Top 5 Best Construction Adhesive for Wood to Concrete [Reddit Choices]

Wood to concrete is one of the common projects undertaken by many homeowners. But if you are not aware of the best construction adhesive for wood to concrete, you may be faced with tough decisions regarding how to go about this project. Here’s an overview of all the options that exist for this kind of application.

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In fact, an adhesive is one of the most important tools in the construction industry. It’s used to join different materials together which is very important for heavy duty projects. Because it bonds together all kinds of substances, that’s why you have to be careful with it. You need to choose the best one so that your work doesn’t fail at the last minute.

Top 5 Best Construction Adhesive for Wood to Concrete

1. Loctite PL – Wood to concrete construction adhesive

Loctite PL – Wood to concrete construction adhesive

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  • A superior bonding adhesive that cures in all weather, 8x stronger than ordinary adhesives.
  • Waterproof and environmentally safe – it’s water based so you can use it on any surface without fear of damage or staining.
  • Compatible with most substrates including wood/plastic/metal/concrete etc., 
  • It works well on both the interior and exterior.
  • 8x Stronger Than Ordinary Adhesive: This product has 8 times the strength of ordinary adhesives so it holds better than other brands!
  • Paintable: Loctite Adhesive is paintable and can be used on any surface including metal, wood, concrete, etc. 

Adhesives are essential in any construction or renovation project when need to bond two or more objects together. There are many different types of construction adhesive available for various purposes, but one thing keeps them all in line: Loctite’s powerful adhesive. It keeps your work in place and ensures a superior bond with every application.

However, if you are looking for a better way to seal the concrete to wood bond, then look no further than Loctite. As one of the world’s leading brands of adhesives, it’s made for the ultimate bonding. From wood to concrete parts, Loctite’s entire line of products will help you finish the project most effectively. 

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2. 3M construction adhesive for concrete to wood

3M construction adhesive for concrete to wood


  • The 3M Spray Adhesive can be used for a wide variety of applications including bonding laminate, wood, concrete, and metal to other surfaces.
  • A strong adhesive that bonds well with most materials and resists moisture for maximum performance in the field.
  • Its unique formula is designed to bond quickly while still providing long-term durability under adverse conditions such as high temperatures or humidity.

Do you want to install some cool stuff in your home? Are you in need of bonding concrete to wood in need of a super strong adhesive? If you want it done fast, look no further! 3m’s fast-setting SUPER STRENGTH glue can securely get the job done in the most efficient way. 

Therefore, 3M makes some of the most commonly used tools in the world for a wide range of industries. With over numerous products, 3M has some really cool stuff! We recommend their high strength spray adhesive for bonding laminate, wood, concrete, metal, plastic, paper, and more! 

3. Gorilla – Best adhesive for wood to concrete

Gorilla – Best adhesive for wood to concrete


  • Widely used in the construction industry, and is a strong adhesive that bonds everything.
  • Strong bond: Bonds instantly to most surfaces, including wood, metal, concrete, and plastic, etc. 
  • Versatile uses: It can be used for building, home improvement, both indoor and outdoor projects.
  • Versatile: Works on many different materials such as paper or fabric.
  • Durable: Lasts for years with proper care. 

Gorilla is the best adhesive for all your construction needs. This premium formulation will take any DIY project from ho hum to awesome. Gorilla will bond anything. Simply wipe on and peel off, and you won’t be able to tell it was ever there!

It’s well known for its strong, durable construction adhesive, which bonds everything. You can use Gorilla Adhesive to build and home improvement both indoor and outdoor. 

4. SikaBond – adhesive for concrete to wood

SikaBond – adhesive for concrete to wood


  • Easy to use: no need to worry about mixing, simply apply and wait for it to dry.
  • High-performance: Can be used in many different environments without worrying about weathering resistance.
  • The adhesive can resist high temperature, strong wind pressure, and UV rays of sunlight.
  • Long service life: long service life with low aging rate, good water resistance after being dried out.
  • Application: the adhesive can be applied to any surface, such as wood, metal, concrete, and glass. 
  • Color: Gray color Construction Adhesive.

Another name of professional quality construction adhesive is SIKABOND. The products offered are in demand in the market due to their high quality, friendly prices, and good performance in all areas of construction.

However, their adhesive is faster, stronger, and less expensive than anything else on the market. It’s ideal for use on concrete, wood, metal, plastic, glass, and more. In fact, they have huge demand from the largest construction companies across the nation. Order today to give it a try!

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5. Loctite Wood to concrete adhesive

Loctite Wood to concrete adhesive


  • High strength: Can be used for repairing, sealing, and bonding concrete to wood surfaces. 
  • Non-toxic & non-corrosive: No need to worry about the harmful effects on your health when using this product. 
  • Fast grab adhesive is fast drying and will cure within few minutes.
  • Long lasting bond between materials is guaranteed by the exclusive Loctite brand name, so you know that it will work every time. 

Loctite is a renowned brand with many years of experience in this business and they have the best products to offer you. If you’re looking for a strong and reliable adhesive, look no further than Loctite. Their products are made with pride and undergo rigorous testing to ensure that they’re of the utmost quality. They’ve got an arsenal of products available to make sure everything stays secure. 

However, its professionals’ first choice for fast and safe applications on wood, concrete, stone, and granite, etc. It’s a trusted brand in both DIY and professional. This quality ensures that they offer exceptional value for money and protection for your hard work. Therefore, never let your hard work go to waste again!

Buying Guide: How to pick wood to concrete construction adhesive?

There are a number of factors that should be considered when picking wood to concrete construction adhesive. The most important factor is the volume of the wood. For example, if an area needs to be filled with several square feet of wood, then it would be best to choose a glue that has a larger volume.

The second factor is the width of the wood. If a piece of wood needs to be cut into several pieces, then it would be best to choose a glue that has a wide adhesive surface area so that the pieces can adhere well together and have good bonding strength.

The third factor is the type of wood. If the wood is hard, then it would be best to choose a glue that has an aggressive adhesive and if the wood is soft, then it would be best to choose a glue that can penetrate into and fill up all cracks in between each piece of wood. Therefore, there are other factors also consider while making a purchase.

Drying or cure

Construction adhesive, such as 5-minute epoxy, dries in the range of 45-60 minutes.

Easy to use

Construction adhesive is easy to use because it forms a strong bond with the item it is applied to and provides an excellent moisture-resistant sealant. It’s also easy to clean up.

The durability of Construction adhesive

The durability of construction adhesive is a measure of how long it takes for construction adhesive to lose its stickiness. This can be determined by the length of time required for a conical weight to fall from a height in the air, before losing contact with the surface below. The higher the number, the longer the adhesive will stay sticky.

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Fast drying time is important for building on wet surfaces, such as a newly poured concrete slab. This allows construction workers to work faster and more efficiently. In addition, this property also makes it easier to use the adhesive on new concrete slabs or damaged concrete slabs.

Low odor construction adhesive

Before making a decision check the odors of the adhesive. The downside to the odor construction adhesive is that it can be difficult for people who are sensitive or allergic to overspray or fumes products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the pros and cons of using this kind of construction adhesive?

The pros of using construction adhesive are that it generally has a longer shelf life, is drier than other types to allow for easier application, and can be applied in different ways. The cons to this type of construction adhesive are that it is more expensive than others and the material is more difficult to apply.

What is the best construction adhesive for wood to concrete?

The best construction adhesive for concrete to wood is a glue called liquid nails. This particular product can be used to create a strong bond between the two materials and it also creates bonds that are resistant to water and other environmental factors.

Does construction adhesive stick wood to concrete?

Construction adhesive is usually a thick liquid that is applied to surfaces and allowed to dry. When it dries it creates a sticky surface that will adhere to another surface when pressed together. So, construction adhesive sticks wood to concrete easily.

How do you attach wood to concrete?

The most common method of attaching wood to concrete is by using screws. The screws are typically attached to the head of the screwdriver, which is then inserted into the drill hole; the drill holes need to be approximately one inch in diameter. Once the holes are drilled, they must be countersunk and then filled with construction adhesive. The screws can be attached by hand or using a drill machine.

Final Verdict

To help find out the best adhesive for wood to concrete, we have listed some glues and their applications. Use this list as a guide and choose the right adhesive that can match your needs. The key is to understand what you need from an adhesive and then go through the product to get more information. Our blog post has provided a list of products that will help you in making the right choice. Which one do you think will work well for your project?

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