DeWALT 20V Chainsaw Reviews 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

If you are familiar with the tool industry, then you’ve probably heard of DeWalt. It is a famous brand of power tools that never seem to disappoint its customers. Many people looking for the best quality power tools are unsure of what to look for, so they end up buying tools that will later be dysfunctional. To avoid wasting time, energy, and money, and tools that will not be durable, take some time to look into my review.

Are you a homeowner looking for the best quality chainsaw? Then it would help if you continue reading this DeWalt chainsaw review. I have written most things there is to this saw and how it will help around the house.

This DeWalt 20v chainsaw is a cordless chainsaw that was made to handle tough construction and outdoor jobs. It is lightweight so the user can have maximum control. The chainsaw is used to do demolition work, cut beams and manage tree limbs. Homeowners mainly use it because it has low voltage compared to other chainsaws. This chainsaw has a brushless motor technology that increases its motor life so you can work with it for a long time without having complaints.

DeWALT 20V Chainsaw Review 2022

dewalt chainsaw 20v

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  • It is lightweight, so it reduces fatigue and also allows the user maximum control
  • It has a tool-less chain tensioning system which enables the saw to work faster, and you will be able to finish your work sooner
  • It comes with a brushless motor, so it runs for more extended periods, and the engine will have a longer life
  • It has an auto oiling system, so the saw is always lubricated when it is in use
  • The saw has a safe start system that prevents the user from pressing the trigger by accident; this ensures the safety of the user at all times
  • It is affordable so that every buyer can purchase


  • The auto oiling system leaks, especially when the saw is not being used

Dewalt 20v Review Specifications

  • The chainsaw has a battery capacity of 20V. This is a high voltage, so the saw has a higher run time.
  • A weight of 8.8 pounds. It is light in weight, so the user has maximum control.
  • A tool-free tensioning system so the saw works faster
  • Length of 12 inches, so it is comfortable on the user’s hands
  • Brushless motor so it has a longer run time
  • Chain speed of 7.7 meters a second, so it works faster in a shorter time.

Performance and Handling

The performance is always linked to how the manufacturer made the product. The saw is perfect for trimming trees and cutting logs that are 10 inches or less in diameter. It is suitable for small tasks around the home like pruning small trees and cutting small firewood amounts for campers. This saw is not appropriate for critical and heavy work like cutting heavy logs or more giant trees since it is lighter. A gas saw may be appropriate for these uses. It is likely to breakdown if it is used for heavy duties.

The DeWalt 20v chainsaw is operated using a battery, so it has many advantages compared to the gas chainsaws. It is easy to start so that any beginner can work, and it does not emit fumes, so it is safe to use. It is also quieter, so you can be able to use it without distracting other people.

Cutting Equipment

The saw has a 12inch reduced kickback bar and a low kickback chain that is efficient for its tasks. The saw has a tool-less system which ensures that the chain has correct tension. The procedure for correcting the tension is fully explained in the manual. When the chain is new, ensure you check the tension now and then because new chains tend to stretch slightly. For the best performance, provide you sharpen your chain every time. You can sharpen the chain yourself by using a 4.5mm file and a file holder, or you can take it to local shops for sharpening.

Regarding the bar, ensure you stick with the 12inch bar that comes with the product. Don’t try to make it longer since it will bring out the low performance.

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Regarding the gear, the saw has a chain speed of 7.7 meters a second. It is slower than the gas model, but it is pretty efficient for its tasks.

Design and Construction

The DeWalt 20V chainsaw has a design that is dense and lightweight. As expected from all DeWalt power tools, the saw is perfectly constructed, and it is comfortable to the user. It has a good balance so it can be handled easily. Its battery is located ideally into the back of the bower unit below the rear handle. The main features of the chainsaw include:

  • The safety guard or the handguard
  • Battery housing ensures the battery is held neatly
  • Oil level indicator that shows the oil that is remaining
  • The oil cap that reduces oil leakage
  • Chain tensioning knob
  • Bar adjust locking knob

The main parts can be accessed easily by the user, so it brings some comfort during work. The handles are also large so that anyone can use them. It also has a good grip, so the user has maximum control over the power tool.

Brushless Motor With 20v Max Battery

This DeWalt saw comes with the latest technology. This includes a brushless motor which is now becoming popular compared to the old brushed motor. Brushless motors are more efficient; therefore, it ensures the engine runs for a longer time and extends its lifetime. The battery of the saw has 20V and 5amp hour lithium-ion.

When it comes to how long the battery runs, Amp Hours is very important. The higher the Amp-hours, the longer the battery takes to run. This saw has five amps an hour; therefore, it has more increased endurance than only a few saws. Users have said that they mostly use between 45 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the intensity of cutting.

If you have any batteries of DeWalt 20V max tools, you can use them in your chainsaw. If your 20V max batteries have different amp hours, you can still use them on the saw. The product comes with its charger, which can fully charge the battery in only 1 hour.

Chain Oil System

The DeWalt 20V Chainsaw has an automatic oil system that ensures the bar is permanently lubricated. This feature has its pros and cons. The main advantage is that you don’t need to remove the oil from the bar to start cutting. The disadvantage is that there is no proper mechanism that adjusts the flow rate of oil to the bar, and some customers also say that there is leakage when the saw is not in use. This, however, can be corrected by proper storage of the saw.

The use of vegetable oil is highly advised when pruning so that the tree is not harmed. Waste oil is highly discouraged because it causes fast damage to the saw. There is an oil level window at the front of the saw, enabling the user to check oil levels regularly. Ensure you fill it when it becomes a quarter full.

Safety Features

The saw has many safety features that is why it is more preferred. These features include:

  • It has a safe starting system that ensures the user cannot accidentally press the trigger button.
  • It has a bar and chain designed to reduce the frequency and extremity of a kickback.
  • It has a ripped bumper. These are ribs situated at the front of the saw, which give the saw stability when cutting.
  • The saw has front and back handguards that safeguard the user’s hands when they are using the saw. I recommend wearing gloves to give more protection.
  • It has a motor chain braking system. The user’s left hand automatically pushes against the front Handguard during a kickback, moving it forward. The chain will stop immediately when this happens.
  • As much as this saw has many safety features, it is not promised that you will be safe. Make sure you wear safety gear like safety glasses to keep you safe.
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The saw is very light as it only weighs 8.8lbs. That is within the handling capacity of most users. When you include the battery, it weighs about 10.2 lbs., which is still most users handling power. In short, the saw is quite manageable for every user.


Accessories are items that accompany the power tool. They include a battery, charger, and protective bar cover.

Things We Liked About It

The quality of the DeWalt 20v is, without a doubt, the best point. It is very well constructed to fit the user’s hand, and it will undoubtedly last for a long while when taken good care of and put in good condition.

Maintenance of the saw is also a great feature. Since a battery powers it, it does not need so much attention on maintenance as I would have expected. What you need to worry about is your safety and the battery levels of the saw.

This is an affordable tool, so everyone can be able to get it. It is a very high-quality power tool so for it to be reasonable is an excellent thing. Even though it does not ensure professional performance, the tool can cater to all outdoor jobs at home.

The safety features that come with the tool are also impressive thing. DeWalt has shown that they also care for the customers using their products. This helps the customer to have some confidence in the tool.

Things We Didn’t Like

The tool does not include any oil. This may not look like a big deal, but it is, at some point. Let’s take, for example, an inexperienced user; he or she may have a hard time using it. Ensure you fill the oil before it completely dries out becomes. When that happens, the whole machine will be at risk, and always check the oil levels before using the saw.

The machine has an auto-filling system that leaks when the saw is not in use. This causes wastage of oil, and it becomes hectic to refill the oil.

dewalt 20v max chainsaw: Buying Guide

Buying the best quality chainsaw is not an easy task, as many would presume. It would help if you purchased a tool that will give the best performance and will last longer. The following factors will help you buy the best chainsaw:


When buying a chainsaw, ensure that it falls within your budget. The DeWalt 20V chainsaw has affordable prices ranging from as low as $100. If you are a homeowner, you should consider buying this.

Ease of use

The chainsaw should be able to start and stop quickly. The user should also be in complete control. The DeWalt is good because it offers all this to the user.

Safety features

A good chainsaw should be able to have safety features to ensure that the user is safe. The DeWalt has many safety features like the secure starting system that makes sure the user doesn’t accidentally press the trigger button.

Easy Maintenance

Maintenance of the saw is essential. Since a battery powers it, it does not need so much attention on care. This is great because you wouldn’t have to waste a lot of time maintaining it.

WeightBrushless motor

If your chainsaw is heavy, you’re likely to get tired more quickly than when using a light saw. The lighter the weight, the faster you will work and get done quickly.

Brushless motor

They are more preferred because the motor will have a longer run time, and the machine will last longer.

Customers Rating

The ratings of the DeWalt chainsaw are excellent. There are over 900 reviews online, and about 90% of the ratings are positive. The purchasers love the machine’s design, how well it cuts, its safety features, easy maintenance, and other advantages. The negative comments are mostly related to oil leakage when it is not in use. For more information about the DeWalt 20V chainsaw, you should check the customer reviews on Amazon.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Dewalt Chainsaw Is The Best?

DeWalt is a famous brand of tools that never seem to disappoint their buyers. It would help if you chose a chainsaw depending on the work it is supposed to do. For example, if you want a saw for light cutting and easy to use and handle, then the best chainsaw for this is the DeWalt 20V chainsaw. This chainsaw is considered the best by homeowners because it is light in weight, so the user does not tire quickly. It also has a tool-less chaining system that ensures there is correct tension throughout the cut. The saw is also fast and gets the job done sooner. I highly recommend this saw to any homeowner.

How Do You Use A Dewalt 20v Chainsaw?

The tool comes without any bar and chain oil. Before using it, you need to fill up the reservoir and properly seal it. Check if the chain has proper tension, and finally, check If the chain brake is working. When everything is working perfectly, put the battery in, release the chain brake, turn the saw on and flip the chain brake forward. Getting the saw started is an effortless task. Press the trigger button, and it will be ready to start cutting. If you are using it for the first time, then ensure it runs for 90 seconds. You will need to adjust the chain tension now and then, so make sure you do that.

Does Dewalt Make A Chainsaw?

DeWalt is a famous brand of power tools and hand tools, which has become popular over the years. In 2011 DeWalt started productions of many hand tools, including the chainsaws. They make chainsaws, and they continue improving the quality each time. The DeWalt 20V is among the first cordless chainsaws made. They have also made other chainsaws which include: DeWalt chainsaw 60V and DeWalt chainsaw 40V. They all have different features but not so different because they are just improvements for the previous chainsaws.

Can You Use A 60v Dewalt Battery On A 20v Tool?

Yes, the 60V battery is very compatible with a 20V tool to use the new battery on the old 20Vtool. This ability to change between two voltages is an essential advantage to the user because it ensures efficiency. A higher voltage has many benefits; you’ll use a few amps for the same number of watts. This means you don’t have to buy a whole 60V tool; you need the battery. This helps the buyer to save on money. The 60V battery increases the runtime by almost 4x the original runtime. This makes work easier and gets the job done quickly.

Is 40v Better Than 20v?

Generally, the higher the voltage, the more power, so the cutting is faster. 40V tools are more efficient because they do the tasks better with low energy. The only disadvantage is that the two are not compatible. The DeWalt 20V has a lower voltage because it is used for light jobs pruning trees, while professionals mainly use the 40V. That is why it needs a lot of voltage. Both voltages have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to the buyer to get the one he or she prefers. If you are a homeowner who needs a little chainsaw task around your home, I highly recommend 20V.

Final Verdict and Recommendation

DeWalt is known for making quality tools, including this one. DeWalt is one of the tools that feel right to the user. It has many advantages, as I have described above. It comes with a warranty offer of a 90-day money-back guarantee, a 1-year free service, and three years of limited warranty. The manufacturer cares about the user. That is why the tool has safety features. I highly recommend this DeWalt 20V chainsaw to beginners and homemakers who want to do light jobs around the house.

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