DeWalt DWE7480 vs DW745 -What’s the Key Differences?

A table saw is an essential tool you need in any workshop. There are plenty of brands that produce table saws, and DeWalt is one of the leading manufacturers. They make quality table saws and other power tools needed for various projects.

If you love DeWalt table saws, you might have come across DeWalt DWE7480 and DW745. These two table saws have many similarities at a glance, but they also vary in different aspects. Some of the everyday things they have similar include the motors, carbide blade, and the fence rail system.

It is essential to understand the major differences between these DeWalt table saws so that you can select the right one to match your projects. For instance, the DW745 has a great warranty, lighter, and comes at an affordable price. On the other hand, the DWE7480 is powerful, and its rip capacity makes it suitable for larger workpieces. Let us examine both tools in detail to help you know which one to buy.

The Main Differences DeWalt DW745 vs DWE7480 

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There are several similar things between the two table saws, but they have their differences too. Therefore, when deciding which one to buy, you need to understand their main difference.

One of the major differences is power. It is not something you can note at a glance. The two table saws feature a similar motor producing 15-amp power. However, their inner construction various because the DWE7480 can operate a 10-inch carbide blade at a speed of 4,800 rpm.

On the other hand, the DW745 has a speed of 3,850 rpm. Therefore, the DWE7480 is great if you need a tool with more power. Additionally, you will get cleaner cuts on your materials and cut thicker material faster. The only drawback is that this model is noisy.

Another major difference is their size and weight. The DWE7480 is larger and weighs more than DW745. Thus, the latter is better if you want a tool to move around with ease at an affordable price. The larger size of the DWE7480 makes it challenging to store.

The two table saws also vary in their accuracy and ease of use. The DWE7480 features a large rip capacity; hence you can work with larger workpieces. Therefore, you can perform a wide range of woodworking projects. Both tools utilize a top-notch telescoping fence rail to provide accuracy when cutting.

DeWalt DWE7480 Reviews

DeWalt Table Saw DWE7485

This was an edition of the Dewalt series of table saws. The 110-inch table saw also provides reliability, durability, lightweight, and easy maneuverability. It has a 15-amp motor, but unlike the other model, this one has a speed of up to 4,800 rpm.

You will also get a large 24-inch cutting capacity, which is more than the DW745. The tool uses a 24-tooth carbide blade that cuts through materials perfectly. Additionally, its higher rpm allows you to achieve smooth and cleaner cuts.

The table saw has a rearfoot, which you can adjust to level well, especially if you are working on uneven surfaces. Moreover, it has a table coating that minimizes friction to give you smoother cuts.

DeWalt DWE7480 Features

DeWalt includes every essential feature that makes working with their tools great. If you are considering buying this table saw, these are the features you will enjoy:

Powerful Motor

The saw has a powerful 15-amp motor that gives you the needed power to handle all woodworking projects. This motor operates at 4,800 rpm, so it will be easy to rip through hardwoods.

Quality Cuts

You will always achieve clean and smooth cuts with this tool. It’s 24- tooth carbide blade promotes quality cuts. Additionally, this lengthens the life of the blade. You can also adjust the blade from 0-45 degrees if you want to achieve bevel cuts.

On-board Storage and Dust Port

This is another great thing about this table saw. It has convenient onboard storage to allow you to access your components with ease. The saw is also packed with a dust port that has a diameter of 1-1/2 inches, so you will not experience a messy workplace.

DeWalt DWE7480 Pros

There are many good reasons why you need to have this table saw. Check out these pros.

Lightweight Construction

This table saw is considered lightweight, although it is heavier in comparison to the DW745. You can transport it to your job site easily, and storing it is also easy.

Accuracy and Stability

This table saw is equipped with built-in fencing that gives more support. As a result, you will experience accuracy and stability when handling your projects. Unlike other table saws, you don’t need clamps or other accessories to hold your material in place.

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Great Rip Capacity

This is another advantage over the DW745. You will enjoy a higher rip capacity, which makes it easy to deal with thicker materials.

Enhanced RPM

This table saw also provides a higher rpm of 4,800 rpm than the other model. Therefore, you can achieve refined cuts for your projects.

DeWalt DWE7480 Cons

Everything has its positive and negative side, and this table saw is not an exception. There are some things that users wish there were improvements. For instance, while its cutting capacity is bigger than its counterpart, it is still limiting. Additionally, it has many additional features, which make it expensive compared to its counterparts.

Accessories and Elements 

Rip Fence

The fence of this table saw is similar to the one of Dewalt 745 in terms of construction and quality. You will enjoy a smooth operation, and the operation points do not have friction. Using the fence is straightforward because it has a sliding and locking mechanism that contributes to precision and accuracy.

Dust Collection

The two tools also have a similar dust collection, which has an aluminum hose outlet. This is where you connect a bag or vacuum for useful dust collection.

Miter Gauge

This tool allows you to cut bevel angles, but you will also find a miter gauge that gives you more flexibility with your cuts.


Working with this miter saw is easy because it is fitted with many safety features. You will find a blade guard, push stick, and anti-kickback mechanism to ensure you are safe throughout your work.

DeWalt DW745 Reviews

DeWalt DW745 Table Saw

This is a beginner-friendly table saw that has a portable design to help you achieve your sewing projects. Unlike other table saws, this tool is compact so that you can carry it with ease to various locations. Storing the tool is also easier, which makes it a perfect option for woodworkers who need an entry-level tool.

The size of the table saw should not fool you since it has a strong motor to handle a wide range of woodworking projects. Users also love the tool because it has safety features to prevent accidents during operation. Most importantly, you will love the durability, and the accuracy of the table saw.

DeWalt DW745 Features

This table saw has incredible features to make your work easier. We will look at a few notable features of this tool. They include:


The table saw has a nice design for the price. Making adjustments to the tool is easy, and you don’t require special tools. It features a toll-free adjustment mechanism, and this makes it a great tool for many people. Additionally, the table saw has a telescopic fence rail that enables you to select the right position based on your needs.

Dust Collection System

Working with a table saw can be messy if it doesn’t have an effective dust collection system. This model has a dust collecting port that collects the dust hence leaving your work environment neat.


This is one of the safest table saws, ideal for beginners and pros alike. It has a fantastic safety mechanism with plenty of safety features. You will find a convenient guarding system, miter gauge, push stick, and a blade guard. With all these safety features, you should also ensure you have the right safety equipment to protect you.


Working with this table saw will provide you accurate results since the fence system provides easy adjustment. You can easily move the fence anywhere within 20-inches to help you achieve the exact lengths you want.

DeWalt DW745 Pros

There are a lot of notable qualities you will love about this table saw. Here are some of the pros.

Durable Construction

If you need a table saw that would serve you for many years, this model will be worth your consideration. The tool is equipped with excellent features and strong construction. It features a metal roll cage base that is durable than other plastic bases.

Storage and Transport

This is a portable tool weighing only 45 pounds so that you can move with it to various locations. Even better, it features convenient onboard storage to enable you to reach the site pro guarding items or the push stick when they are not operational.

Powerful Motor

A table saw is not worth investing in if it cannot provide consistent power. This one has a 15-amp motor that provides ample power to handle your woodworking projects. Its 10-inch blade has a no-load speed of 3,850 rpm, which helps you make clean cuts regardless of the use.

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Angle Adjustment

Adjusting angles to suit your work with this table saw is easy. It has a quick bevel lock that features a large scale to give room for accurate and easy adjustments.

Precision and Safety

The saw has a cast table design that provides the precision and accuracy you need when cutting your materials. Additionally, you will love the overload protection system that gives you a powerful performance when dealing with frozen, wet, or hardwood.

DeWalt DW745 Cons

With all these positive things, there are still some drawbacks of this table saw. First, the table saw has a rip capacity of 20-inches, which is relatively smaller than other models. Therefore, you will have limited cutting capacity for larger materials.

Next, the saw has 24 tooth blades, which might not be ideal when dealing with refined cuts. In this case, you would have to buy another blade if you want to get refined cuts.

Accessories and other Elements

This table saw has many other accessories that make working with it easier. Here are some of them.


A fence is a crucial part of any table saw that allows you to get straight and smooth cuts. Additionally, it secures the material in place so you will not experience slip-ups when working.

If you research well, you will find most table saws in this category do not have a fence. This one stands up high than other tools because it has a rack and pinion fence system. You can extend it up to 16 inches to customize your cuts and achieve accuracy. Moreover, you can lock this fence in place without trouble.

Dust Collection Port 

Working with a table saw that doesn’t have a dust collection system can be inconvenient and hazardous. This table saw a dust collection system that collects most of the sawing dust to solve this problem. You can choose to vacuum the dust or opt for a dust bag since it has a 2 ½-inch connector.

Blade Guard and Efficient Anti-Kickback Mechanism 

The table saw comes with a normal blade guard with plastic construction. This helps you achieve safe operation while seeing clearly. You will also get an anti-kickback system that holds the material on the sides to ensure no accidents take place.

Push Stick

Many accidents take place when you get into contact with the blade of the table saw. Dewalt has solved this problem by including a push stick so you can process the wood without necessarily involving any part of your body.

This is an essential feature that maximizes safety during work. Moreover, you will get the right guide on how you can operate the push stick.

Miter Gauge 

Apart from allowing you to cut in angles, this tool also has a miter gauge to enhance its functionality. You can easily set the miter gauge at any convenient angle and then attach it to the tool to get the desired angles all the time.

Buying Guide for DW745 and DWE7480

When buying either of these table saws, the following are some essential things that you should consider.


A quality table saw should provide ample ability to help you handle simple to the most demanding projects. This will enable you to make cuts to match your needs. The two table saws feature a 15-amp motor that offers sufficient power. However, their rpm varies, and this affects the type of finishes and abilities you will get.

Table Space 

It would be best if you also considered the tablespace before you buy. You need to have a stable and well-leveled wood stock when working. These two table saws have relatively smaller table space. Therefore, you will find it easy to determine if the tablespace will fit your material or whether you will require to get an extension depending on your projects.

Rip Capacity 

The rip capacity refers to the space between the fence’s edge and the table saw’s blade edge. You can choose to remove the wall to achieve a larger rip capacity. However, doing this will make it difficult to get a straight line.

The Dewalt DWE7480 has a larger rip capacity of 24-inches than the DW745 with a 20-inch rip capacity. Choosing a higher rip capacity means that you will be more flexible in your work.

Blade Size 

You should also pay attention to the size of the blade when picking a table saw. Most table saws have a standard blade size of 10-inch. You need to determine the cutting edge of these blades to know if you require extra blades. All these will affect your budget at long last.

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Dust Collection 

Working with a table saw that doesn’t have an efficient dust collection leaves your work area messy. Additionally, you risk your health if you breathe too much dust when sawing. It is great to consider a dust collection system so that all the dust produced is collected. Both tools feature an in-built dust port system giving you the chance to add a bag or a vacuum.


A tool that comes with additional accessories is great because it makes your work easier. The two table saws come with accessories, but the DW745 doesn’t have a stand. With that in mind, always get a tool with accessories to optimize the tool to meet your requirements.


Your budget also comes in handy when you are purchasing a table saw. This is because the budget plays a huge role in determining your purchase power. If you need a relatively affordable model, you can consider the DW745 since it is an older version with less optimized features. The other model is an updated version of this tool, and it has optimized features hence a higher price.


Purchasing a table saw is making a huge investment, so the brand is important to consider. Buying a tool from a well-recognized brand provides you with great performance and peace of mind. We know that Dewalt power tools are designed to provide users with quality performance, durability, and you will also get the best customer support.

Which Table Saw Should You Choose? 

Frankly, the final decision lies in your hands. There is no table saw that is better than the other, so it all depends on your preference and requirements. If you need a cheaper option, then the Dewalt 745 will be better for you. You will enjoy great speed, performance, and efficient cuts. The tool is also portable, making it easy to carry in various places.
If you want more accessories and have more money to buy a superior option, choose the DWE7480. It gives a larger rip capacity, and you can handle more stock as well as get efficient operation. We ultimately recommend this model because it is the updated version of the previous one hence a great choice for woodworkers.

Table Saw Safety Tips 

Working with a table saw can be hazardous if you don’t take proper safety precautions. Every tool comes with a user manual that you need to get familiar with for a safe operation. You need to take these safety considerations into account when operating a table saw.

Gloves and Goggles

Dust and other particles can get in your eyes when working. It would be best if you protected your eyes by wearing goggles. You should also wear gloves to protect your hands.

Dust Mask

Even though your tool might have a dust collection system, it is still great to wear a dust mask to prevent inhaling the dust accidentally.

Right Clothing

Do not wear loose clothing when operating a table saw because it can lead to unexpected injuries.

Use A Push Stick

There are so many table saw accidents where people lose their hands when feeding the materials. It would be best if you used a push stick to ensure that your body part comes into contact with the blade.

Safety Operation

It is great to practice safe operation when using a table saw for efficient work. These include staying away from risky situations or turning off the saw when it is not in use.

Careful Handling

Most table saws are lighter, making it easy for one person to handle them. It is great to protect yourself from potential accidents when loading or unloading the tool for storage.

Final Verdict

A table saw is an essential tool you need in your workshop. This tool helps you make a wide range of cuts to suit your requirements. We have given you an in-depth analysis of the Dewalt 7480 and the DW745 table saws to help you know their similarities and differences. This will help you make a proper purchase decision to meet your woodworking needs. I hope you will find it easy to figure out which is the most suitable table saw for you from this guide.

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