Top 7 Best Wood Rasp Set Review [Reddit Choices]

If you are a professional in cabinet making, a carpenter, or a DIYer, you might be looking for the best wood rasp. Many choices are available, but not all wood rasp sets are best for making you a prestigious joiner or carpenter. Instead, you need the best rasp set for woodworking and carving.

Most wood rasp sets are either of poor quality or overpriced. We have gathered adequate information to provide you with a detailed guide of the best brands, features, pros, and cons. I strongly recommend you go through each section to get more knowledge on the best wood rasp set.

A wood rasp set is a multipurpose tool just like the ax, saws, and chisel. It is most identifiable from its specific usage and looks. The tool has triangular teeth for woodworking. Ideally, you need a set of wood rasp to perform multiple tasks in your garage.  

Top 7 Wood Rasp Set Reviews 2022

1. Basecent – best metal files & Wood File Rasp Set

Basecent Metal & Wood File Rasp Set

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This brand comes with up to 20 pieces of metal file set for multiple functions. In these 20 pieces, there are 14 small needle files, four larger files, and two brushes for multipurpose services. These files are essential in brushing bits and filing metallic, wooden, plastic, ceramic, leather, and glass materials.

All the blades in the Basement set are made of premium Forged steel allow to makes them durable. They contain T-12 high-quality carbon steel, which is two times long lasting more than the standard files. Furthermore, the handles contain plastic and rubber for more comfort. These handles support a tight grip.

The hand files kit comes with a tool bag for organizing and protecting your files. The bag contains a top strap for portability. It is lightweight, and you can carry the files for an outdoor work trip. The files were made for heavy-duty tasks, and they are of a higher quality.


  • It comes in different shapes.
  • Handles are comfortable.
  • Durable due to the high carbon and steel.
  • Performs various tasks.
  • It comes with a portable bag.


  • Not efficient in some materials.
  • The zipper on the bag is not durable.

2. DS-Space High Carbon Steel Wood Rasp – best quality metal files

DS-Space High Carbon Steel Wood Rasp

This set comes with an ergonomic plastic handle for easy handling. The handle reduces the impact of resistance and provides better grip and comfort. In addition, every file in the set features a high carbon steel material for high frequency and high hardness, making the files more durable and robust.

The set features five files for multipurpose activities. They are an excellent tool for wood, and you can use them for shaping a soft metallic material or plastic. You will discover that the files come in different shapes and sizes. There is a flat rasp, round rasp, triangle rasp, half-round rasp, and a square rasp for any task.

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DS-Space wood raps will make you a reputable handicraftman. These files are of high quality, and they offer the best results. Also, they are lightweight and can be used by both men and women, or you’re your kids. Finally, the files are more efficient when used in metallic materials.


  • The files are sturdy and have no known splits.
  • High quality and durable.
  • The brand is durable.
  • It is straightforward to use set.
  • Performs various tasks.


  • It is a small set with small files.

3. Libraton Metal Files 9PCs – best hand files

Libraton Metal Files

The set includes 9PCs metal files with three pcs having a flat, round, and half-round shape. The other 6pcs include precise needle files, needle files, triangular files, square needle files, warding needles, and a round file. In addition, you will get a portable bag for carrying the set to your various workstations.

This set of wood rasp performs better in shaping metals and DIY woodworking. All its files are made of T12 forged alloy steel for durability. Furthermore, the files have a milled tempered coating on their teeth to boost their performance. Finally, you will find the files comfortable to handle because they are lightweight.

 Apart from being lightweight, Libraton files come with a rubberized handle for increased comfort. In addition, the handles have been ergonomically designed to provide a more substantial and stable grip that helps you perform tasks faster. For example, you can use the files to scrape and reshape your project or in tight areas requiring detailed precision.


  • It comes with a storage bag.
  • Includes larger metal files.
  • The files come in different shapes.
  • Ideal for rough metalworking.
  • Excellent durability.


  • Too big for small project application.

4. YCAMMIN 8″ Wood Rasp File Set – best bastard file

YCAMMIN Wood Rasp File Set with Rubber Grip

YCAMMIN is a reputable brand for producing durable and quality wood rasp file sets. It is a three-piece wood rasp that features soft rubber handles. The three metal files are of different shapes and perform different tasks too. The set includes a one-round, one half-round, and one flat rasp-shaped file.

The curved and the flat metal file tools provide you with diverse woodworking choices, including the corners. You can carry the set to your outdoor workstation, thanks to the mini portable bag included. The rasp files are made of carbon and steel to increase their performance and durability.

Professionals mainly use YCAMMIN wood rasp. They provide the DIYers with professional skills that can be applied to various projects, including the cabinets. Moreover, the files come with bright orange color for easy detection if they mix with other garage tools. Finally, you can use the files to smoothen the rough spots of wood, stone, or soap.


  • It is a versatile hand rasp kit.
  • Includes a bright color for an accessible location.
  • It comes with a durable construction.
  • Applied to rough tasks like smoothening stones.
  • Good quality wood rasps.


  • The files get dull after several tasks.
  • It does not come with a main for carrying the files together.

5. Metal File Set, Wood File 

Metal File Set

It is a 9Pcs needle file that performs various tasks. The kit contains 3 pcs large files with flat, round, and half-round files and six microneedle files with square, round, half-round, triangular, and flat-shaped files. Apart from the files, this set also features a wire brush for cleaning the files.

The files are made of steel and a unique carbon with a hardness of up to 63-66HRC. The fine-grained surface of the rasp files has been coated and deeply quenched for durability and increasing the files’ performance. Furthermore, they have a clean surface free from rust and can be used severally without becoming dull.

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All these metal files have an ergonomically designed handle for a stable and comfortable grip. They are easy to transport thanks to the compact roll-up bag. Each of the files has a specific place for storage to avoid movement while traveling. You can use the set for various activities such as reshaping, refining ad scraping projects or perfecting wood, metal, mirror, tile, ceramic, or jewelry.


  • Easy storage.
  • Versatile wood rasp set.
  • Different sizes files for various tasks.
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Good quality.


  • They don’t last long.

6. Premium Grade High Carbon Hand File and Round Rasp

4 Way Wood Hand File and Round Rasp

These wood rasp files are quite different from the rest in terms of application and construction. They are functional and straightforward built for sharpening blades and shaping the rough wood. This set includes a combination of four tools with different shapes; flat mill, flat wood rasp, half-round second-cut, and a half-round wood rasp.

They are stable and durable with high carbon and hardened steel construction. Besides, they have a Rockwell hardness of 60 HRC making them a precision second cut grade. These files can polish a maximum area of 90mm at ago, and they have a file pattern type of single grain.

You can use the files for smoothening the edges of the contoured openings or the holes. They are also ideal for quick shaping and polishing the wood, plastic, and plane fine grinding. The files have different surface textures to perform several tasks at once. Overall, the set is a reliable helper for a carpenter. 


  • High-quality carbon steel.
  • Suitable for multiple functions.
  • A standard tool for the tool belt.
  • Great craftsmanship.
  • They are sturdy.


  • Not very comfortable to use.

7. 20PCs Metal File Set for Shaping Metal, Wood, and Tools

Metal File Set for Shaping Metal Wood and Tools

If you need a wood file set with multiple files then, this brand is a reliable choice. It includes 20pcs of metal files and a scratch brush for cleaning the files. The set is ideal for polishing wood, metal, glass, mirror, and shaping cuttings. In addition, the files have a comfortable, rubberized handle that provides better maneuver and stability.

All the files are made of high carbon and heavy-duty steel material. The T12 carbon steel used in the files is like hoes or hammers and boosts the set’s durability. Furthermore, the files have been coated and deeply quenched to increase their performance.

You will get a portable storage bag for gathering all the steel files under one shade. This feature makes the set highly portable, which is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and carpenters. Each tool has its specific place to avoid scraping or moving around during transportation. Of course, you can use the files to sharpen knives too.


  • Rubberized handle.
  • Includes wood rasps of different sizes and purpose.
  • Sturdy material.
  • A unique set of tools.
  • Easy to store.


  • The smaller files are not high quality.

Buying Guide on woodworking rasp Set

Consider the following factors when shopping for the wood rasp set.

Quality and Material

Most wood rasp sets come with different qualities and construction. The most expensive set has the highest quality, but you can still get good quality at a moderate price. Most of our set comes with a carbon steel construction which boosts the performance and quality.

I strongly recommend choosing high carbon steel-made set because the files can perform various tasks without getting dull or bending.


Whether you need a wood rasp set for polishing your wood or sharpening the metal, it’s ideal to choose a multipurpose set. Our files can be used for diverse metals, ceramics, plastic, glass, wood, and mirror applications.

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Number of files/shapes

Wood rasp files come with a different number of tools. Therefore, it is essential to look at the count of the files and whether these files can perform various tasks. Therefore, it is advisable to consider a set with more than five metal files.

Furthermore, the best wood rasps set are those with different file shapes. Different shapes and sizes mean the ability to perform various duties.


Some wood rasp kit comes with a storage bag while other does not. Therefore, it is wise to choose a set with a carrying bag for portability. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a rasp?

A rasp is a form of woodworking equipment used to remove or polish wood from a project. Rasps are primarily used to smoothen the rough shape of the project before the application of sandpaper. Rasps have teeth that grip and remove a chunk of wood with a single stroke.

Who makes the best wood rasp?

Basement is the best wood rasp set in the market in terms of features and the value of money. This set has 20 pieces, all in different shapes and sizes, and includes a brush for working on leather. The set also features a comfortable handle and a storage bag for portability.

When would you use a wood rasp file?

You can use a wood rasp file before applying sandpaper to your project and after you are through with the essential work of your project. A wood rasp is majorly used to polish the rough surface of a project. Typically, wood rasps remove a large piece of wood with each stroke making them ideal for smoothening wood.
Wood rasps are also used for shaping soft metal or plastic before final production. You can also use them when grinding a flat coarse or for plastering workpieces.

Why are handmade rasps better?

Handmade rasps are better because they are meant to perform specific tasks for specific reasons. By designing your rasps, you will be in complete control of their application, and you will fully understand how and where to use them. In addition, handmade rasps give the user an added advantage when creating deep gouges because, unlike the shop rasps, they will not damage your wood.

How do I choose a rasp?

You need to understand the features and the shape of the rasps. These features and shapes can vary from one rasp to another. Rasps have different shapes to perform different tasks. Also, you need to check whether your rasp has a comfortable grip before choosing it for a specific task.
It is essential to check on your usage before selecting a certain rasp. For example, if you want to polish wood, choose a rasp with the correct teeth to handle any wood. On the other hand, you probably want to work on the metals and select a hard enough rasp to tackle the metal’s sturdy nature.

Final Thoughts

This guide relies on several statistical data to educate you about the best wood rasp set. All our wood rasp sets are of high construction, and they work perfectly under different applications. However, I recommend any of the sets for improved performance of your workstation.

Our rasps don’t rust, and they don’t get dull after several tasks. In addition, the rasps come in different shapes and sizes to suit your multiple requirements. Overall, I strongly suggest you make your selection from our list, and you like the services after that.

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