Where to Buy Firewood Near Me? [Ultimate 6 ways]

With the winter season approaching, the demand for firewood is increasing as well as its price. Everyone who uses firewood for heating is now looking for firewood. Firewood is very popular for heating purposes due to its low cost, which saves us many heating bills. 

It is important to make sure you don’t spend a lot of the money you saved on firewood instead. Even the government is supporting the use of firewood for environmental benefits.

Before buying firewood, you will need to consider two things; price and quality. I suggest you buy completely dry firewood, which you will notice by the presence of cracks. Dry firewood produces less smoke and more heat. Quality is important if you want your firewood to burn for long.

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Now that we know what we are looking for, the question we pose is, ‘where can you find cheap firewood?’

Where to find cheap firewood

Buying Firewood

Many places claim to sell firewood cheaply. My advice is, compare prices and make sure you walk out with the best deal. Do a lot of research, and don’t get tired of looking for ways to lower the firewood cost. 

It is important too to be familiar with your neighborhood. There is always someone who needs help in clearing their yard. The prices of firewood usually depend on its quality. Green firewood, softwoods, and rotten firewood can be sold at lower prices compared to hardwood. Below are a few legit ways of getting cheap firewood.

Look online

The internet has helped connect many people around the world. You can search for anything you want and pretty much get the results at that moment. 

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Use Google or other websites like Facebook marketplace or craigslist to search for local places where you can find firewood at fair prices. Here you might get lucky and even find places where they offer firewood for free. 

However, be informed that online platforms can present a lot of false advertisements. Therefore, make sure the quantity and quality of the firewood match the price. Also, make sure the website is legit to avoid getting scammed.

Firewood permits

The local government may permit you to cut down downed trees or dead-standing trees from public land. This is a great idea, especially if you don’t own a piece of land. However, make sure you go through legal procedures to obtain a permit keeping in mind that land rules differ in states. 

It will cost a few dollars to get a permit, but you will be sure to get lots of firewood. You will also need a truck to drive around, looking for a tree to cut. This can be tiresome and time-consuming, but it’s worth a shot.

Local sawmill

Local sawmills and cabinet makers may be happy to give you their wood cuttings since this may save them from disposing of fees. Likewise, leftover wood slabs or tailing from sawmills or factories would be perfect. However, most factories are not keen on advertising firewood for sale; some even set them aside like trash. 

All you have to do is contact and make them your offer this will save you a lot of money. You might also be able to get a contract of regularly collecting firewood from them. In addition, some sawmills may offer to deliver the logs to your house for a small fee.

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There are great places that you can get firewood for free, like construction sites, blowdowns, deadfalls, and dead tree trunks. However, it would be best if you always asked for permission before collecting firewood if they are still in use. Some owners may even set a sign that says “free firewood” because they do not need the trees. 

Another place you can find free firewood is deserted campgrounds; often, campers leave back firewood once they are done camping. You may need tools to help you chop a fallen tree into small-sized logs which will fit in the fireplace.

Buy in bulk

If you buy large quantities from a seller, they will give you a good discount in return hence cutting down the cost of firewood. This is the best way to buy cheap firewood in the long run. Another way is to buy green firewood, which is usually cheaper than dry firewood; however, you will not be able to use it immediately. 

You buy green firewood in bulk during summer and allow it to season for use during winter. You can also buy bulk firewood in semi-load, cheaper, and then chop it into small pieces.

Place a wanted add

Place an ad on media platforms like Facebook or local newspapers announcing that you collect firewood. You can also ask people to call you when they hear about any fallen trees. In addition, some people may be interested in letting you cut unwanted trees from their property; in return, you keep the firewood.

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I also suggest you ask your friends and family to share your post as many times as possible to reach a big audience. You will surely be amazed by the turnout. Finally, I suggest you offer little manual labor for free to entice your audience into calling.

Cheap firewood overall

Cheap Firewood

Getting cheap or free firewood is not easy, especially when many people are hunting for them. However, you may be required to make a little effort; after all, even free things come with their cost. 

Print posters of wanted firewood; inform people around you that you buy firewood and urge them to spread the word. Most importantly, make sure you follow simple rules put in place. Don’t collect firewood or cut down any trees until you get approval from concerned authorities.

The cost of firewood tends to increase when it’s winter season due to high demand. You can buy your stack of firewood in summer when it is relatively cheap. Be at advantaged by always being ahead of time.

Some pieces of wood collected from construction sites might be treated with chemicals that produce toxic fumes when burned. Therefore, I recommend that you do not use them for firewood.

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