Ready Seal Stain Reviews [Ultimate Guide]

The ready seal is a product that is used in the coating of exterior wood. The application includes the surfaces of fences, decks, arbors, fences, gazebos, log homes, and roofs. This product was designed for use by contractors, but now it is available for use at homes. The formula consists of a blend of resins, algaecides, paraffin oil, and trans-oxide pigments. The run-free and drip of the Ready seal application results in an even finish. It penetrates the wood, ensuring that the surfaces are clean and can last for a long time. The product is dependable and can be used to restore the finish of your deck.

There are various Ready stain products available in the market based on their use. Each of them has specific elements that make it ideal for a particular application. There are also available in different colors from Gold, Red, and Brown. It all depends on what you are looking for when applying on various surfaces. When purchasing any Ready Seal product, you need to have all the factual information.

This entails things like the price, mode of application, how long it can last, and the cleanup products to use. It would be best if you had your house, fence, and gazebos look brand new after the wood has been exposed to different environmental conditions. Such information is helpful, and that is why I am here to take you through the steps to take and what to check on when you need the Ready Seal staining product.

Top 6 Ready Seal Stain Reviews 2022

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Ready Seal stain product is applied to exterior wood surfaces to offer the right finish. This review will take you through the various Ready Seal Stain products that the firm sells. There is the Ready Seal stain 505, 512, 515, 520. 525, 530. The product’s various features and beneficial aspects will be looked at. The value the stain products offer to the users will be discussed in this review. This also includes the various merits and demerits of each of the six Ready Seal Stain products. Each of these products’ uses can be the same or varied depending on the manufacturer. Such information is important to homeowners who need to use the staining product for their exterior wood surfaces.

The second part involves looking at customers’ ratings on any of the Ready Seal Stain products. Ratings are based on specific items from the ease of application, the color-shifting, appearance after application, prevention of mold, prevention of the UV graying, and the wear and tear period. Then the buying guise will be discussed. In this section, buyers will get to know what to look out for when purchasing any of the six Ready Seal Stain products. Such items may include the price, how to apply, the time it takes for the stain to dry after application, the conditions for its application, and whether it is VOC compliant. The last part involves making the final remarks and recommendations to the customers on which product is suited. Here is a review of the six Ready Stain Products.

1. Ready Seal 520 5-Gallon, Redwood.

Ready Seal Reviews


  • This product can be applied at any temperature.
  • There is no thinning or diluting when applying.
  • It can be applied using the roller, brush, and the sprayer.
  • It achieves its actual color after about two weeks.
  • The product meets the current VOC requirements in the US.
  • The drying time takes about 48 to 72 hours.


  • There is more friction due to the aluminum table.
  • Amateurs find it difficult to install the band saw.

This product appears to be very dark when applied. It achieves its actual color after 14 days. The application entails the use of a sprayer, roller, or brush, especially on wood surfaces. You need to ensure the surface is clean before applying this product. The plants and vegetation should be covered with a drop cloth to prevent overspray. The wood that requires staining should also be completely dry.

It can be applied to various wood types like natural cedar, Mahogany, dark walnut, redwoods, and pecan. The product offers a goof-proof application, and there is no lap and back brushing. The spray application doesn’t need any diluting or thinning of the seal stain. The color consistency can be maintained by blending multiple containers. There is no need for a wet-line application since the product blends itself. There is no need for diluting or thinning when undertaking any spray application.

2. ready seal natural cedar reviews – 512 5-Gallon Pail Natural Cedar.

Ready Seal Natural Cedar Reviews


  • The wood is protected from mildew and damaging UV rays.
  • It is suitable for all exterior wood projects.
  • The stain achieves the actual color in 14 days.
  • It doesn’t have linseed, which stains the hands.
  • It can be applied using the brush or roller and sprayer.
  • The seal can be applied in any temperature range.
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  • The coverage stated is not accurate.
  • The application of the seal cannot be made under direct sunlight.
  • Using the sprayer can result in loss of some coverage.

The Ready Seal 512 is used to enhance your wood’s natural beauty while making it last longer. The stain is oil-based suitable for all exterior wood projects. Your wood remains protected from the damaging UV rays and mold or mildew. The application of the stain sealer needs the use of the sprayer, roller, or brush. The drying time is dependent on humidity, temperature, and surface porosity.

You need to apply two coats on the wood surface and allow about 45 minutes between each application. There is no need for a primer since it takes about 14 days for the seal stain to reach its actual color. The stain doesn’t have any linseed oil, which means you will not stain your hands while applying this product. There are no laps, runs, or streaks experienced, and back brushing is not needed. You don’t need to engage in wet-line application or back brushing.

3. ready seal pecan stain  – 515 5-Gallon Pail Pecan.

Ready Seal Deck Stain Reviews


  • It is suited to apply on Pecan wood surfaces.
  • The drying time is between two to three days.
  • Color consistency is achieved by blending different containers.
  • There is no need for back brushing.
  • Proper application can be made at any temperature.
  • The laps run, or streak doesn’t appear after application.


  • The product needs to be stirred to maintain color consistency.
  • There is sludge at the bottom of the pail.
  • It kills the plants and stains other items.

The Ready Seal 515 is suited for Pecan wood. It needs that the surface has to be cleaned of dust, oil, mildew, dirt, and grease. The wood should also be completely dry. You only need to allow around two to three days of drying time to apply the Ready Seal. When using, you have to cover vegetation and plants with a drop cloth. This prevents overspray from getting to the plants and vegetation. The Ready Seal is darkest during application.

The actual color is achieved after 14 days. You need to shake the gallon and blend it with other containers. This allows color consistency to be achieved easily. The product blends itself, which implies that there is no need for the wet-line application. When using the sprayer, you don’t need to dilute or thin the solution. It is an oil-based product that serves to complement the beauty and durability of your hardwoods. The product needs to penetrate the wood, and that is why you can’t apply it on stained or newly painted surfaces.

4. ready seal redwood stain :  520 5-Gallon, Redwood.

Ready Seal Red Wood Stain


  • Any temperature range is needed for the best application.
  • It protects the wood from mildew and damaging UV rays.
  • It takes two to three days to dry completely.
  • The coats are applied between 45 minutes.
  • The hands are not stained when using the seal.
  • Color consistency maintained by blending multiple containers.


  • It is designed to penetrate and not coat the wood.
  • You will not get a shiny finish.
  • It requires stirring to blend well.

The Ready Seal 520 is oil-based with a semi-transparent stain and sealer. The texture and grain of the wood remain visible with the application. The unique formula is enhanced to deeply protect and preserve wood from the damaging UV rays and mildew. The seal is biodegradable when it is in contact with soil and water. You don’t have to worry about the overspray when applying using the sprayer.

The dry period is 48 and 72 hours, depending on temperature, surface porosity, and humidity. There is no back brushing or wet-line application because the mixture blends itself. When applied using the sprayer, roll, or brush, there are no laps, streaks, or runs. A proper application doesn’t need a particular temperature range. The color appears to be darker in the first application, but the actual color appears after 14 days. When using the sprayer, you don’t need to dilute or thin the Ready Seal stainer.

5. ready seal dark walnut stain review : 525 5-Gallon, Dark Walnut.

Ready Seal Dark Walnut Stain


  • The application of the sealer is easier.
  • Time is taken for it to dry short.
  • Only two light coats are needed.
  • There is no need for using the primer.
  • The product meets the current VOC requirements.
  • Your hands are not stained since there is no linseed oil.
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  • The darker walnut color is not available.
  • The stain viscosity is not suitable since it is watery.
  • You pay more for ordering a second 5-gallon pail.

The Ready Seal 525 pail dark walnut requires that the sealer’s application should be made once the surface has been cleaned off. The previous stain needs to be removed by complete stripping. This is because the sealer will not penetrate the wood when the body has other colors. There is no primer required to fill the minor imperfections, trim lines, and pores. The sealer will blend very well, which means the wet-line application and back brushing are not needed.

The roller, brush, and sprayer are needed when applying on various exterior wood surfaces. Once applied, the true color appears to reveal after 14 days. The first application shows a darker color. The spray application is instant, without any need for diluting or thinning the product. The product’s application requires only two light coats with the 45 minutes given in between the skins’ application. The drying time is short, and it all depends on temperature, humidity, and surface porosity.

6. ready seal mahogany review : 530 5-Gallon, Mahogany.

Ready Seal Mahogany


  • It enhances the beauty of your wood.
  • The product is used for various exterior wood projects.
  • The time taken for the product to dry is short.
  • It is biodegradable when it comes in contact with soil and water.
  • The application of two light coats on the wood surface is enough.
  • It protects the wood from damaging UV rays and mildew or mold.


  • An oil residue is left when applying on the deck.
  • The rich color faded after six months.
  • The 5 gallons don’t fill the 2-gallon sprayer twice.

This sealer makes your wood look great naturally by making your wood’s grain and texture always visible. The Ready seal is oil-based, making it suitable for various exterior wood projects. The product consists of a unique formula that preserves and protects wood from UV damages and mold or algae. The application process begins by cleaning the wood surfaces to remove any dirt, oil, or grease present.

The wood should also be completely dry. You can test by applying a light coat and see whether it will be absorbed. You can use the sprayer, roller, or brush to apply the 2-in one stain and sealer. Ensure that the vegetation is covered with a dry cloth. The overspray may end up killing your plants. On the first application, the stain appears to be darker in color. When two weeks are over, the actual color is revealed. The sealer is applied easily since there is no need for primer, back brushing, or wet-line painting.

Customer’s Rating

Various ratings have been placed on the type of Ready Seal products. The overall score ranges from 5.6 to 7.5. The rating and score vary from 0 to 10. A score of 10 signifies satisfaction with the product, while 0 signifies total dissatisfaction. Most customers have given a higher score when it comes to ease of application. The overall rating or score is 8 out of 10 when it comes to using the products. The penetration of the Ready seal into the various wood surfaces has been rated to have a score of 6 out of 10. The general use of the product and the value created to the user is 6.5 out of 10. When it comes to the product having any odor, a score of 4.2 out of 10 is given, while 6.7 out of 10 is the score given by those who felt there was no odor.

The ready meal is perfect when it comes to preventing the growth of mold or algae. A score of 8 out of 10 has been given since the product contains paraffin oil. The color darkening after two years after the application didn’t appear. A natural finish is established, which is suitable for recoating. The score awarded is 10. The coverage rate is not as good as expected. Applying two coats requires 8 square feet per gallon. A score of 6 has been awarded regarding this perspective. The peeling or wearing after the application was not visible since the product penetrates well without forming a fil on top of the wood surface. The score awarded is 9. Prevention of UV graying after 14 months resulted in fifty percent color retention. The score is 4.

Buying guide

Color Preference

There are various colors available for wood stains. Selecting the right color to apply depends on whether you want to match the house colors or existing exterior colors to the deck or fence being used to the stain. Some people prefer a particular compared to other colors. The colors can also have a light or dark finish. Your choice determines the kind of Ready Seal product you will purchase.

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Types of Wood

The type of wood that is in your fence or deck determines the kind of stain you want. This is based on the fact that each wood has a different texture. There is wood that has a porous, rough, or smooth surface. The stain is supposed to highlight the grain of your wood, depending on the coverage the color will make. That is why you need to know the type of wood that uses a particular stain.

Coverage Of The Stain

The coverage per square foot of the stain and sealer is essential. The determination is done by looking at whether the wood stain and sealer are either solid or semi-transparent. Most Ready Seal products are sold in 5 gallons. The usage is dependent on the mode of application. You need the product to penetrate the wood and make the grain to be visible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it ready to seal a good stain?

Yes. Ready Seal is a very good stain. It penetrates the wood to make the grain and texture of your wood to be visible. The stain protects the wood from the damaging UV rays and mold. It takes about two years for you to undertake any recoating. The application is made easy since you can apply at any temperature while using the sprayer, roller, or brush. The product does not need the use of primer. The wet-line application is not required because the product blends itself. There are also no laps, runs, or streaks.

Q: How long does the ready seal need to dry before the rain?

Ready Seal product needs to dry within 48 hours to 72 hours. The drying time is dependent on the humidity, temperature, and surface porosity. You also need to allow 48 minutes in between the application of the two light coats. When the Ready Seal penetrates the wood after applying and complete drying, the rain will not affect the stain, and the durability of the wood on the deck or fences will be maintained. If it rains before the paint dries, you need to apply the 2-in one sealer and stain.

Q: How do you remove ready seal stains?

The Ready Seal stain is removed by completely stripping off the paint with the stripper. This involves scraping by sanding the various exterior wood surfaces. After filing, you have to dampen the soft steel wool. You need to rub should rub it on the wood in the direction of the wood grain. After that, wipe it with the softened stain with the rag. You can use the pressure washer to wash away the residue and stripper. The oxalic acid is then applied to neutralize the stripper and brighten the wood and restore it to its natural color.

Q: Is TWP stain any good?

Twp stain is a very good stain. It has a user score of 7 out of 10. It is suitable for enhancing the natural beauty of both new and old wood. The penetration is deep without any surface film build. It offers protection against wood rot, water, and mildew. The product is VOC compliant and suitable for siding, roofing, wood fencing, and log homes.

Q: What is the best wood stain and sealer?

Wood stain and sealer add rich color to all types of wood. The best paint and sealer should offer more straightforward application, dries very fast, lasts for an extended period, and provides protection against water rot, damaging UV rays, and mold or mildew. The best overall stain and sealer is Varathane Dry Interior Wood Stain.

Final Verdict

Exterior wood projects require that the best stain and sealer is placed on them. This is done to enhance your wood’s longevity and enhance the natural beauty by making the grain and texture visible. There are various wood stains from solid wood stains, oil-based wood stains, water-based stains, and eco-friendly wood stains. The right wood stain and sealer are based on the preference and wood type you have. I highly recommend that you select any of the Ready Seal products mentioned in this review.

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