DeWalt DW734 Review 2023 – What Makes it Different?

For buyers seeking to get the right tool to finish their furniture projects, getting a professional benchtop wood planer isn’t an option. Talk about working on rough lumber, reducing your furniture pieces; a benchtop planer is a perfect machine for your woodworking shop. You will find many popular brands, and it can be confusing.

DeWalt dw734 is the most popular planer from DeWalt because of its high efficiency and brilliant performance. It can transform your newly sawn wood into appealing furniture to the eye. Like another professional planer, DeWalt dw34 smoothens the furniture’s surface and exposes the fine layer underneath. The machine is straightforward to use, and it comes with some superb features you can rely on.

Ultimate DeWalt dw734 Review

1. DeWalt DW734 15 amp 12-1/2-inch benchtop planer.

DEWALT Benchtop Planer

There is no doubt that DeWalt is king when it comes to benchtop thickness planers. If you’re looking for a planer to work with your tough hardwood surfaces, then you might be interested in DeWalt dw734. It is a high-end benchtop planer that comes with a perfect width capacity and a high depth to finish your furniture projects smoothly.

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DeWalt dw734 is not a lightweight planner but a heavy-duty machine that can last for an extended period. This equipment has the greatest power in the market with up to 20,000 RPM and raw performance of 15Amp to boost efficiency.

What can you do with a wood planer?

A wood planer is a woodworking machine that you can use for producing boards of equal thickness that is smooth and flat on every side. In the past decade, a wood planer was like a handheld tool. However, today wood planers come with a planning platform referred to as benchtop for accurate thickness adjustments, which you can control manually or electronically. So, what do you do with a wood planer? The first thing is setting the cutting depth while adjusting the planning platform and then switching on the planer.

The in-feed roller placed under the spinning blades carries the board forward as you feed it through the planer. Conversely, the board’s completed sections are moved by the outfeed roller out of the planer; hence, a smooth and even reduction in thickness of the board is achieved within no time.

Wood planers also allow you to work on multiple projects, like smoothening several furniture pieces while making them straight. Besides, they are easy to use, and most modern planners come with a manual to guide you during operations.

Buying Guide: How to pick the best wood planer?

When purchasing a wood planer, it is either you’re looking for a wood planer, a cordless planer, or an electric hand planer. These planers vary in efficiency, performance, and durability. There are countless planers in the market, all top-rated but doesn’t guarantee performance. If you don’t take care, you might choose wrongly.

You can be looking for the most popular wood planers or the most affordable ones, but you also need to consider the technical features that make a planer. It is essential to know the machine’s ins and outs, and that’s what we will talk about in this section.

Desktop Wood Planer vs. Hand-Held

Having a planer is crucial, but choosing between a desktop wood planer and handheld might pose challenges. Handheld planers are portable machines that you can easily use with your hands without removing the part that requires a smooth surface. Although it is a traditional tool, handheld planers are still in use in several tasks.

On the other hand, desktop wood planer or otherwise benchtop planers come with a platform for creating a smooth surface position on S2S wood. Desktop planers are used to save time that you could use on handheld planers. Due to their sizes, table planers can be used for bulkier wood.


The durability of wood planers is heavily affected by care and maintenance. You should adhere to all the guidelines and precautions in the manual. However, some planers last longer than others, depending on the brand and cost.

Most planers are made of cast iron, wood, and sometimes bronze. Also, you might find that the mouth is made of iron. Planers made of steel can last longer than bronze planers. Besides, steel machines are more effective, and they require minimal maintenance cost. Look for a planer with less wood design, and you’ll be sure of longevity.


It is vital to check on the cost of a wood planer before making drafting your preferable brands. Admittedly, DeWalt DW734 is one of the most affordable wood planers in the market. However, if budget is your major concern, you can opt for much cheaper planers out there that come with almost similar features.

That said, you get what you pay and, in most cases, the cheaper versions are less efficient and last for a shorter period. We’ll see momentarily, DeWalt planer DW734 is a beast in power, performance, precision and delivers a better finish only rivaled by the higher-priced DeWalt DW 735.

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DeWalt dw734 planer reviews- Technical Specifications

DEWALT DW734 Benchtop Planer

DeWalt is a great manufacturer of wood planers and, more so, benchtop planers. That said, DeWalt dw734 is a great option in efficiency, performance, and durability. So, what are some of the reasons why most enthusiasts prefer this model?

We will look at the machine’s technical buildup and analyze its efficiency to understand the planer better. A high-class planer is made of better precision, build quality, and is simple to operate. Also, we expect serious consideration when it comes to the security features of this model.

Motor Power

The DeWalt model is an ideal benchtop wood planer, and power isn’t an exception. It has a 15 Amp motor with over 20,000 RPM. Additionally, the planer’s motor is electrical, which means it can smoothen even the notorious hardwood like canopy and oak.

Furthermore, the cutter heads have an impressive cutting rate of 10,000, and the best part is that they move equally. That’s why the planer can make a smooth and high-quality finish regardless of the project’s nature.

3-Knife Cutterhead

When we talk about the planer’s cutting quality, we must mention the three-knife cutter head that is peculiar and durable. These knives are reversible, and they provide you a big deal of versatility when it comes to making quality cuts. Besides, you can replace these knives at any given time when you feel that they are about to wear off.

The three cutter head knives can make up to 30,000 cuts per minute, and only DeWalt DW735 can counter that. No need to stress about wear and tear because these knives will guarantee a survival rate of at least two years before getting replacements.


The buying point of any professional wood planer should be accurate because that’s the first reason you’re buying the planer anyway. It would be best to look for a model that can eliminate all the errors and guesswork while focusing on the manual effort to create a more polished finish for your projects.

To that point, DeWalt planer DW734 delivers all the specs needed for better accuracy. The triple-knife cutter head has a cutting per inch of 96, which results in deeper and clean cuts. As a result, the cuts are accurate and require little or no extra polishing.


Apart from the outstanding quality, DW734 is also popular among its users for its cutting performance. Although the model is a tremendous improvement for home applications, we find the planer a good choice for commercial and industrial applications due to its higher precision and better cutting quality.

If you’re working on a small project, you might end up getting an accurate trim, but it might take you more work and time. Thus, DW734 is a heavy-duty and potent commercial oriented wood planer for rough pieces of wood. Due to its flexibility, the planer can do well when working on multiple projects.

Build Quality

DeWalt has managed to maintain its reputation by producing high-quality products unmatched by the rivals. DW734 is very similar to its renowned brother DW735 because of its long-lasting ability and high construction quality. For the ordinary wood planer, the motor’s excessive use will increase the wear and tear rate. However, DW734 comes with a durable motor that can handle hardwood and stay in the game for a longer period.

DW734 is an industrial level machine, and for that reason, it is better equipped with a sturdy design. Like we mentioned earlier, this planner is heavy-duty and well-built as well. Most machine users testify that they have been using the planer for years without depreciating quality and performance.

The tool is made of cast steel, iron, and some wood elements to assure flexibility and efficiency. So, you should expect your DW734 planer to last for ages if at all you are taking good care of it. Besides, the planer only requires less maintenance cost and maximum attention to cleanness.

Warranty & Guarantee?

The tool weighs around 80 pounds and serves a broad assortment of purposes. Looking at the planer’s material removal gauge, you’ll find out why most professional woodworkers prefer the machine. However, on several occasions, DW734 might have some technical flaws resulting in losses if not addressed early.

That’s why the machine comes with a limited three-year warranty. You should feel free to reach out to the manufacturer’s customer support team if you want to change the tool. Some customers complained that the tool is a little bit noisy, and that’s one of the things you should keep in touch with the support team. However, you’ll find the wood planer highly efficient.

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DeWalt dw734 Customer Support

There is no model whatsoever that seems too perfect to lack a few errors. Sometimes you’ll run into problems and what you need is reliable customer service that you cannot get from the user manual. Should the worst occur, nothing overcomes the joy of trusting you’re well covered.

DW734 comes with reliable customer support that you can call at any given time if you encounter problems running the machine. Besides, the model has a longer warranty such that you can talk to the support, and they will get into the in-depth of the problem without leaving your questions unanswered.


What beats quality when it comes to wood planers is safety. This isn’t a kid’s toy you’re purchasing, and you shouldn’t make any mistake of bringing the wrong tool into your workshop. Fortunately, DW734 comes with some well-placed safety specs to protect you against injuries in case of a technical flaw.

You can easily access the power switch, which is on the front side of the machine. It is advisable to turn off the machine immediately you notice a problem. Besides, you can key the switch to protect your kids and others from accidentally switching it on and increasing a chance of getting into trouble.


Apart from the exemplary overall quality, the top feature about DeWalt DW734 is its ability to deliver quality cuts. It makes rough timber even and smoothens the rough surfaces of woods regardless of the kind of wood. The secret of the quality cuts lies between the heavy-duty blades that make you timber perfect.

These knives blend with the 4-column carriage lock to deliver more accuracy when cutting. So, if you’re looking for a planer with better performance and high precision, look for no other brand.

How Does The DeWalt DW734 thickness planer cost?

DeWalt DW734 Thickness Planer

It depends on what shop you are making the purchase, but typically you should find the planer at a retail price not exceeding $550. You can also get credit in some sites, which makes the wood planer a little bit cheaper. DeWalt DW734 is always at the top of the scale, and it is available in most shops worldwide. It is also more affordable than its twin brother DW735 and differs only on the motor’s power.

It is hard to find a planer with a 15 Amp motor and more than 20,000 RPM at such a price. Although it has similar specs, WEN 6552 is much cheaper but cannot match DW734 in overall features. So, this wood planer is worth investing your bucks, and it will also boost your workshop’s reputation.

DW734 wood planer advantages

Getting DW734 means acquiring a reliable assistant in your woodshop. The item is durable and has a better performance than most expensive wood planers. One of the features you’ll not find in most planers is the dust collection. Furthermore, the machine is more affordable than ordinary planers and comes packed with more features that combine to make a professional wood planer.

Also, the planer is easy to operate and requires only less time to set up. Overall, DeWalt DW704 is the right tool for making accurate cuts a smoothening your projects. It is also a greater improvement of the handheld planers, and the benchtop will be ideal for your projects.

Dust Collector

If there is something that most benchtop wood planer complain about is excessive dust that leaves the entire workshop in a mess. DW734 solves the problem of sawdust when planning by providing an efficient dust collection system. You’ll also find a handy dusty hood where you can connect the planer to an external cleaner for proper dust management.

Extra-long infeed & outfeed tables

The long outfeed and infeed tables are a key feature for supporting larger pieces of wood without sniping. These tables have larger support of up to 33.5 inches to work with the natural pieces like oak that are naturally long.


DeWalt DW734 was made for everybody, both the professionals and amateurs. It is user friendly, and although it comes with professional-grade specs and a type of finish for a commercial shop, the planer is easy to adjust and get used to. So, if it’s your first time to own a planer, don’t overthink because the planer will show you how it’s done!

DW734 wood planer disadvantages

Everything made under the sun should have some challenges due to technical flaws and overall buildup. DW734 isn’t perfect in its operations, and though it has many merits, it also has some cons that otherwise limit its functionality. You can either choose to ignore or improve the version based on your expertise in mechanical engineering.

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Though popular, the planer has some issues handling the level of noise during operations. This con has been the machine’s greatest complaint so far, and most users suggest that DeWalt should place a noise gauge to solve the issue. If you’re interested in the model, you should perhaps consider buying some good ear defenders as safety gear.

Not suitable for heavy-duty work

We have talked about this planer’s high performance, but in most cases, the machine isn’t a good choice for heavy-duty projects. Although it does well for commercial and industrial purposes, the planer is a good choice for learning woodworking and thus a great option for home improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions on DeWalt dw734

Q: Which DeWalt planer is the best?

DeWalt DW735 deserves the top spot, and in most cases, the planer top the lists of the best DeWalt planers. However, some may prefer to choose Makita 2012NB, but DW735 remains the best and most favorite among most users.
Most professionals and enthusiasts argue that Dw734 deserves the first spot because of its versatility and simplicity. After all, there are many things that these two popular brothers share, and it can be a tough battle deciding on which model should come second.

Q: What is the best benchtop planer?

Still, DeWalt DW735X comes in the first place in the best benchtop planer. The machine is a beast in smoothening rough wood surfaces with its powerful motor that delivers up to 20,000 RPM. It also comes with a three-knife cutter head just like the DW734 to increase the precision and accuracy.
All the professional woodworkers know that DW735X can make some of the most difficult cuts that not even DW734 can. It has a two-speed gearbox to boost the speed. Overall, only a few planers can match DW735X in performance and efficiency.

Q: How do you use the DeWalt DW734 planer?

The in-feed roller placed under the spinning blades carries the board forward as you feed it through the planer. Alternatively, the board’s completed sections are moved by the outfeed roller out of the planer; hence, a smooth and even reduction in thickness of the board is achieved within no time.
DeWalt DW734 is easy to use, and you’ll only require a few instructions to learn how to operate. Also, it has some efficient safety procedures that you can follow in case of an emergency.

Q: How much does a planer weigh?

Some planers can weigh as much as 100 pounds or more, but DW734 comes with only 80 pounds. It is a portable machine that you can easily transport your workshop without having to hire a truck. Besides, set up and disassemble are straightforward when you need to make some repairs.

Q: What is the difference between DeWalt DW735 and DW735X?

The main difference between DW735 and DW735X is the price. DW735 is the cheaper of the two models, but DW735X is more recent. The DW735X is also easier to read the gauge and comes with a perfect set of spare knives. On the other hand, DW735 has a dual-speed gearbox, making it possible to shift between light and tough work projects.

Q: Is it worth buying a planer?

A planer will help to smoothen your workpieces and turn your woodworking into a more professional career. You don’t need to pay extra to make your thick wood even when you have a wood planer. I recommend you consider buying a wood planer if you want to grow your woodworker hobby into an impeccable career.

Final Verdict on DeWalt dw734

As we come to the ultimate ending, you should estimate your reason for buying a wood planer. Sometimes, it can be out of an urge or circumstances. Being a DIY enthusiast means searching for better ways to improve your hobby. You can do this with a benchtop wood planer. Besides, you need your wood projects to be done with the highest standard because you cannot stand the sight of the uneven pieces of wood in your woodshop.

We have spent a lot of time researching and coming up with this guide. So, we can confidently recommend DeWalt DW734 as your perfect companion for smoothening your wood surfaces and giving the thick boards a different size and thickness. It is a powerful machine with a sturdy design and a potent motor to serve in your woodshop for years. The machine is also more affordable than its adversary DW735, although the two are similar in almost all areas.

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