Where to Get Free Firewood? [Top 7 Ultimate Ways]

You’ll feel extra warmth when you get free firewood or even a little amount of money. It’s always overwhelming to get something out of cost, and firewood is one of them. So, that’s why I’ve gathered information on the top seven ways to get free firewood. 

However, if you’re a beginner at firewood related stuff, there are two things to keep in mind. First of all, you have to define the wood quality, whether it burns fast or slow. How heats those firewood produce? What about scents? The second thing is that in order to keep your firewood dry and clean, you need to keep them on the rack. So, in that case, you need to build or buy a new rack for free firewood storage. 

So, let’s check below the top seven places to get firewood for free. 

7 Ways to Get Free Firewood

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There are an ultimate seven ways to get free or very cheap firewood. Let’s check them.

where to get free firewood

1. Check your Surrounding Areas

It’s always fascinating to get free firewood in your living area. You will notice every year, so many trees are dying or already dead. In that case, the landlord cut firewood and gathered the wooden pile near the road or on the lawn. Don’t dare to take them before the owner’s permission. 

The second best way to get free logs for firewood is craigslist or the local Facebook group. First of all, search on craigslist or post an ad to get the highest exposure. At the same time, join firewood related Facebook groups as much as you can. You can’t even imagine a great number of people stuck with firewood, and they want to clean the space. 

 Finally, you can put print ads with your contact number in your residential area’s post office, grocery shops, gyms, club, etc. Again, it works more than your imagination. 

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2. Flood or Storm is Blessing for Free Firewood

Every rainy season leaves numerous fallen trees across the country. In fact, windstorms or snow can also do the same job. So if you are desperately looking for free firewood, you must come out and start looking for fallen trees or branches near your areas right after the devastation. 

However, firewood becomes a nuisance when you don’t have suitable tools to clean them up. In that case, reach out to your surrounding neighbor and offer them to clean and take firewood. Even sometimes it’s not possible to handle big fallen trees to be removed by a single man, so always keep your eyes open and gather proper equipment to help and gain firewood at the same time. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that most city towns start removing trees or branches immediately after a natural disaster, so always start digging right before the storm. 

3. Visits Construction Sites

There is another great opportunity to find free firewood in construction zones. Where there is any construction project running, it means they first cut down the trees. It’s important to clear the land before building any tower or something like that. However, take advantage of this. Make contact with the landowner or construction supervisor to clean the fallen trees. If they don’t agree, offer a small amount of money or make a deal to clean the areas yourself. 

Unfortunately, if you don’t find any wood on the sites, that means they already transferred them into the landfill. So, try to hit landfills during the construction site visits. In fact, you’ll find more logs than construction zones if you’re lucky. 

4. Make a free Tree cutting deal.

As I mentioned above, craigslist and chip drop websites are great options to check whether people are trimming their trees or want to trim their trees by free firewood seekers. 

However, if you’re a tree trimming expert, you may take advantage of it. In that case, make a short communication with local tree trimming service providers whether they already have a pile of free wood or just need to cut the trees. 

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5. Visit Your Nearby Sawmills

Every sawmill produces tons of wastage every season. In fact, they need to clean them in order to make free space for timber. So, that’s why they hire people and pay them to haul away unusable wood. In that case, you can give it a try and gather some free firewood. However, you need to take permission before bringing them to your home. 

6. Use Wooden Pallets for Firewood

If you’re searching for free firewood for camping, wooden pallets are the best option to consider. There are tons of places where you can easily find wooden pallets free of cost, but you need to ship them by yourself, such as warehouses, grocery stores, furniture showrooms, garden centers, etc. However, you have to be careful on several things like ensuring that the pallet comes with fewer screws and nails. At the same time, you need to check it doesn’t have MB marks which means it contains methyl bromide.

In addition, I must say pallets are great for outdoor uses, not indoor. 

7. Ask Your Friend and Family

People always underestimate friends and family while looking for free firewood. So, ask them whether they can manage some free stuff or give you a piece of information where you can get free wood. 

Final Thoughts

I’ve mentioned many options above where you can get free firewood. Now, it’s your turn to try any one of them. If one option isn’t working, try an alternative one but never stop searching in order to get free firewood. Below there are a few most frequently asked questions regarding getting free firewood, you may check!

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Free Firewood Related FAQs

Where can I find free logs?

I’ve mentioned several places where you can easily get free firewood. So, let’s check them again: 

– Craigslist And Dumpsters.
– Construction Zones.
– Friends and family.
– Your residential area.
– Wooden Pallets.
– From Your Neighbors.
– National Forest.
– From Your nearby Sawmills.
– Nearby trimming service providers.
– Natural storm or flood devastation. 

What is the best firewood to burn?

Oak is the best firewood to burn. This is because it burns slowly for a long time. In fact, you will find this highly dense oak hardwood all over North America, but you have to make sure that oak wood is fully seasoned. Otherwise, it won’t burn as you expect. 

What kind of wood should not be burned in a fireplace?

For example, poisonous wood should not be burned in a fireplace such as Poison Oak, Ivy, Sumac, etc. This is because this wood leaves unbreathable carbon dioxide that is harmful to allergic people.

What does a 1/2 cord of wood look like?

1/2 cord of wood looks like 4 feet long, 4 feet high, 4 feet deep, and equivalent to 64 cubic feet. 

How long does 20kg firewood last?

20kg of firewood will last 1-3 days, but it also depends on you. Usually, the best quality 20kg firewood lasts 6-8 hours continuously. 

How long will a rick of wood last?

Well, it depends on your room size. Usually, a rick of wood lasts six to ten weeks. 

Can you collect wood from common land?

Yes, you can collect fallen wood from public land or common land, but you’re not allowed to cut them. 

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