Top 6 Best Dust Extractor For Woodworking [Reddit Choices]

While you’re dealing with wood, it may get messy with dust. But, at the same time, you have to follow OSHA’s regulations on the Jobsite. So, that’s why today you’re going to get the OSHA compliant best dust extractor for woodworking. In order to clean the destructive dust, you have to pick the right dust collector. 

For this reason, I’ve picked several woodworking dust extractors that are the best selling as well. 

These are 8 to 12 gallon sizes chosen from renowned brands like DEWALT, Bosch, Festool, Milwaukee, etc. 

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However, a few FAQs, buying guides, and other important factors are added to help you find the best woodworking dust collector among the many options.  

Top 6 Best Dust Extractor for Woodworking Reviews 2022

I’ve evaluated the top 6 dust extractors from the trending market. They all are taken from the best woodworking tool brands. First, however, let’s get back to the in depth discussion. 

1. BOSCH Automatic 9 Gallon Dust Extractor.

If you’re looking for a 9 gallon dust extractor to remove your wood dust, I believe BOSCH automatic dust collector would be the best option. While searching for the best options, you should consider a few things, such as cleaning method, performance, OSHA complaints, power, compatibility, etc. However, I’ll discuss each part thoroughly and later will add a benefits list as well. 

Best Dust Extractor For Woodworking
Best Dust Extractor For Woodworking

A short rating By feature:

Features Ratings*
Value for money3.8
Noise level4.3
Suction power4.7
*Knowthefaq ratings

Benefits of using this dust extractor:

  • There are power tool activation switches to turn on or off the vacuum. 
  • It comes with a fleece filter bag for smooth operating.
  • If you’re looking for the portable dust extractor, you may consider this one. But, at the same time, it’s easy to lift and lightweight. 
  • You can wrap the hose around the extractor as the image describes. In fact, the cord also could be wrapped easily for transportation or storage. 
  • However, it has enough space for additional wands or nozzle storage.
  • The polypropylene tank and external body case are anti rust that ensures a longer lifespan. 
  • Heavy duty wheels come with a locking system enabled and are suitable for construction sites. 

Automatic dust collector:

If you ask me, what’s the best feature you’re looking for in a dust extractor? Naturally, the answer will be its efficient cleaning ability. Exactly Bosch does what you’re looking for. The automatic filter cleans the dust every fifteen seconds and delivers immense suction power. 

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It means how it is easing your work on the jobsite. Well, Bosch stated that they’ve been using a HEPA filter in this addition. This means High Efficiency Particulate Air. Basically, this extractor can filter 99.97 percent of dust particles effortlessly. It’s an ISO certified filtration that can filter up to 0.3 microns. At the same, it comes with a wonderful dust bag for continuous performance. 

OSHA Compliant:

Basically, it means Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It refers to making a safe and sound working place to save maximum human life. The United States of Labor Department created this law in 1970 to save its valuable workforce. So, it comes with Bosch PRO plus GUARD for ensuring 100% safety. 


This dust extractor produces 150 CFM airflow, which is a quite notable feature to make a purchase. The suction power is so strong and delivers sustainable performance. However, its ‎6.50 horsepower dust extractor comes with different variables depending on the wand. So, make sure whether you’re buying with a wand or not. 

2. Dewalt Dwv012 – High Performance DeWalt 10 gallon dust extractor. 

If you want a multi purpose dust extractor for the shop, garage, or woodworking project, then check this out. The automatic dust filtration cleaning feature is the best thing about this extractor. It saves your precious time and increases productivity. First, however, let’s break down a few advantages from numerous benefits.

DEWALT Automatic Dust Extractor
DEWALT Automatic Dust Extractor

Quick ratings out of 5 By feature :

Value for money4.3
Suction power4.4
*Knowthefaq ratings


Suction is the feature that can evaluate any wood dust extractor easily. In that case, it passes the task. In addition, it can pull smaller to larger objects compared to the traditional dust vacuum cleaner. The aerodynamic fan is the reason for this tremendous result. However, let’s discuss the next steps.


Usually, a Dewalt dust collector makes less noise than other bands. This is no different. It sounds tolerable, and frequency doesn’t hurt the ear. 


It’s a super portable dust extractor that delivers high durability in every situation. It seems like you’re dealing with a piece of butter. A verified buyer claims that he enjoys it more than his previous rigid vacuum. However, the heavy duty wheels are the reason for smooth movement.  

Disposable waste bag:

Here DeWalt makes a difference from others. It comes with a wonderful disposable bag for wastage. In order to follow the OSHA’s guidelines, they designed it for optimal performance. At the same time, if you’re dealing with harmful projects, then it’s a great considerable factor to remember while buying. 

In the end, I must say, if you don’t want to mess with the filter changing process, then it’s a must have extractor in your woodworking gadget list. 

Let’s check its highlighted features again: 

  • It’s an automatic dust extractor that cleans the filter every 30 seconds for smooth operation. 
  • The 15 amp powerful motor is the reason for delivering 155 CFM suction ability. 
  • There is a variable suction controlling which refers to use less power consumption. 
  • As you already know that it’s portable, and there is a telescoping handle to ease the portability. 
  • Therefore it’s nearly 34 pounds and comparatively lightweight for all purposes. 
  • It comes with a three years limited warranty and ninety days money back option as well. 

3. POWERTEC DC5370 – Best Wall Mounted Dust Collector for woodworking.

The Powertec dust collection system is the best option if you’re looking for a wall mount dust collector. So let’s introduce it more elegantly. First, it doesn’t matter whether you’re collecting sawdust or extracting wood dust; this wall hanging dust collector does the job effortlessly. Moreover, it’s easy to set up and use. Therefore, check below for more details. 

Wall Mounted Dust Collector
Wall Mounted Dust Collector

Ultimate 5 Start ratings By feature:

Easy to install4.9
Value for money4.4
Suction power4.0
*Knowthefaq ratings

Versatile wall mounted dust collection:

If you’re looking for a wall dust collector that is easy to install and use, then check this out. It comes with several mounting pieces of equipment such as bracket, clamp, and bolt, etc. As it’s versatile, you can mount it on the wall, workbench or floor. The most important thing is that you can set it up by yourself without any hassle. 

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Safety Buttons:

Basically, Powertec added a safety on and off switch to avoid an unexpected incident. So, you can remove and lock the switch if you’re not using it. 

Durable Dust bag:

Before turning on the dust extractor, clamp the dust bag tightly. This bag is made from high quality material that passes the airflow quickly. In fact, there is a window to check the dust measurement. Therefore, a zipper is added for convenient dust removal. 

4. Festool 575280 – Premium Dust Extractor.

Whenever you ask any woodworker, what is the best brand for dust extractors? Naturally, you’ll get a name which is Festool. This is because they’ve been dedicatedly manufacturing these tools for a long time. However, before making any purchase, ensure that you’ve read all the positive reviews it gains so far. Therefore, below is short rating.

woodworking dust extractors
woodworking dust extractors

Five Star Ratings By feature:

Suction power4.9
Value for money4.6
*Knowthefaq ratings

A small dust extractor is needed when you’re dealing with a lightweight woodworking project. In that case, Festool comes with a wonderful, very small, and compact dust extractor ultimate result. In addition, it’s a high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) certified wood extractor for heavy duty performance. 

However, its CT SYS model comes with a lot of functionality. For example, there is storage for hose and wire. At the same, it comes with all types of tools and equipment as a package. The best feature I notice is that it creates only 67 decibels, which is quite tolerable. 

Therefore, it’s portable and easy to use, store and move. In addition, as it’s a small dust extractor, its dust bag is also small, almost equivalent to one gallon. 

5. DeWalt dwv010 – Exclusive Self Cleaning Shop VAC. 

The DeWalt brand always represents premium quality tools. However, this automatic Dust Extractor is a great example of their excellent creativity. 

So, if you’re looking for the best 8 gallon dust extractor for woodworking for multipurpose, then it might be a great option. 

Self Cleaning Shop VAC
Self Cleaning Shop VAC

By feature Short five star ratings: 

Suction power4.2
Value for money3.8
*Knowthefaq ratings

So first, let’s talk about this extractor. You’ll get continuous performance without changing the filter manually because it’s an automatic filter cleaning dust extractor. Therefore, the 15 amp motor is also made by Dewalt and delivers maximum airflow. 

Hence, the universal hose and connector sealed the airtightly for optimal dust collection. The hose size is 15 feet long, which is static. As you know that it’s portable and comes with heavy duty wheels.    

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6. Fein Turbo I – Wet and Dry Dust Extractor for woodwork and so on. 

A medium range dust extractor is needed while you’re dealing with small or DIY projects. It’s an automatic dust extractor that ensures minimum power consumption and maximum performance. However, before diving into the details, check its quick ratings.

Dust Extractor for woodwork
Dust Extractor for woodwork

By feature five star ratings: 

Value for money4.4
Noise level4.54
Suction power4.8
*Knowthefaq ratings

Heavy duty performance:

It extracts every dust efficiently when powered up. So basically, it’s a more effective tool for woodworking. 

High Quality:

The turbine engine delivers 151 CFM airflow and produces less sound. It creates 66 decibels of sound. 

Safety Feature:

There is an auto start and off functionality to prevent unexpected current flow. At the same time you can easily control the suction power according to your preferences. 

Hose and Wire:

The hose is 13 feet long, which is convenient for a wide space. At the same time, the power cable is 19 feet long, which is a great feature if you run large DIY or home renovation projects. 

Buying Guide: How to choose a woodworking dust extractor? 

There are several things to consider while purchasing a wood dust extractor, such as airflow, suction, power, noise, cost and additional features. First, however, let’s check below for detailed reviews and guides. 


It’s wise to know the dust extractor’s CFM before having any issues. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute, which is how much air can move per minute. So, for instance, a dust extractor comes with 150 CFM, which means 150 cubic feet of air flows per minute. So, make sure that your chosen dust extractor has the appropriate CFM. 


Basically, it means how the dust extractor suction the air. Nowadays, all the extractors come with incredible suction power. Although never forget to check features during the buying process. 


Whether you agree with me or not, noise plays an important factor as a feature. The lower the noise, the better extractor. Therefore, above all, the dust extractors meet the tolerable noise sound, an average of 65 decibels. 


There is a wide range of budgets depending on the dust capacity, horsepower, brands, etc. Although, I’ve added 250 to 600 dollars cost effective dust extractors. 

Additional Features:

There are a lot more things to check before making the final decision. These include handles, bags, capacity in gallons, wire, hose, switch, tools storage, horsepower, watt, durability, weight, etc. 


What is the best vacuum for woodworking?

There are a lot of woodworking vacuums available on the market. What I want to say is, if you decide to buy it, why not increase the budget a little bit and get a dust extractor. I bet you, you’ll regret it. 

Can you use a shop vac as a dust extractor?

Yes, but make sure that you can afford to buy a dust extractor. Usually, it costs more than a shop vac. 

What is the difference between a dust extractor and dust collector?

Basically, they both work in the same way. But there is a difference between air filtration. Dust extractors can filter small particles equivalent to 0.3 microns. On the other hand, traditional dust collectors can’t filter small particles.  

Final Words

By keeping all the OSHA’s current rules and regulations, I’ve added the top 6 best woodworking dust extractors from the market. Now, it’s your turn to pick the best one among the top choices. 

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