Bosch GTS1031 Review 2022 [Ultimate Guide]

Any woodworker needs a table saw to cut through both softwoods and hardwoods. However, in the market today, there are so many table saws to choose from. To get your best choice, you first need to check on the nature of the tasks at hand and the type of wood you are working on. In this review, we will sincerely look into this Bosch GTS1031 to make it easier for you to decide whether it is the best for your woodwork. You will require a powerful table saw that can cut fast through any wood. However, achieving both great power and portability is quite a big deal.

You will require a powerful table saw that can cut fast through any wood. However, achieving both great power and portability is quite a big deal. This is why this Bosch table saw stands out. It comes in a good portable size, but its performance is not compromised. Surprisingly, this table saw can be carried around using one hand yet deliver outstanding performance and durability. Let us delve into the features of this fantastic table saw!

Bosch GTS1031 Review 2022

Bosch GTS1031 Review


  • It is a powerful saw with a speed of no-load 5000 RPM and powered by a 15 amp motor.
  • Very portable table saw with an ergonomic handgrip and side handles.
  • It is very durable; has a heavy steel construction.
  • Reliable and quality assured as the re-known Bosch company produces it.
  • Very safe to use with its riving knife that prevents kickback.
  • It has a working 2-inch dust port.
  • It comes with onboard storage enhancing order and tidiness.
  • Has an ergonomic design.

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  • The dust port has no vacuum.
  • Not very suitable for rigid materials.
  • Many previous users have complained that its lever is very stiff.

Most feedback from previous users has upheld this table saw for its performance and unique features. First, they praised its high level of portability. It is a saw of compact size weighing around 50 pounds and can easily be carried around. They, however, complained that 50 pounds were quite heavy compared with other portable saws. Yet, this portable saw has excellent performance that other portable saws cannot boast about. The saw has an incredible speed of 5000 RPM no-load that cuts through any wood quite fast. It is powered by a powerful 15 amp motor, thus delivering excellent performance. This is a delicate combination of power and portability.

The other great property with this saw is its durability. It is made of durable, heavy-duty steel construction. This enables it to resist tearing and wearing. Secondly, Bosch gts1031 is made by the reliable Bosch Company. This company has been in existence for quite some time now and is re-known for its high-quality products. Like any other product, users of this saw also raised some issues. They complained that the saw lacked a vacuum for its dust port. You can buy your vacuum and fix it to your saw, and it will just work wonderfully. For challenging works, it is advisable not to use this saw; instead, go for the less portable, extremely powerful table saws.

Bosch GTS1031 Specifications

  • Power: 15 amp motor
  • Power source: corded electric power
  • Voltage: 120V
  • No-load RPM: 5000
  • The diameter of the blade: 10 inches
  • Cord length: 6 ft.
  • Depth of cut [at 90 degrees]: 3-1/8 inches
  • Depth of cut [at 45 degrees]: 2-1/4 inches
  • Rip capacity: 7 ¾” left – 18″ right
  • Total weight: 500 lbs.
  • Dimensions – 22.5[width] * 20.0 [length]
  • Arbor size: 5/8”
  • 2-inch dust port

Bosch GTS1031 Overview

Bosch Table Saw GTS1031 Review

One of the main concerns that woodworkers raise is that most table saws are cumbersome to carry around with their large sizes and heavy builds. Bosch gts1031 has wonderfully solved this issue with its comfortable one-hand grip. Amazingly, it performs wonderfully with a no-load 5000 RPM. It provides you with great power to cut through any wood. Additionally, it does not take up much space in your workshop.

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With its stunning portability, it is customary to assume that it is made of light material. Thus, it cannot last for long. This is, however, not true. The whole machine is constructed by heavy-duty steel construction. This construction adds to its weight, making it around 50 pounds, which is a little heavy though it is still portable. It is therefore very durable and will resist tear and wear to serve you for a long time.

Additionally, this table saw comes with beautiful features to enhance your comfort when working and ensure you are safe. Let us look into these special features!

Special Features

If you are that person who is quite forgetful and a little disorderly, this is the best machine for you. Screws and bolts will not get lost anymore. This table saw comes with its onboard storage. This will enable you to make your work cleaner and neater.

It is also important to point out the power of this portable saw. A powerful 15 amp motor powers it, and therefore it can cut through any piece of wood with ease. The saw’s no load 5000 RPM is a great speed, and you will enjoy using the saw.

The saw is made of quality material by the reliable Bosch Company. There is no perfect match for its durability with its heavy-duty steel construction. It can resist scratches, and its components last long with no need for a replacement any soon.

Your safety and security while using Bosch gts1031 have been given considerable consideration. It has a riving knife which ensures no kickbacks that could result in severe cuts and injuries occur. It enables you to have maximum control over the wood when cutting, thus avoiding accidents. You can also increase safety by attaching a blade guard.

Things We Liked About It

With this beautiful table saw, they are many reasons to like it and choose it for your woodworks. However, the most fantastic aspect of it is its excellent portability. Bosch, the producers, we’re able to give us a table saw that is highly portable and provides us with the performance and power you need. It is almost impossible to find a table saw of such a small size and less weight that will give you a no-load speed of 5000 RPM. Nevertheless, Bosch gts1031 gives you this perfect combination.

Comparing it with other table saws of the same size and weight in the market, its performance is no match. It is also amazing how it remains portable with its heavy steel construction, which gives it outstanding durability. I like how well it fits in your workshop. First, it is of small size and requires just a little storage space leaving more space for other equipment and functions. Secondly, it comes with its onboard storage. This further enhances order, cleanliness, and neatness in your workshop or working area. With its comfortable ergonomic handgrip, you can quickly move it to your site of operation. The side handles ensure you can quickly put it in your truck and transfer it to your site.

Things We Didn’tDidn’t Like

Only a few things would make you dislike this table saw, and they are minor issues that cannot at all be compared with the advantages and efficiency it brings. The dust port has no vacuum. Of course, this would have made it better, but this can be quickly resolved by attaching any vacuum to it. I would also like to point out that extremely hardwoods may be pretty cumbersome for this table saw. These occasions are rare. We cannot complain about this since the producers made a delicate combination of portability and quality performance.

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The other major issue raised by previous users is about the lever. They complained about the lever being reasonably stiff and not easily adjustable. It is not advisable to adjust it since such a measure could result in the saw becoming unstable; thus, no work can be done. These drawbacks are nothing compared to the saw’ssaw’s magical features and performance. After all, achieving the delicate balance of performance and portability can never be that easy!

Overall Impression

This is a beautiful saw that you can easily carry around and handle easily. Bosch GTS1031 is a portable saw that is easy to use. You do not need to be an expert woodworker, keenly follow the instructions in the manual and handle it carefully, and you are assured of beautiful results! This relatively light portable table saw assures you of wonderful performance with its incredible power and speed; not popular with many portable machines!

When you purchase this saw, you get a robust and long-lasting machine. Contrary to the opinion that portable saws are made of less durable and light materials, Bosch gts1031 has a heavy steel construction. This outstanding durability ensures you do not have to replace its components frequently and that it serves you for long. When using this saw, you need not worry about injuries. Bosch has made a saw that assures you of the best safety. Unlike other table saws, which cause severe cuts and damages due to kickbacks, this one uses a guarded blade and a riving knife to ensure this does not happen.

bottom line

This table saw is a modern, practical, and effective machine that will be great for any aspiring or established woodworker. Its many advantages and unique features prove that it is one of the best table saws you could ever go for. The key among them is that this is the best portable saw around. It is a compact portable saw that you could easily carry around. This saw will not embarrass you since it will deliver optimal power and performance despite being compact and lighter than most saws. It is, therefore, great equipment to work on any woodworking task. You also will notice that the safety features incorporated by Bosch in this table saw makes it stand out from other machines. With Bosch gts1031, you will forget all your kickback worries!

We also have to admit that, like any other tool, this saw has its limitations. You can argue that 50 pounds are pretty heavy for carrying around with one hand. However, this 50 pounds is less compared to the durable steel construction it comes with. After all, it is not that easy to achieve the delicate balance of portability and performance. The saw lacking a vacuum in its dust collection system will be quickly resolved by fixing any other vacuum.

With this, I believe you can now decide whether this is the best saw for your work.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you put a guard on a Bosch table saw?

First and foremost, you have to look for the options available and then choose the best guard for your table saw. You can either decide to purchase your guard or make it yourself. For instance, you choose to make it yourself, first get a #2 piece of pine. Cut it to 3/4 by 1 1/4 by 10. Then cut a slot in the center on either end of the board you’ve cut.
You then bolt it to the splitter using a bolt and nut [should be 1/4 -20] to ensure that this guard is securely attached. Just like that, and your guard is fully installed. It will keep your fingers safe from the running blade though you still need to be extra cautious when operating this saw. The guard will wonderfully prevent any falling objects from landing on the running blade.

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Q: How do you use a Bosch table saw?

Using this table saw is very easy. When asked how to use it, I would divide this topic into several sub-heads: safety precautions, setting up the blade, checking the wood you are working on, making the cut, and maintaining the saw for use at another time. First, put on your safety gear, safety glasses, and gloves. Also, find some push blocks which you will use to move the pieces being cut; this is to avoid the risks of potential accidents caused when fingers move close to the blade.
You can then set the blade height as slightly above the wood you are working on; for instance, 1/7 inches above. To achieve accurate angles, you can use a protractor to help you adjust the blade. Then ensure the wood is free of any metal that would destroy the edge .align the wood piece with the blade, miter gauge, and fence, then make your cut.

Q: How do you adjust a Bosch table saw?

Adjusting a table saw is mainly caused by the blade’s misalignment; therefore, neat cuts cannot be made. The saw can also be the issue itself and therefore requires some tuning. To check whether the blade has the best alignment [the misalignment of a knife may be slight and not easily noticeable] Remove the blade’s guard and split. Install a new, unused blade or a calibration plate. Raise this blade or calibration plate to the highest level and lower it slightly. This goes a long way to tune this Bosch table saw.
You also have to ensure that the table insert is fitting with the tabletop. The saw’s extension wings should also be leveled to perfectly flush with the table. A file or sandpaper can be used to level these wings. Also, adjust the guard, splitter and align the saw’s fence. However, check this sandpaper guide.

Final Verdict

As you may have already noticed, I am a big fan of this table saw. Its performance never ceases to amuse its users. If you are planning to undertake any severe woodworking, this is the machine for you. You will be able to easily carry it around with its comfortable one-hand grip anywhere you wish to. The side handles enable you to easily lift it into your car and truck and go with it wherever you planned to.

I highly recommend this table saw where you would have to use it in extreme conditions. Its heavy steel construction will be able to resist tear and wear and serve you for long. With its stable and durable base, you can place it anywhere, even in rugged terrain, and still produce excellent work. Get your Bosch GTS1031 saw today and experience this perfect combination of portability, durability, and quality performance.

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