How to Convert Newton Meters to Foot Pounds? [ft lbs to nm]

Wondering how to convert Newton meters (Nm) to foot pounds (ft-lbs)? Or vice versa? You’re not alone! Not many people are familiar with the conversion between these two units.

Converting foot pounds to newton meters is super easy. You just need to follow the below step to make an accurate measurement. 

ft lbs to nm
Ft Lbs to nm

Newton Meters to Foot Pounds Conversion Table

Foot Pounds (ft/lbs)Newton Meters (Nm)Foot Pounds (ft/lbs)Newton Meters (Nm)
0 ft lbs to nm0.00 nm31 ft lbs to nm42.03 nm
1 ft lbs to nm1.36 nm32 ft lbs to nm43.39 nm
2 ft lbs to nm2.71 nm33 ft lbs to nm44.74 nm
3 ft lbs to nm4.07 nm34 ft lbs to nm46.10 nm
4 ft lbs to nm5.42 nm35 ft lbs to nm47.45 nm
5 ft lbs to nm6.78 nm36 ft lbs to nm48.81 nm
6 ft lbs to nm8.13 nm37 ft lbs to nm50.17 nm
7 ft lbs to nm9.49 nm38 ft lbs to nm51.52 nm
8 ft lbs to nm10.85 nm39 ft lbs to nm52.88 nm
9 ft lbs to nm12.20 nm40 ft lbs to nm54.23 nm
10 ft lbs to nm13.56 nm41 ft lbs to nm55.59 nm
11 ft lbs to nm14.91 nm42 ft lbs to nm56.94 nm
12 ft lbs to nm16.27 nm43 ft lbs to nm58.30 nm
13 ft lbs to nm17.63 nm44 ft lbs to nm59.66 nm
14 ft lbs to nm18.98 nm45 ft lbs to nm61.01 nm
15 ft lbs to nm20.34 nm46 ft lbs to nm62.37 nm
16 ft lbs to nm21.69 nm47 ft lbs to nm63072 nm
17 ft lbs to nm23.05 nm48 ft lbs to nm65.08 nm
18 ft lbs to nm24.40 nm49 ft lbs to nm66.44 nm
19 ft lbs to nm25.76 nm50 ft lbs to nm67.79 nm
20 ft lbs to nm27.12 nm51 ft lbs to nm69.15 nm
21 ft lbs to nm28.47 nm52 ft lbs to nm70.50 nm
22 ft lbs to nm29.83 nm53 ft lbs to nm71.86 nm
23 ft lbs to nm31.18 nm54 ft lbs to nm73.21 nm
24 ft lbs to nm32.54 nm55 ft lbs to nm74.57 nm
25 ft lbs to nm33.90 nm56 ft lbs to nm75.93 nm
26 ft lbs to nm35.25 nm57 ft lbs to nm77.28 nm
27 ft lbs to nm36.61 nm58 ft lbs to nm78.64 nm
28 ft lbs to nm37.96 nm59 ft lbs to nm79.99 nm
29 ft lbs to nm39.32 nm60 ft lbs to nm81.34 nm
30 ft lbs to nm40.67 nm61 ft lbs to nm82.70 nm
foot pounds to newton meters

Example of Converting Foot Pounds to Newton Meters

To covert newton meters to foot pounds, you need to divide foot pounds by 0.73756. For Example, 

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20 ft lbs to nm? 

20 ÷ 0.73756 = 27.12 nm

You don’t know it, but now you know how to measure foot pounds to newton meters.

Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to convert any number of Newton meters to foot pounds with ease!

Converting between Newton Meters and Foot Pounds

In order to convert between Newton meters and foot pounds, you must first understand how they are related. For example, if you want to find out how much foot pounds are in 3 Newtons/m2, your answer would be 6.7 foot pounds. To convert from Newton meters to foot pounds, multiply the number of Newtons per square meter by .0792. That’s it!

Useful conversion tables

There are a lot of conversion tables floating around out there, but which one is the right one for you? Well, worry no more! This handy conversion table will help you convert between Newton meters and foot pounds. Additionally, it can help you calculate the mass of objects using other units, like kilograms or liters. So, whether you’re in the market for new clothes or new furniture, this table can come in handy. Make sure to have it at your disposal when you need it, and you’ll be able to save time and hassle in no time!

What do Nm and ft-lbs measure?

Energy is something that we all need, and it’s often difficult to calculate the amount of it that we need. That’s where units such as Newton meters (nm) and foot pounds (ft-lbs) come in handy. nm is a unit of energy equal to the amount of work that it takes to move one meter through a distance of 1 kilometer with a force of 1 newton. ft-lbs is a unit of energy equal to the amount of work that it takes to move one pound through a distance of 3 feet with a force of 1000 newtons. These units are commonly used in physics, engineering, and chemistry courses, and can be used to calculate the amount of energy that is needed to perform a task. So, next time you have to calculate the energy needed for a task, don’t hesitate to use units like nm and ft-lbs!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the symbol for a Newton meter in the SI unit system?

The symbol for a Newton meter in the SI unit system is N.

Can you give me an example of how to use this conversion factor to convert between different types of meters?

One way to convert between different types of meters is to use the conversion factor. The conversion factor can be found on many websites or in books.

How many foot pounds are in a Newton meter?

A newton is the unit of force and a meter is the unit of length. There are 6.8 foot pounds in a newton meter. This information is from Wikipedia.


Thanks for reading! In this blog, we will teach you how to convert Newton meters (Nm) to foot pounds (ft-lbs). This conversion is useful for understanding the weight of an object and calculating how much force is needed to move that object. We also provide conversion tables for easy reference. So, make sure to check out the blog and learn how to convert Nm to ft-lbs!

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