What is Tung Oil and How to use Tung Oil

Basically, Tung oil is a kind of oil that comes from Tung tree nuts. It’s a natural wood finish that ensures high coating on wooden stuff and an excellent wood finish. It’s well known for transparent wood furnishings. At the same time, it brightens the original wooden color and secures the wood from unexpected scrapes. Tung oil has a wide range of applications.

It was discovered thousands of years ago, since then, people have been using it for numerous purposes such as wood finish, boat coating, and even stone finishes. So, as it’s water resistant and an alternative to artificial finish, it’s become more popular than ever. However, if you prefer something eco-friendly finishes for your furniture, that’s a great addition you may consider. By the way, it was originally from South America and China. 

What is Tung oil used for?

What is tung oil
What is Tung oil?

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As I mentioned above, Tung oil is now widely used by different industries. Basically, woodworkers used it most, but craftsmen, hobbyists, and carpenters also use it. In addition, Tung oil is widely known for creating a natural coating on the surface. The advantage of using Tung oil is that it can give you a fantastic look depending on the object. 

However, tung oil is used for metal, bamboo, wood, bricks, concrete, stone, and many more. Primarily, woodworkers use tung oil for furnishing wooden furniture, chair, table, cabinets, etc. 

If you’re starting to implement finish on your next woodworking project, you must try this to get your own experience. 

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What is Tung oil made from?

i believe now you know what Tung oil is. But what is Tung oil made from? Well, pure Tung oil is made from Tung tree nuts. Tung leaves look like the heart; that’s why Chinese people called it Tung. China has been using Tung oil for hundreds of years, but it was first introduced in the United States in the early twenty century.

As you already know that Tung oil is waterproof, that’s why China has used it for boat or ship coating since the invention. In addition, Chinese people call it the ‘China wood oil.’ The benefit of using Tung oil is that it won’t get old over time. It will remain the same as the new finish coating.

However, pure Tung oil looks like golden soybean oil as like linseed oil. In fact, Tung oil is also consumed as vegetable oil.

What is Tung oil finish?

There are three types of tung oil finish, such as

  • Pure Tung oil.
  • Oil or Varnish blends.
  • Wiping Varnish.

These three tung oil finishes are available on the market but work differently, depending on the percentage of tung oil. 

The Tung oil finish works outstanding and is durable as well. After implementing within a few minutes, it starts shining. But, first, let’s talk about the advantage of using tung oil finishes.  

  • The tung oil finish is easy to apply.
  • Super easy to maintain. 
  • It gives wooden furniture a new life.
  • It also restores wooden scraps dramatically. 
  • The tung oil is a little bit expensive but worth buying. 
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What is polymerized Tung oil?

The polymerized tung oil means it’s created with additional heating therapy to dry faster. As a result, it’s engineered to stay longer than an ordinary finish. But, again, the 50% mineral spirit is the reason for heavy duty and consistent performance. 

However, if you’re a beginner or want to do the job quickly, you should apply this polymerized Tung oil. Furthermore, it increases your furniture’s glossiness and ensures super durability. 

Some Tung oil Finish Related FAQ

What is the best Tung oil?

There are numerous pure Tung oil brands available on the market, but Minwax Tung oil is the best option to buy. 

How long does Tung oil last?

Tung oil lasts 6 months perfectly, but It stays longer than that. While researching Tung oil longevity, I found on a woodworking forum that you’ll get the most pleasing furnishing if you apply Tung oil every 6 months. 

Does Tung oil darken wood?

No, Tung oil doesn’t darken the wood. Among the many benefits, people use the Tung oil finish on the wood surface to stay shiny and luster. At the same time, a Tung oil finish is food safe, water resistant, durable and flexible, etc. 

Is Tung oil waterproof?

Yes, Tung oil is waterproof. In fact, Chinese people have been using this oil on boats, ships, etc., since the beginning. 

Does Tung oil dry hard?

Yes, it dries faster than the ordinary wooden finish. But, at the same time, it works better and shines as well. 

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