What is Rubber Wood? Know Everything about Rubberwood!

Rubberwood is a unique and rare kind of wood from South America and Asia. There are several reasons for the popularity of rubberwood, among them is its adaptability and water resistance. Rubberwood is hard-wearing, resistant to insects and fungal diseases, fast-growing, and drought tolerant.

What is rubber wood?

What is Rubber Wood

Rubberwood is the most common name for the tree Hevea brasiliensis. It’s also known as “Brazilian rubber tree”, “para rubber”, “parawood” and rubber tree.

Brazilian Rubber is a hard, dense wood with oily, red to brown or black heartwood, which is moderately priced for use in furniture making and turnery. It’s common in tropical regions of the world because it is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

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As compared to other woods, rubberwood can be naturally resistant to termites, moisture, fire damage, and decay due to its natural protection against insects that may attack wood substances. Because many pests do not care about rubberwood’s smell or taste but only look for dark slippery surfaces – this characteristic makes fake rubber green popular today among backyard gardeners who use it in place of the real rubber trees.

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Rubberwood species available on the market are treated with formaldehyde, which gives them this red to brown color; they contain ceracauar oil by-product (PE), synthetic resin, and other additives compared to natural Brazilian Rubber trees. They do not look like the original but it’s unknown whether these plants contain any of Hevea brasiliensis genetic material or if heveal genes were transferred to the plant parts.

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FAQs on Rubber Wood

What is rubber wood used for?

Rubberwood is an alternative name for the tropical tree known as Hevea brasiliensis. The tree has been used as a source of rubber to make rubber products such as tires or furniture since the 1800s. However, it was not until the 1900s that Hevea rubber became mainstream, especially in the United States. As its name implies most of these products are made out of latex (natural resin) found beneath Hevea’s aromatic bark and leaves; most cultures throughout history have used this simple substance for numerous uses.

What does rubber wood look like?

Rubberwood is just like any other type of wood but it has a smoother texture and different colors. Most of these trees that are known to be rubber wood look just like many other common types of trees, made up mostly out of needle-shaped greenish needles on their branches. The tree itself is dark green in color and grows best when exposed to sunlight.

Is rubber wood actual wood?

Yes, rubberwood is actual wood that is found in South America and Asia.

Which is durable and lasts longer, rubberwood or Assam teak?

Assam teak or rubberwood is durable in terms of longevity.
Assam teak is a hardwood that is durable in terms of durability and also in terms of its workability. Rubberwood, on the other hand, is a very strong wood that can be used in the kitchen due to its resilience against heat, cold, and moisture.

How do I care for my rubber wood table?

Rubberwood is a type of wood that consists mostly of natural latex, giving it a soft and pliable texture. It’s easy to care for and it’s also quite durable when treated properly. Rubberwood is one of the most durable materials in existence, so long as it’s treated properly. This includes making sure that your table or surface isn’t exposed to water, rain, and humidity. Because rubberwood doesn’t have grease substances on its face at all times regular wiping will keep your wood looking its best while keeping stains away from the wood for a longer period of time than greasy substances can do.

Is rubber wood the same as particle board?

Rubberwood is a type of wood that is come from rubber trees. It has high moisture content and is not affected by other substances except for other types of wood.
Particleboard, on the other hand, has low moisture content and can be used with many different materials.


Rubberwood is wood that has been used for a long time. The reason why it is so expensive, because of the difficulty in harvesting it. The name rubberwood comes from the fact that many people have used this wood as an alternative to natural rubber for making tires and other things. This type of wood can be found in tropical areas, where there are several species of trees that grow together. In these areas, you will find different types of trees, such as mahogany and others.

All these trees produce a substance called latex which gives their wood its elasticity and hardness. If you take the latex from them, you can use it to make things like shoes or balls or anything else you want to make out.

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