceable in-built visor and sweatband.
  • Has earmuffs for ear protection.
  • It’s an impact-resistant helmet.


  • It does not allow for enough ventilation.
  • Quite heavy.
  • It can be expensive.

3. Sellstrome Face Shield S30120 

Sellstrom Face Shield S30120 Full Safety Mask for Men Women

Sellstrome Face Shield is made using clear polycarbonate material, which is known for durability. This face shield is very impressive, with a lightweight structure that ensures continuous use without fatigue. In addition, it has a soft and user-friendly temple band for additional comfort and 24-hour protection against hazards.

Another notable feature is the twist and turns ratchet system that allows adjusting different sizes for a perfect fit. This face mask can be used with both genders. The face shield has an ultra-lightweight ABS plastic molded crown for head protection and comfort. Also, this shield comes fully assembled.

Furthermore, Sellstrome 30120 has a standard uncoated polycarbonate face protection bounded by aluminium to enhance durability. These features offer protection against chemical splashes, sawdust, sparks, and flying debris and support clear vision. In addition, it includes a soft blue headband for sweat absorption and also comfort.


  • Supports super clear vision.
  • Made using durable polycarbonate material.
  • Hassle-free and lightweight structure.
  • Offers 24-hour protection with comfort.
  • It can be used for different kinds of work.


  • Manual instructions are not clear.
  • There are cases of optical distortion.
  • It may get a bit cloudy.

4. Jackson Safety Lightweight MAXVIEW Premium Face Shield  

Jackson Safety Lightweight MAXVIEW Premium Face Shield

Jackson MAXVIEW is a premium face shield featuring an oversized clear-tinted window to provide clear vision and a panoramic view. It’s designed with a chin and a side–by–side guard to shield against chemical splashes and wood dust. In addition, it includes an oversized convenient tooth-ratcheting knob for easier adjustment. 

This is an ideal face shield for any professional woodworker. Another amazing feature of MAXVIEW is the extended crown which protects against hazards at high coverage. It also includes head protection to protect against falling objects. The lightweight design allows for all-day wear without fatigue and mobility issues.

The MAXVIEW has a 370-dial ratchet feature which makes it easy to keep it safe. The face shield fits well over safety goggles for additional protection and also functions well with headgear suspensions. In addition, the Jackson face shield maintenance cost is very low just requires occasional cleaning with soap and water.


  • It is compatible with other attachments.
  • Provides a clear, maximized view.
  • It includes side guards.
  • It can be worn over safe eyewear.
  • It is affordable.


  • The face shield is not that clear.
  • It Maybe weak on strong abrasives.
  • It does not last long.

5. 3M Ratchet Headgear H8A with Clear Polycarbonate Face Shield  

3M Ratchet Headgear H8A with Clear Polycarbonate Faceshield WP96

This is one of the most popular face shields in the market today. It can be used in multiple working fields. It offers a functional safety system combining high-quality headgear and a polycarbonate face shield. Ratchet offers face protection against dust, debris, chemical splashes, and also flying particles.

Furthermore, this brand features an adjustable 13 position ratchet suspension and a crown strap with 5 straps for individually customized adjustments. The face shield is thick and has a molded clear design to provide clarity and high impact protection. This shield is essential in the fields of woodworking, metalworking, and utilities.

Ratchet H8A is made of aluminium and thermoplastic materials, whereas the face shield is polycarbonate for strength and durability. Most importantly, the headgear is designed to accommodate most hard hats cap-mounted earmuffs can also be used with the headgear. In addition, the face shield can be attached easily to the headgear. 


  • Combines headgear and a face shield.
  • It can be adjusted to the user’s comfort.
  • It can be used in different industries.
  • Provides safety hazard protection.
  • It provides unrestricted vision.


  • It may fog up lightly.
  • Poor head tightening mechanism.
  • It does not cover the face fully.
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How To Choose Best Dust Mask for Woodworking

When trying to choose the best dust mask for woodworking, there are several factors to consider. These factors will influence the type of dust mask you will likely settle on and ensure that you get the best to protect your lungs. 

The first factor to consider is the type of woodworking project you will be undertaking. Different woodworking projects generate varying amounts of dust, which also influences the type of mask you would require. 

For instance, if the project is minor such as a little hand-sewing, then a simple disposable mask could be enough because there is not much sawdust being generated or any chemicals required. 

However, if you use a power sander, table saw, or band saw, you will kick up significant amounts of dust; you will need something comfortable and effective for long periods.

The area where the project would be taking place is also important to consider. For instance, working in your basement will be riskier than working in the outdoors. This is because the basement can be considered a dust hazard. 

Therefore, it would require effective dust that will protect from breathing in the dust that is generated. When working outdoors, the airflow is sufficient, and therefore a dust mask could be complimentary.

Types of Face Shields 

Because of the varying nature of woodworking projects, face shields come in different types. Therefore, different face shields are appropriate for certain types of projects depending on the amount of protection needed. In most cases, face shields are differentiated by the type of materials used to make them. There are four types, namely polycarbonate, propionate, mesh, and acetate.


A polycarbonate face shield brings with it several benefits, such as excellent heat and impact resistance. Unfortunately, many are not resistant to chemicals and would not be appropriate for a project involving chemicals. However, there has been an increase in face shields with thickness and coating required to protect against chemicals. 


This is another common material used in the manufacture of face shields. This face shield is excellent in offering protection against chemical splashes. Propionate face shields can also offer impact protection as there has been an improvement on most to meet impact requirements. In addition, it is flexible and offers great visibility while working on your projects.


These are designed to offer protection against wood chippings and other particles hitting your face. They can also offer protection against scratches. Mesh face shields are effective when working in humid environments and where sufficient ventilation is needed. It is comfortable to wear but will not offer protection against chemicals and Ultra Violet rays.


Acetate is also commonly used in the manufacture of face shields. It is highly resistant to scratches and chemicals. It offers among the best clarity among the visor materials, and therefore will not compromise on visibility. It is comfortable to wear, and you can also find several that offer protection against UV rays and are therefore appropriate to use outdoors.

Buying Guide

Fit and comfort

The mask you choose should be of the right size to avoid the entry of dirt and dust into your respiratory pathways. It also should not be too tight as it could lead to suffocation. Finally, the mask should be comfortable to wear for long periods and effective in offering protection.


This is a critical component when buying a face shield as it ensures you get maximum comfort and the right fit while working. In addition, you can adjust the circumference of the face shield through a headband if you are using a shield in headgear form. 

The face shield can also be fitted with a top band, which can make the appropriate adjustments for you to attain the correct depth. It is essential to attain the correct adjustment to wear the face shield correctly. This will ensure maxim protection and a customized fit. Avoid overly complicated adjustment settings as they can compromise the comfort and fit of the shield.

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Ease of Use 

Before buying a face shield, it is important to know how easy it will be to use it. Look for the one that is straightforward to operate as it will ensure that you can follow all the instructions for proper and safe usage. On the other hand, a complicated face shield might make you avoid wearing it when working.

Type of Lens 

Many people look at the base material used in manufacturing a face shield, but it is equally significant to explore the lenses. First, you must select a face shield with the right lens type, as this will be important for visibility. A clear lens will offer maximum visibility. 


It is also essential to check the type of coating on a face shield because it improves the functionality. For instance, some shields come with anti-scratch coating, which prevents scratches on the shiel. There is also anti-fog coating which reduces fogging and mirrored or reflective coating, which reflects radiant heat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are face shield brands?

Face shields are essential in the woodworking environment. It is therefore only natural that there has been an increase in the number of top-quality manufactures. Some of the best in the market include Biomask, Zenport, 3M, Sellstrom, and Uvex. You can always be sure to get quality shields from these brands.

Can I wear a respirator under a face shield?

The simple answer is yes. How face shields are designed and manufactured allows for sufficient space for you to wear your respirator. However, you can compromise the ease with which you will be able to breathe while wearing your face shield. The respirator may also impact the comfort and fit of the shield.

Will face shields fit over glasses?

Yes. Face Shields can accommodate glasses, and it is often recommended that workers use safety glasses together with face shields. However, from the design perspective, a face shield may not offer comprehensive protection to the eyes, and therefore glasses reinforce eye protection. This could be critical in avoiding injury while working.

Where can I buy a face shield?

The most incredible thing about face shields is that they are easily accessible from various sources, both local and online. What’s more, they are relatively inexpensive. Therefore, buying online presents the best chance for you to find a high-quality face shield and from a reputable manufacturer. The best online stores include Walmart, Homedepot, Amazon, and Lowes. 

How to keep face shields from fogging?

If you suspect you will be spending a considerable amount of time in an area prone to fog, several tips help you prevent your shield from fogging. This will be particularly important if, for instance, you purchased a face shield that does not have anti-fog features. 
One way is ensuring maximum ventilation, as this prevents moisture from building up underneath the face shield. If there are n ventilation features on the shield, you can open it a little to clear the moisture. 
Investing in a shield with anti-fog coating or features will also come in handy. You can also use anti-fog treatments and cleaners to prevent fog from building up.

Final Thought

When buying a face shield, one has a wide range of options to choose from. There are many brands of face shields in the market today. However, one should consider the type of work they are going to embark on with the shield and the durability of the face shield.

I recommend Lincoln electric OMNIShield, Jackson MAXVIEW, Ratchet H8A, Sellstrome, and my personal favourite, the Uvex Bionic face shield. These face shields have proven to be highly functional with extra amazing features for the user’s appeal. In addition, they are both fairly affordable and durable. So don’t waste more money on poor-quality face shields anymore!

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