Top 10 Best Woodworking Blogs To Follow [Reddit Choices]

Woodworking is an art that has been passed down through generations. Most woodworkers are highly skilled in their craft and often take the time to make the best possible work out of it. But even if you’re not a professional, there are plenty of woodworking blogs online that can help you make your projects better.

Woodworking is a popular hobby, but there are many more people who make it part of their lives. If you are looking for great woodworking blogs, then look no further. We have compiled a list of the best woodworking blogs out there.

Best Woodworking Blogs

Top 10 Best Woodworking Blogs for Beginners to Professional 2022

1. Offerman Woodshop

The Offerman Woodshop is a community based woodworking website that works to protect the industry by safeguarding the craftsmanship of woodworkers all over the country. If you are looking for woodworking tools to help you out in your quest to build a new home, browse this website today!

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Basically, Offerman Woodshop is a hand-crafted wooden range of furniture, architectural joinery, and toys with a focus on American craftsmanship. Their mission is to create sustainable products from locally sourced forestry. From the smallest cedar toy chest to the largest oak dining room chairs, their wood crafts are designed with longevity in mind.

2. The WoodHouse 

TheWoodhouse is a blog that offers in-depth tutorials on basic woodworking, framing, woodworking for beginners, carpentry, and basic woodworking projects. The Woodhouse features various tutorials for all skill levels by professional carpenter and DIY enthusiast, Jen Woodhouse. They share valuable tips and tricks on how to build beautiful home, offers creative design, building furniture, home renovation projects, etc. 

However, their aim is to help you start your own home renovation journey and inspire you to learn DIY skills. The Wood House aims to provide a place where wood lovers can get fully interactive and get inspiration from each other, and not only from the site.

3. Rogue Engineer 

With Rogue Engineer you can create your own, cool and unique furniture easily without any hassle. The tips and tricks are on the site are absolutely life saving for novice DIYers who are looking to create their own style of furniture. 

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The founder of Rogue Engineer is Jamison who loves to build things, everything from simple home decor ideas to complicated furniture projects. At the same time, he tries to encourage beginners to DIY projects. 

4. The Handmade Home

From the blog’s official website “The Handmade Home is a place where you can learn, share ideas, and live the inspiration of home renovation in person. They are proud to bring you ideas, useful tips, tutorials, and much more.”

However, you can trust them as they are a family of five and only share projects that they would actually do themselves! 

5. Jay’s Custom Creations

If you want to save some money on your next home renovation, look no further than Jay’s Custom Creations! With so many home improvement or decoration ideas, you’ll always be able to get the job done right. Have an important design in mind? Follow this blog and give it a try! 

6. Cherished Bliss

Let’s be honest, you have some serious frustration on your hands when it comes to woodworking. Your dad nailed some knotty piece of wood onto the wall in his garage, but what are you supposed to do with that? You’ve tried sanding, but none of it seems to get rid of that knot! In that case, just start reading this blog today and you will understand what to do. 

7. Ana White

Ana White is an excellent blog, where they share the latest trends in woodworking, DIY projects, Styling projects, diy furniture plans to making your home look stylish and beautiful. It has many diy furniture plans to share with you, which can help you build your unique house or garden or to make your home beautiful by making different furniture designs. These diy furniture plans are trendy and everyone loves this diy house and diy garden ideas.

However, Ana White publishes videos on YouTube to share designs and projects on woodworking. 

8. Fine Woodworking

Fine woodworking blog is the right place for all wooden enthusiasts, bloggers, and other users to learn new things. To get the latest information about woodworking projects, furniture ideas,  home renovation, then start reading this blog.

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It’s one of the best woodworking blogs that share all types of woodworking tips and tricks on their blogs, tv, podcast, forum, youtube, etc. 

9. Lumber Jocks

Tired of putting your projects aside after they’ve dried? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have the best woodworking blog around? You can now answer that question for yourself! With Lumberjocks, you’ll discover the best woodworking blog around, offering the latest tools and techniques, tips on how to use them, and even offer you with an opportunity to learn from their community.

10. Popular Woodworking

Popular Woodworking is a team of skilled professionals who have the skills and knowledge to complete any project as efficiently as possible. 

In that case, this site is dedicated to sharing the latest woodworking knowledge and insights with individuals who are looking to get their hands on a new project, from simple to complex. The site has been around for over years and is continually delivering information about various woodworking projects from various woodworkers who have successfully completed a certain project.


Is there anything else I should know before choosing a woodworking blog to follow?

It is important to note that woodworking blogs often focus on a particular type of woodcraft or a certain product. This can be helpful if you are trying to become more familiar with the specific type of woodwork being discussed, but it may also limit your options. You may find that a woodworking blog does not discuss the type of woodcraft you are interested in. This can be disappointing, but it is important to remember that all blogs focus on different topics and serve different purposes.

You should also consider the overall design and layout of each blog before choosing a woodworking blog to follow.

What is the first tool you should get when starting woodworking?

There are many tools that you may need when starting woodworking. There are basic tools, such as a hammer and saw, to help with the projects. Other general tools include measuring tapes, straight edge, level, etc. You will want to get specialized skills that allow you to take your woodworking to the next level. For example, a table saw is a very useful tool for cutting out pieces of wood and is usually used by those who have advanced skills in woodworking. If you are just starting out, it may be difficult to decide which tools you need first. A good rule of thumb is to get a tool that you can use for all projects. If you have a few woodworking projects going on at the same time, you may want to consider getting multiple tools.

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What kind of skills do I need in order to be successful with woodworking?

It’s important to remember that every woodworker has different goals and different skills. If you are just starting out, you may not have any specific goals in mind. However, once you get started with woodworking, it is important to start thinking about your goals for the future. You should decide what kind of woodworking you want to do. Do you want to make furniture, sell products online, or start a business? Once you decide on your goals for the future, it is important that you work towards achieving them.


If you are a woodworker or a hobbyist who wants to build something from scratch, it is always good to have the best woodworking blogs. These blogs will help you learn about different types of tools and techniques that will help you build your projects faster and easier. In addition, these woodworking blogs will also provide you with instructions on how to make your project more durable and secure. So, if you want to improve your skills in this field, then definitely check out these top woodworking blogs.

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