Is Cabot Australian Timber Oil Good?

What is Cabot Australian timber oil? This is a unique mix of oils made to safeguard Cambara, Tallow wood, and Merbau from Australia’s intense exposures. This technology has been termed as a translucent oil used to treat exotic wood surfaces like mahogany and teak, which are used to make decks, railings, and other outdoor furniture. This oil penetrates very deep into the compact wood to highlight the depth of the natural wood.

The oil has an accurate mixture of quality oil that provides better wood penetration for it to last longer. This oil offers adequate protection, so it is durable.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Review

Cabot Australian Timber Oil is the best oil for surfaces, but its quality can be significantly reduced when you use it on surfaces that have not been prepared. It is essential to clean the surface well. Before applying the oil, the wood or veneer has to be moisture-free, or you can expose the surface to a dry environment for about 2 to 3 days. Ensure that you know how to apply the oil on surfaces for the best performance. All in all, the Cabot Australian Timber oil is one of the best oils you can apply on surfaces.

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The Cabot Australian Timber oil has been termed as the best oil for hardwood surfaces and fences. The oil can last for 2 to 3 years depending on factors like; exposure to the sun, wear and tear, and weather of the place. If the oil is applied in many layers and finished by hand rubbing, it will likely last up to 4 years.

The oil can be applied to a wide range of exotic woods, including cedar, which is not a hardwood tree. Before application, get rid of the previous stain if there is any. Once you apply the coat, let it dry for not less than 48 hours, and the final product will out perfect.

The Cabot Australian Timber oil is an adhesive. Therefore, it will not allow water to pass through the wood surface. It has tung oil which allows it to be more water repellent. You should always re-stain after years of the application so that the surface can retain its repellency property. That will ensure that the wood is free of rot and mildew stains.

This oil has received many positive reviews because of its amazing properties. The customers who have used Cabot oil are always delighted because it is budget-friendly and has so many features. From protecting the surface to increase the lifespan of the wood.

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  • Cabot oil is resistant to mildew because of the water repellency.
  • It has excellent color retention because of the premium Tung oil.
  • The surface can be cleaned with soap and water.
  • It is water repellent, so it is resistant to mildew.
  • Highly durable because of the longer oil alkyds.
  • Perfect for outdoor furniture decks and railings.
  • Easily applied.
  • Has superb grade linseed oil which gives the best penetration to even the hardest and thickest.


  • It needs several layers of coating for deeper penetration.
  • It takes a while to dry.

Cabot Australian Timber Oil Features

  • Cabot oil has an exceptional mixture and blends that allow it to give protection to the wood.
  • The oil alkyds make it durable.
  • It delivers a three-way oil protection that includes Tung, Linseed, and Alkyd to enhance durability and increase its water repellency.
  • It has a wide range of colors and finishes so the customer can choose the one he or she prefers
  • Cabot oil has iron oxide tints that ensure the surface absorbs maximum UV light and is full of color and dimension.
  • On smooth surfaces, Cabot oil covers approximately 400 to 600 square feet a gallon.
  • On rough surfaces, it covers 250 to 350 square feet a gallon
  • The Cabot oil is water-resistant so that the wood will be free of mildew and rot
  • It has Tung oil that enables the surface to retain its color.

Customers Rating

Customers are always right, so we always have to consider what the customers say. I have broken down the ratings according to the features and functions of the Cabot Australian Timber oil.

  • Appearance after initial application

Rated 9. After the application, the wood appears red, but it looks nice, and the wood has a good finish. The translucent pigment did not cover all the grain in the wood.

  • Preventing UV graying for two years

Rated 8. At the two-year mark, the Cabot Australian Timber oil performed greatly. The wood had retained 70% of the initial color.

  • Wear and tear

Rated 8. There was a presence of wearing but no peeling. Wear was greatly visible in exposed areas and areas under the furniture.

  • Cost per square foot

Rated 9. It covers approximately 400 to 600 square feet a gallon, while on rough surfaces, it covers 250 to 350 square feet a gallon.

  • Preventing mildew

Rated 7. After two years, there was the presence of mildew on small parts. To remove it, you have to strip the surface.

  • Ease of application

Rated 8. The oil is thicker in consistency but still easier to apply

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Overall the Cabot oil is rated nine because it is more productive and satisfying to the customers.

Buying Guide: Cabot Australian Timber Oil Review

Oiling decks or outdoor furniture is an easy task, but that does not mean that you’ll like to do it every year. This means that you have to get yourself one of the best timber oils. There are things you need to consider before buying. They include:

Cost – Cabot Australian timber oil is budget-friendly; therefore, everyone can afford it without causing financial constraints.

Drying time – Choose paint that can dry quickly so that it may not cause inconvenience to you. Cabot oil dries faster, so you should get yourself one.

Durability – This is an essential factor because the oil should last longer so that you don’t have to keep on painting the same place every time. Cabot oil has three-way protection, so it is very durable.

Type of surface – Ensure you know the surface, whether it is rough or smooth, metal or brick or wood. After learning the body, then choose the suitable paint.

Time available to complete the project – Cabot oil dries quickly, so there is no time wastage. The job also ends soon, so you don’t have to worry so much.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the lifespan of the oil?

This greatly depends on external factors like the weather of the area, sun exposure, and general tear and wear. The oil can last for up to 3 years, depending on how you treat it. During application, apply the oil in many layers and use the hand rubbing method of application. That will ensure the oil lasts up to 4 years. The surface might need some redoing, but just once in a while. In conclusion, Cabot oil has strong durability, which enables it to last longer.

What Is Cabot Australian Timber Oil?

This is a special mixture of oils that was initially made to safeguard dense Canberra, Australian tallow wood as well as Merbau. This is a certified oil treatment that is made for railings and decks. It contains:
Clear Tung oil gives color and makes it more water repellent.
Linseed oil for deep penetration.
Iron oxide pigments that ensure the surface has a lot of colors and absorbs maximum UV.

Can You Spray Cabot Australian Timber Oil? Q: What Is The Best Timber Oil?

Cabot Australian Timber Oil is now available in an aerosol. This unique mixture of oils was initially made to shield against extreme weather in Australia. It includes Tung, Linseed, and alkyd, which deeply penetrates even the thickest tropical hardwoods. It has similar properties, just like the other one. The Cabot Australian Timber Oil aerosol makes it quicker and simpler to safeguard outdoor furniture and provides an excellent barrier against harsh weather. When spraying the oil, quickly back brush after each section is coated to allow maximum diffusion. The best method for applying the spray is hand rubbing the finish on the wood grain using a soft cloth.

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What Is The Best Timber Oil? Q: Is Australian Timber Oil Water Based?

Without a doubt, the best timber oil is The Cabot Australian Timber oil. This is a classic timber oil that lets out the grain finish without changing the natural color of the wood. It is used for exterior projects and has consistently produced the best results. Many customers have also written positive reviews about oil. It takes about 48 hours to dry, but it becomes long-lasting and does not wear or peel easily when it does. Cabot Australian Oil has many properties that enable it to bring our perfect outcomes. That is why it is number one in the industry.

Q: Is Australian Timber Oil Water Based?

Several years before, after applying the oil to a surface, it looked dark and oily, and its appearance was not okay. In 2007, Cabot introduced its new product, which uses water to move the oil on the wood. The water ad oil, in this case, mix at a molecular level. After brushing the mixture to the wood, the water evaporates, leaving the oil to safeguard the wood fibers. The water-based retains its color better than the former. In conclusion, Australian timber oil is water-based, but the water is mixed with oil.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Cabot Australian Timber Oil is the best wood oil. I have reviewed the oil, and it has not disappointed me. I would recommend the oil to anyone who is purchasing oil for outdoor furniture and decks. Although everyone has their own opinion, I hope you all agree with me. The oil has more advantages, and it is therefore reliable. If you are looking for quality and budget-friendly wood oil, then what are you waiting for? Get yourself the Cabot Australian Timber Oil.

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