Rockwell Bladerunner x2 Reviews [Ultimate Guide]

Are you looking for a simple, multipurpose and portable table saw that is easy to use for light and straightforward tasks and small projects? The Rockwell Blade runner is easy to set up and has combined features of the table saw, scroll saw and jigsaw.

The Rockwell Bladerunner X2 review is an exciting tool that can crosscut and rips across various materials, including tiles, wood, aluminium, and plastic. This tool is sturdy and well built to serve as a benchtop tool. It is solid and movable. This feature is unique, and it’s ideal, especially when you want to carry it from one place to the other. Its weight is less than 15 pounds. The tool is designed with a confinement guard and splitting tool that will cut more expansive surfaces and a much longer rip fence than previous models. This enables you to have better control of your operations when using the tool. The t-shank features allow you to change from cutting metal, tiles, aluminium to the wood in seconds.

The Rockwell Blade runner has an inbuilt vacuum port making it easier to clean up. It has a blade holder to store blades that are not in use within the tool. This tool combines the work of many other tools in one.

rockwell blade Runner x2 table saw review

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  • Multipurpose tool.
  • Portable- weighs 13.2 pounds.
  • Easy cleaning due to the dust port.
  • Durable due to the stainless steel surface.
  • It’s wall mountable.
  • Offers versatile cutting.


  • It needs better blade support.
  • Cannot make bevel cuts since the table does not bend.
  • Blade pushes to one side during circular cuts.

Rockwell blade runner X2 specifications

  • Uses power voltage of 120V /60Hz
  • Uses Amperage of 5.5 A
  • Its Loading speed of 3000/min
  • The Stroke length is 7/8″
  • Table size 17″ x15 ¾”
  • Weight 17.6 Ibs
  • Cutting capacity for wood is 1-1/2″, PVC pipe is 1-1/4″, Aluminum 3/8″, Ceramic 3/8″, Steel 1/8″
  • It comes with a vacuum port, a mitre gauge, a steel rip fence, five pieces of starter blades.
  • It comes with three years of manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It comes in handy with accessories such as the mitre gauge, a general-purpose blade specifically for cutting wood, a scroll cut blade, a tile blade for cutting ceramic tiles, a dedicated metal blade for metal bars and an aluminium blade.
rockwell bladerunner x2 table saw review

The Rockwell Bladerunner X2 can virtually be used for wood molding since it has a fitted mitre gauge for accurate crosscuts on picture frames and other wood moldings. When cutting metal pipes, fit the best blade for metal, and the tool will cut up to 1¼” on copper pipes and other metallic objects. The tool is also capable of cutting 1¼” strokes on PVC and other tough plastic materials. Many are surprised by its ability to cut through ceramic tiles without spraying too much water on the surface. Once fitted with diamond grit, it can sharply and quickly cut through ceramic tiles.

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The Rockwell Blade runner tool is compact and portable. It can be carried across tables and working surfaces easily since it weighs less than 15 pounds. It’s easy to take it since it has built-in handles. The tool has self-storage for accessories and blades within itself.

With this tool, you are to make most types of cuts on building materials, including the crosscut, rip cuts, mitre cuts, scroll, and inside cutouts on wood, ceramic tiles, PVC, aluminium, and metal. All these features are in one tool.

The Rockwell blade runner has a large rip fence. This feature enables you to make broader cuts on the surface and gives you better and improved control of the work.

Customer Ratings

Customer ratings from customers who have already used the tool were very high. Many recommended this tool, especially if you have a limited working area or looking for an all in one device. Customers with a tight budget liked this tool due to its flexibility. You will use this one tool for a variety of cutting tasks. It is also tiny in size, thus portable for field works and can be mounted on almost any wall. The tool can be mounted on virtually any wall surface gave it more likes since you don’t necessarily have to have a flat tabletop or bench.

The ease of installation and use is an added advantage. It’s a plug and play tool that is uncommon with many other tools that do similar jobs. The users advised that you understand the tool before you start working with it. Tighten the gauges for the most accurate results.

Some of the negative reviews from some of the users were from its limited support for oversized materials. The tool is limited to specific widths, limiting what they can do with the saw. The others cited that it doesn’t have the power to cut thin hardwoods like the oak. The other negative was poor accuracy, but this resulted from shoddy set up and lose guides. I believe they had to tighten the directions first.

Buying guide

Are you looking for a cutting tool that can serve most of your cutting jobs? This is the tool to go for. The Rockwell Blade runner is:

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Multifunctional – meaning it can cut through different materials including wood, ceramic tiles, PVC, aluminium and metal. This makes it more superior compared to its competitors.

Portable – and thus can be carried along to different work stations and work sites. It only weighs 13.2 pounds. The tabletop is made of stainless steel, which is a durable material. Cleaning is easy, and this feature also offers less resistance and friction to most of the materials you will be working with.

Dust collection – the dust from materials you cut can be harmful to your machine. This tool has a fitted port for the collection of dust. The port can be connected to any vacuum from the shop, thus providing you with a clean working surface throughout.

Versatile cutting – In a few seconds, you can change between tools easily for cutting different materials. The motor control offers the blade interchange feature. Thus you can easily cut other materials with ease from one tool.

Different cutting angles and depths – The Rockwell blade runner offers different cutting depths for the other materials.

The tool is also mountable on any wall surface, so you do not necessarily have to be working on a fixed flat bench surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Rockwell Blade runner any good?

The Rockwell Blade runner is an excellent tool. The new device has been a buzz of late due to its ease of installation, multipurpose features that we’re not on the previous model. This one is awesomely portable and comfortable when in use. The installation and storage of the blades are easy and thus ease to use.
The 5.5 amp motor provides variable and reliable cutting speeds, and the noise levels are highly reduced. I would recommend this tool for anyone looking to buy an all in one cutting tool.

Q: Can Rockwell Blade runner cut 2×4?

Yes. The Rockwell Blade runner X2 is a powerful tool. It is compatible with the t-shank jigsaw blades. It is fitted with a 5.5 amp-3000 stroke/min motor, which can crosscut a2*4 board to a maximum of 6″ in width.
This tool offers the best wood moulding option since it can make smooth and very accurate cuts on board and wood, hence creating some tightly fitting joints. The mitre gauge fitted on the tool makes cutting angles precise and can rotate up to 60° on the right and left.

Q: How do you set up a Rockwell BladeRunner review?

After unboxing the tool, Check to see if all the parts are in the box. If they are present, choose a comfortable working flat table where you will assemble the tool. Tighten the guidelines for accurate results. Make sure you have a relaxing environment before plugging in the power cord.
Connect the power cord to the socket if you are sure you have set up everything correctly. It’s advisable to go through the user’s manual once again to be sure you have put everything in its proper place. This tool is easy to use, but I would advise you to tighten the guidelines for the best results. The manufacturer gives a 3-year warranty if there is a problem encountered during your time of use. You can always visit the store for advice and more information.

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Q: What is a Blade Runner saw?

A blade runner saw is a cutting machine that provides comfortable control and is designed with a tabletop handle for easy portability. It comes with a grip down guard and a splitter for cutting comprehensive materials. This tool has a large rip fence that gives the user more control during cutting operations. A blade runner X2 allows the user to use both hands to control the material being cut.
This tool is used to cut wood, metal, aluminium, plastic, and ceramic tiles with ease. It is an improved Rockwell blade runner with more superior features.

Q: How do you cut a 60-degree angle?

Miter saws are efficient in carpentry tasks and cut up to 45 degrees, and at most, they cut 50 degrees. However, it’s impossible to cut 60 degrees on these saws unless you add a wedge jig to the fence.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

I would recommend a Rockwell blade runner X2 for anyone looking for an all in one cutting tool. This is because of its multipurpose capabilities. Once you have this tool in your garage, you can be sure that you have a tool that helps you in most of your cutting needs. It will serve you when cutting metal pipes, aluminium, PVC and wood. The ease of installation and use makes it a perfect choice among the other jigsaws and rip saws. The price is friendly and worth every penny you invest. After going through the review I have done above, you are better informed about the tool.

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