What is the cheapest wood for shelves? [Ultimate Solution]

Are you looking for the cheapest wood for shelves? If yes, then this article is meant for you. For a lot of us, wood is a lovely material to use for shelving. It is so unique and beautiful that it can be used in all sorts of ways. However, just like any other natural material, wood has its own unique qualities that must be taken into consideration when buying it. In this article, we will tell you which type of wood you should get for your shelves to save money while ensuring the quality of your purchase remains high.

Cheapest Wood For Shelves

Top 7 Best Cheapest wood for shelves 2022

1. Pine 

The pine is a fast-growing evergreen tree that is native to North America. It is closely related to spruce and can be found in many parts of the world. It has a dense, heavy wood that is hard, rot-resistant, and very durable. Pine is commonly used in interiors, exterior applications, furniture making, flooring, scaffolding materials, and in the manufacture of boats, etc. It can also be used for making packaging boxes, furniture, gift bags, etc. 

However, it’s a suitable wood for beginning woodworkers who just started building a new wood shelf. Among the numerous advantages of using pine wood for shelves, a few are, it is most affordable with easy to work features. In fact, you can apply stain or paint effortlessly. 

2. Plywood

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Plywood is a versatile material, easily shaped and used for furniture, cabinets, shelving, kitchen appliances, and so on. It’s very much in demand in the market. You can also use plywood for putting up flat screens and other appliances in your house. Moreover, plywood is easy to work with and affordable.

However, Plywood is a strong, inexpensive wood that’s suitable for all kinds of projects, including shelves, tables, desks, cabinets, etc. It is generally labeled as a “B-C” grade. If you are looking for furniture-grade plywood, you can check the B/C grade on the label. The higher the number on the label, the more stable and stronger the wood is.

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3. Cherry

A wonderful and original wood, Cherry Wood is ideal for your home’s shelves. It has a rich, warm, and reddish color, which makes it beautiful and unique among all the other woods. Cherry wood has a gorgeous grain pattern that gives it an elegant but rugged look that you can’t find in any other wood.

4. Koa

Koa always comes with the best form of quality, which is natural, durable, and reliable. I think these qualities make the Koa products more attractive to me. When it comes to wood, Koa shelves are the perfect choice for your home. It’s lightweight, has beautiful shellac qualities, and is ideal for your living spaces.

However, it lasts long, has beautiful shellac qualities, and is lightweight. Koa is the only hardwood that goes well with your existing interior decoration without compromising its natural beauty. The country of origin of Koa is none other than Hawaii.

5. Red Oak

Red Oak is widely used across the world for shelving, durable, pretty redwood, which is very easy to work with, but not easy to damage due to its hard texture. If you are looking for something distinctive for your shelving unit, look no further than Red Oak.

Hence, it has gained popularity amongst people looking for cheap shelving solutions, as well as modern homeowners looking to create a unique décor on their shelves. 

6. Padauk

Padauk is a great hardwood to build an excellent wood shelf. It has a reddish-orange hue and can fit seamlessly in every corner of your house. It is used in the creation and manufacture of kitchen and dining items such as chopping boards, serving boards, butter dishes, wine accessories, and much more. But the best use of Padauk is building wood shelves. 

7. Mahogany

Mahogany is an old kind of wood that is characterized by its warm brown color. The wood has a unique texture and fine grain, which is very suitable for Shelving, Furniture, Coffee Table, and Wall Decoration.

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The most elegant, the most classic beauty, The Mahogany. This beauty is not something that can be produced by anyone. It must be natural beauty. The products from Mahogany wood are used for decoration and also as a decorative choice for interior spaces.


What is the cheapest board for shelving?

There are many ways to store your books and other belongings. One of the most popular options is shelves. Shelves can be bought in different shapes, sizes, materials, colors, and designs depending on what you want them for.

One of the most inexpensive options would be particleboard because it is made from recycled wood products. It’s also available in a variety of colors so you can choose the one that best suits your decorating needs.

Another option would be pine or birch plywood which is affordable but doesn’t come with any extra design features like inlays or stains. Plywood boards are also very easy to install and usually come with mounting brackets attached to them for easier installation purposes.

What is the cheapest way to make shelves?

There are many ways to make shelves, but the cheapest one is by using plywood.

In order to do this, you need a lot of wood (1 x 4 sheets), and screws (10 x 1/2 inch). The first step would be marking out the desired size on your plywood and cutting it accordingly. Then you need to attach the shelves with screws by screwing through the top and bottom pieces into each other.

How thick should Wood be for shelves?

In order to answer this question, we need to understand the difference between particle board and wood.

The most important thing that comes into play is particle board vs wood.

Wood is a type of material made from cellulose fibers that are formed by drying hardwood in a kiln at temperatures exceeding 1,000 degrees Celsius. This gives it strength and durability.

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Particleboard on the other hand is a type of construction material made from compressed sawdust particles bonded together with glue and formed using a pressurized hydraulic process. It has a higher density than wood and can be used for interior construction purposes such as shelves or cabinets because it doesn’t expand or contract much with changes in humidity levels like wood does.

How Much Does Wood for Shelves cost?

The cost of wood for shelves depends on the size and the type of wood. For example, plywood costs less than hardwood and is cheaper than particleboard. Plywood is often used in the construction of shelves. It’s very strong, lasts long, and can be made into different shapes or designs for your shelf furniture needs. The only limitation with planks is how much you need to stack them on each other.

Final Verdict

If you are planning to build wooden shelves for your home, then you must have seen the different types of wood used in the making of shelves.

Some people prefer to use plywood as their material while some others prefer to go with MDF. But, the most preferred wood for shelves is made from fir or pine. The reason behind this is that these woods are not only cheap but also durable and strong enough to bear weight on them. These woods can be easily cut and they do not require any special skills to cut them into different shapes. They can be easily carved or shaped into different designs and patterns by using a knife or a chisel.

Therefore, in the above, we have added the Top 7 Best Cheapest wood for shelves.

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