Top 10 Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw [Reddit Choices]

If you are an enthusiast in crafting, then a miter saw is the best tool you can consider. Miter saws are great for professional and DIY lovers because they give precise cuts without errors. If you want a tool that offers various functionality, consider buying the best sliding compound miter saw for your workshop.

When working on your projects, you need this tool to improve your shaping and cuts. There are various types of sliding compound miter saw in the market. Therefore, you need to be careful when purchasing a sliding compound miter saw. You cannot just find the right by going through a couple of pages on the web. It needs research and more knowledge for you to find a quality sliding compound miter saw.

This article will take you through a list of the top 10 best sliding compound miter saw in the market. It also includes factors that will help you purchase the right tool for your needs. Let us check out the benefits and drawbacks of each type of sliding compound miter saw.

Top 10 Best Sliding Compound Miter Saw

1. DWS779 – DeWalt sliding compound miter saw Review.

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The sliding compound miter saw is an excellent option to consider if you look for a miter saw first-time purchase. You can also view this option if you want to upgrade to a sliding compound miter saw. The machine is best for professionals and hobbyists who are craft enthusiasts in the industry.

Double bevel

The DeWalt sliding miter saw comes with a double bevel sliding system that improves cutting. The double system means that the blade is on both sides of the machine, which allows you to achieve acceptable and smooth cuts when working. The dual system also allows the tool to tilt in both angles, which will enable you to make delicate and precise cuts. You don’t need to calibrate anything when dealing with this powerful tool.

DeWalt Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review

Powerful motor

The machine comes with a 15-amp motor and provides efficient power to boost its functionality. It also comes with a low vibration which will offer you a quiet environment. The 15-amp engine gives you some safety features that come with a transparent blade, increasing visibility.


  • It comes with powerful blades that cut through all kinds of workspaces.
  • The tool features about ten positive stops on it.
  • Its bevel system executes cuts without damaging your workspace.
  • It has a convenient cord to enhance its operation.
  • The miter saw provides smooth and accurate cuts.


  • The product is heavy and bulky, which causes fatigue.
  • In most instances, its slider tends to stick.
  • The machine is somehow expensive as compared to others.

2. Bosch – GCM12SD – best 12 sliding compound miter saw Review.

Bosch power tools are excellent for dealing with heavy works. It comes with a 12-inch double angle which increases the effectiveness and versatility of the machine. Even though the device is severe, it does not occupy a lot of space during storage. The bevel ranges its angle, which swings to an upper limit of 47 degrees on both sides of the bevel. The machine also comes with an apparent lower guard that improves safety.

Best 12 Sliding Compound Miter Saw Review


The adjustable sliding compound miter saw offers easy adjustments. It is due to the large easy to read uniform bevel feature that is stainless steel and marked with miter scales with détentes. It swings at 45 degrees left or right to ensure that you get accurate cuts.

Ease of use

The machine gives you an ease of use feature. It features an upfront bevel that controls all the metal bevel lock lever that gives you ample time when working. Also, the range selector at the upfront allows you to make easy and quick bevel settings without much hassle. 


  • The product is durable and powerful. 
  • It provides a larger cutting capacity.
  • The machine offers smooth cuts and ensures maximum protection when working on wood pieces.
  • It has a soft-grip handle that increases comfortability.
  • The blade guard is transparent for easy visibility.


  • The unit is a bit heavy to carry around.
  • It is not handy as compared to other products.
  • The model can not fold easily to allow for more accessible transport.

3. Metabo HPT C12RSH2SM – best compound sliding miter saw reviews.

It is another type of tool that does marvelous work. The machine is suitable for professions as it comes with a sturdy twelve-inch blade. The b transparent blade guard ensures that it protects that blade. The miter saw sliding dual compound miter saw is suitable for trim carpenters, woodworkers, and framers.

Best Compound Sliding Miter Saw Reviews

Compact Slide System

The compact slide system requires no clearance. It comes with a fixed rail system which allows the miter saw head to move smoothly along the rails. When it moves, it eliminates the rear clearance, which another sliding miter saw might require. This feature also decreases the footprint of the saw.

Easily adjustable

The machine comes with an easily adjustable laser marker which allows you to expert user’s high precision to help make perfect cuts on the wood piece. Its rotation will enable increases flexibility which allows for a quick and easy amount. The powerful 15 amp motor ensures that it is easy to deal with tough cutting jobs. The laser marker system also increases cutting accuracy.


  • The position of its angles makes it right for suitable for both right- and left-handed users.
  • It features a dust bag that collects its dust.
  • The machine has an extreme blade that cuts through the hardwoods
  • The device comes with extra features that enhance its performance


  • You must reach the device’s rear side to get to the bevel adjustment
  • Its slider fits almost the same as the non-sliding miter saw
  • At times you need to replace the ball bearings.

4. Metabo HPT C10FCGSM Corded- the best 10 sliding compound miter saw.

The Metabo HPT C10FCGSM is a 10inch compound miter saw that is lightweight to enable easy transport. It features a 15-amp motor which generates a no-load speed of up to 5000 RPM. The powerful engine brings about fine miter cuts and crosscuts. It also offers a bevel range of about 0-45 degrees only to the left, which offers accurate and clean bevel cuts. The product is suitable for woodworkers who like reliability and versatility when working.

The Best 10 Sliding Compound Miter Saw

0-45 Degree Bevel Range 

If you love a machine that bevels only to the left, then this is a great tool to consider. It comes with features that bevel to the left and ensures that it provides accurate and clean bevels on the wood piece.

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Large table 

The sliding compound machine comes with a large table that enhances its functionality. The tool offers better material support as it features a clamping system that secures the workpiece. It also ensures that the material does not move when you are working.


  • The device cuts straight through the wood pieces.
  • It offers material support with the clamping system.
  • It produces 15-amp power that helps cuts even the hard materials.
  • The machine is lightweight to increase portability and maneuverability.


  • The machine only bevels on the left.
  • It has a short cord of about 3’5 inches.
  • The device comprises cheap materials.

5. TACKLIFE 12-Inch – best 12 inch sliding compound miter saw.

The tool comes with durable features that help it to perform well. It has an efficient motor system that delivers 3800 RPM. It also comes with a highly sharp blade that helps you cut through all types of materials, including even the thickest wood. The device is also soft on plastics and gives a clean and smooth finish. 

Best 12 Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Large Extended Worktable 

With a large worktable, you can be able to work on various things. This product comes with 2 Extension rods that provide a larger working table to meet your needs. It also makes it suitable to cut through more significant pieces of materials. The vice clamp ensures that the fabric stays intact.

Precise Laser Guide 

It is a great feature that works when power is on. The precise laser guide is inbuilt and can be easily controlled by a single switch. The guide helps you make straight and professional cuts.

Dust collection

The machine collects 90% of dust when working because it comes with a dust bag. The bag helps you collect dust which maintains a clean working environment.


  • It has a powerful motor that delivers full-size performance.
  • The blades are versatile to cut through any material.
  • The blade guard is transparent for greater visibility.
  • It has a dustproof laser cutting system.
  • The dual system allows you not to change the position of your workpiece.


  • The machine weighs about 40 pounds which makes it easy.
  • It might not come with a feature that anchors it to the base.
  • The device tends to be expensive.

6. Delta Power Equipment Corporation – best 12 compound sliding miter saw.

Delta is a compound sliding miter saw with unique features such as a 12-inch crosscut capacity. It gives you an experience that helps you complete many woodworking projects within a short time. The machine also features a powerful amp motor of about 15amp. It has a front lock control system with ten positive miter stops, which improves the laser cut line.

Crosscut capacity

The miter saw comes with an excellent crosscut capacity of up to two by eight inches which cuts at 90degrees. It also comes with an increased ability of 45 degrees and can go up to seven and a half inches. The machine also bevels to the right at 47 degrees and also left at 47 degrees. It offers you a total of about seven positive stops at 22.5 degrees, 33.9 degrees, 45 degrees, and many more.

Best 12 Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Well built

The machine is bulky and well-built, which can handle up to long hours of working. It features rigid, durable materials. It also features an ergonomic design of the handle that allows convenience and comfortability. It is also smooth to enhance comfort.


  • It is lightweight, which enhances portability and mobility.
  • It comes with extensions that support long pieces of work.
  • The electric brake prevents the blade within seconds.
  • The spindle lock holds the spindle securely when removing the blade.
  • It is affordable.


  • The machine starts very loud.
  • The safety feature is a multi-step.
  • The table comes with a table wrong lock.

7. DEWALT Miter Saw – best DeWalt double bevel sliding compound miter saw.

The Dewalt miter saw is a 12inch saw with great features to ensure that you are satisfied. It features a double bevel which comes with a power of about 15 amp, and it drives at 3 800 RPM that delivers durability and strength.

LED Work Light

The machine has an LED work light system that provides adjustment-free cut indication with a line that increases visibility and accuracy. It is vital to ensure that you can adequately see through your working area, which increases your precision with the cuts.

Best DeWalt Double Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Positive stops

Positive stops are also an important feature that helps you get the best when working with a sliding miter saw. It comes with a stainless steel miter detent plate that has 14 positive stops. The plate also comes with a cam miter lock system that provides excellent durability and easily adjustable accuracy. 

High efficiency 

It comes with a highly efficient dust bag. The dust bag ensures that the working area is clean. The machine is also lightweight, and you can quickly move it from place to place.


  • The machine has a large bottom that is easy to use.
  • It provides smooth and clean cuts.
  • It is lightweight, which helps you move it around easily.
  • The device offers accuracy.
  • It has an inbuilt handle to improve portability.


  • Its table clamp is virtually useless and might cause injuries.
  • The dust collection system is not well designed.
  • The machine is not suitable for indoor works.

8. Makita miter saw review LS1019L – a best budget sliding compound miter saw. 

The Makita miter saw cuts at 10 inches. It has a dual-bevel with a laser that delivers a large cutting capacity. The 10inch miter also saw cuts with accuracy, so you don’t have to worry about how accurate it can cut. The product helps you gain your cutting preference as it features a compact size that is easy to handle. The compact size also increases the portability and maneuverability of the device. 

Best Budget Sliding Compound Miter Saw

15AMP motor

The LS1019L machine comes with a powerful motor of about 15 AMP and a soft start that gives a fundamental difference in its operation. The power is consistent and smoother during its process. The electric brake gives you an added advantage as it increases convenience. With its high production, the product will handle most of your jobs.

Powerful blade

The tool gear features a power that has 60 teeth and is about 10inches. This blade of the sliding saw ensures that you use a direct motor system when working. The motor is placed at an angle which helps you prevent it from getting into your way when you accidentally make a bad cut. The blade also features a soft start.

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  • The machine offers a great cutting capacity.
  • It comes with a reliable dust collection option to keep the environment clean.
  • The machine is lightweight and compact.
  • It features a small front that has a unique rail system.
  • The device has a powerful motor that requires less maintenance.


  • The product does not work well with left-handed users.
  • It features some drag on the table.
  • The machine comes with bog gobs that attract dust on its surface.

9. Cruzer Miter Saw Reviews – best 12 inch dual bevel sliding compound miter saw.

The Cruzer sliding compound saw is about 12 Inch miter saw which features a military-grade aluminum frame and heavy-duty bearings to allow for a super smooth cutting operation. The heavy aluminum-built construction works to ensure that the product effectively handles long working hours. The machine features a compact, space-saving design. The machine is easy to transport as it fits perfectly in its bag.

Best 12 Inch Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw

Maximum capacity

It works on an 18-inch cross capacity as it comes with a carbide blade which allows for the entire operation. It has an extended arm that enhances versatility that can help you take on more projects. The machine easily cuts 7-1/2-inch crowns and 6-1/2 for standing base materials. Its unique design enables the saw to operate even in the tightest spaces compared to other sliding miter saws.


Most of the one-hand miter controls that come with a push-button and release quick alignment often offer accurate results. The patented extending arms work to minimize on lateral movement of the cutter head. 


  • The front bevels allow for quick movements.
  • The machine provides consistent and accurate cuts.
  • The device is suitable for both right and left-hand users.
  • The saw operates even in tight spaces.
  • It has a considerable capacity, and it is space-saving.


  • The head of the saw might flex easily.
  • The depth of the stops might be uneven.
  • Its slide extension might have some alignment issues.

10. Craftsman miter saw Review – The best craftsman sliding miter saw Review.

This CRAFTSMAN V20 measures 7-1/4 inches. The machine is a cordless sliding miter saw with a powerful motor running at 3 800 RPM. It is suitable for cutting 2x dimensional lumber, baseboard, hardwoods, and trimming with ease. The miter saw blade allows for a crosscut capacity of up to 8 inches. On the other hand, the single bevel blade with the nine-miter detents will enable you to work on angular cuts. 

Craftsman Sliding Miter Saw Review


The machine features a lightweight design of about 21.8 lbs. The lightweight factor enhances portability as it becomes easy for you to move the product from one place to another. It also comes with side handles which makes the unit easy extremely portable.


The machine castings feature a stainless-steel material that enhances durability. The material will give the product a rock-solid construction that will last for a long time despite the frequent use. Solid construction can also stand up to any job you throw at it. If you are looking for a home project tool with excellent durability, consider this tool.


  • The extra features such as handles make the machine extremely portable.
  • Its laser tracks enlighten its pencil marks.
  • The machine is less expensive as compared to other sliding compound miter saws.
  • The mighty works to ensure that the machine operates fast.
  • The slide capacity allows for crosscuts.


  • The device cannot perform heavy working projects.
  • The battery might not work well.
  • The machine to be suitable for professionals.

Single vs. double bevel miter saw comparison

If you are in need of this machine, you have probably seen the different types of miter saws available. The types of miter saws might confuse you. Well, single bevel vs. double bevel is some of the terminologies that you can consider when purchasing a miter saw. It describes the functionality and the cutting capacity of the saw.

Generally, whether the miter saw is single or double, you will have to choose which one is best for your needs. There is so much difference between the two products. A single bevel comes with a saw head that rotates in a single direction. In most cases, it turns to the left. While with a double bevel miter saw, it comes with a saw head that rotates in both directions at an angle of 48 degrees, both to the right and left.

A double bevel helps you cut on both sides. You can operate efficiently on both saws. When you are missing a wood using a single bevel and want to act on the opposite side, you need to flip the material instead of working with a double bevel.

Compound miter saw vs. miter saw.

Well, a compound miter saw is a type of miter saw. A miter saw is a tool that features a blade and arms that enhance the cutting of materials. There are various types of miter saws in the market, and they both vary depending on your needs. A miter saw allows you to make different cuts on different types of material. Its s action is fast and effective depending on the type of miter saw you are using.

Besides, a compound miter saw a type of miter saw that helps cut the product as various features that enhance its functionality. The compound miter saw comes with an arm that tilts in one direction to the left. The work more like the single bevel miter saw machine. The machine is excellent at performing tasks such as installation, molding, and construction of frames.

The miter saws ensure that the material is cut well and has an excellent finish. There are various miter saws and compound miter saw in the market. Each of the products works effectively depending on what you want to achieve. Consider doing excellent research and have enough knowledge before you settle on any miter saw.

Sliding vs. compound miter saw.

The two might have a lot in common, but they are both different. Both sliding and compound miter saw are great for use. First, you need to know the type of work you are dealing with before deciding to choose between the two. You should understand the difference between the two to be able to choose ideally. A sliding miter saw features rails. The rails allow the machine to move forward and backward on larger pieces of material.

They are powerful and can easily cut through materials that a compound miter saw cannot cut. On the other hand, compound miter saws also got their benefit. They do not come with rails; thus, nothing can come out of their way in cutting. The more considerable advantage is that the compound saw can work well on cutting thick materials. They’re special as they can offer more than miter cuts.

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Its blade comes with a pivoting arm that rotates at 90degrees. A sliding miter is also much more like a compound saw as it both makes bevel and miter cuts. The significant difference between the two is the width of a material they both can handle.

What to Look for in a Miter saw?

Power Source 

Power is the essential feature you need to consider when purchasing a sliding compound miter saw. It would be best if you got a saw that behaves like you cutting through metal with a hot object. Well, to ensure that your miter saw cuts well, check out for the power source. A high-quality power motor miter saw will give you better results.

A motor that runs at 15 amps at a rate of 3500 with no load is excellent for a sliding miter saw that is for professional use. The power source is an excellent factor to consider when purchasing a miter saw, but it should never define the type of miter saw to choose. Power helps the saw produce accurate and fine cuts. Therefore, make a wise, informed choice on the kind of sliding miter saw you would consider.



Depending on your needs, the miter saw for a basic miter saw is excellent. It comes with a table that pivots to the right and left, which allows you to cut any angle. Its blade drops straight to the object, and the diameter limits your cutting capacity.

Single Compound

A single compound miter saw is excellent in edges. In addition to that, the machine comes with a swing arm that pivots and rotates only towards one direction. The swingarm only turns towards the left. The single compound miter saw works well on works such as installation, molding, and frame construction.

Dual Compound

A dual compound miter saw is also good in cutting edges of aboard. It is the opposite of a single compound miter saw. In double miter saw, the swing rotates in bot direction, which is time-saving. It means that you can easily cut the other side of the material without flipping it.

Compound Sliding

In a compound sliding miter saw, the machine comes with rails. The rail feature helps you cut on broader materials easily and quickly. If you are using the compound sliding mite saw, you will have to turn the material to make your cut.

Dual Compound Sliding

With a dual compound, sliding works become easy. It allows cutting on more extensive and broader workspaces saving time. It comes with rails on both sides of the product, which saves you energy. You do not have to turn the working material to cut as it can cut on both sides.

Blade Size

The size of the blade is also another essential thing to consider. The blade sizes come in various sizes. You should note that if you choose a larger blade, then you will achieve more significant cuts. To know the type of blade size best for your project, you need to understand the kind of project you are dealing with.

The more significant blade size-types also tend to come with many teeth compared to the small ones. Depending on your project type, both of the blade sizes are perfect.

Frequently Asked Question

What is the best sliding compound miter saw?

There are various types of sliding compound miter saws in the market. The best kind of sliding compound miter saw depends on what will satisfy your needs. Most of the saw are good and come with lots of different benefits depending on the workload.
If you decide what best sliding compound miter saw works well, kindly do some research. Products can be a bit challenging if you do not have the correct information.

How to use a compound miter saw?

Well, there is a procedure that you can follow to ensure that you correctly use a compound miter saw. You need to ensure that you are safe. Your safety is essential. Ensure that you wear eyeglasses, gloves, avoid wearing loose clothing, and mind where your hands all the time when you are working.
Familiarize yourself with the kind of compound miter saw you are using. You can go through the instruction manual to ensure that you perfectly understand how to use the machine. After that, you can begin using the device.

How to use a sliding miter saw?

There is a correct way to ensure that you correctly use the sliding miter saw. The first step is to put the board on the fence and then clamp it to ensure it is secure. Then pull the blade towards you and ensure that it is closer to you, then start the machine.
Squeeze the trigger, which will start the saw until it reaches the peak session. When the saw blade is still rotating, push it back to ensure that it is far from you and begin cutting.

What is a dual bevel miter saw?

A dual bevel miter saw is a type of miter saw that helping in cutting. Suppose you are looking for a perfect saw that will give you clean and accurate cuts. A dual bevel miter saw is a miter saw that bevels in both directions.
The dual bevel can perfectly pivot from left to right. With such movements, you can easily make bevel cuts on the opposite side of the material without flipping it. Besides, instead of moving the wood, the machine will cut both sides as desired.

What is the best 10 inch sliding compound miter saw?

We have lots of 10 inches sliding compound miter saw in the market. With different types of products in the market, selecting the right one that suits your needs might be confusing. First, you need to do is do research and ensure that you know the various products in the market.
The best 10-inch sliding compound miter saw you can choose depends on one that satisfies your needs. All the products are good and serve various purposes.

final verdict

With the above list of the top 10 sliding compound miter saws and a buying guide, we are sure you have enough information to make an informed choice. The ball is now in your hands; you need to understand your needs, requirements, and satisfies.

All the above products are excellent. The best pick is the DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw (DWS779), as it comes with various features. The machine is a powerful double bevel kind of miter saw. It also has a slid construction that enhances its durability. I hope that this Review is helpful! Al the best as you plan on working with sliding compound miter saws.

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