5 Best Nail Gun for Woodworking [Reddit Choices]

I believe everything that you must do every day should be done conveniently, even working. Woodworking projects can be quite tasking, and only the appropriate tools can save you time and effort. Finish nailers can help you work on projects flawlessly with reduced downtime. 

They perform tasks such as casing doors and windows, railing chairs, staircases and cabinets, trimming exteriors and interiors, flooring and roofing. These nailers can drive multiple nails as long as you put many of them in the chamber. They also stick to providing a clean and professional look the entire time you are working. 

I would not find a more appealing recommendation than the one that saves me effort and time. It is time for you to feel in control of your woodworking projects to deliver exceptional results. You can learn more about considerations you should make, nailer types, and the best finish nailers you need in the rest of the page.

Top 5 Best Nail Gun for Woodworking 2022

1. Metabo HPT Finish Nailer Kit

Metabo HPT Finish Nailer Kit

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Metabo finish nailer has been in the woodworking industry for seven years and has obtained recognition from reputable magazines. First of all, it is a 15-gauge nailer that drills nails from 1-1/4 to 2-1/2 inches in length. These are drive heights that match your needs. Additionally, it has a trigger switch that you can use to change from sequential to contact nailing. All you have to do is flip the switch with your finger.

Furthermore, the nailer kits have an upward angle to keep the compressor away from you and the wood piece. Therefore, you do not have to worry about hurting yourself or denting the piece of wood. The nailer kit weighs about 4.2lbs. Therefore, it will be easy to carry it around while working and still have less fatigue.

Also, the exhaust port can not only turn 360 degrees but also direct the air exhaust away from you and your work. It also includes an air duster that sweeps the dust and debris on the workpiece. You can easily clean while working so that you have a clear sight of what you are doing. Metabo has created a masterpiece with your safety and comfort in mind.

The nose is especially relevant when countering the effect of a jammed nail. It is inevitable for a nail to jam while working; therefore, you can use the nose to extract it when that happens. Finally, the magazine has an angled position to work effortlessly in tight angles.


  • It is lightweight and easy to maneuver.
  • It is a powerful 15-gauge nailer.
  • The switch can adjust to the nailing method of your choice.
  • It includes an air duster for driving away dirt.
  • You can adjust the height for different working materials.
  • The angled magazine allows flexible manipulation.


  • It may need a rafter hook to hang it while working on raised grounds.

2. Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP 15 Gauge 1-1/4″ To 2-1/2″ Finish Nailer

Senco 4G0001N FinishPro 42XP Finish Nailer

First of all, Senco 42XP has a magnesium housing that guards the nailer against scratches and breaking. This adds to the lasting durability of the nailer so that you can have professional-looking results every time you work on a project. The nailer also has a rugged and powerful engine that can keep running for over five years of use.

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I especially love the balanced and lightweight design of the Senco finish nailer, which is undisputedly helpful to the user. Senco 42XP has been able to achieve this with the anti-lube construction. Primarily, it prevents the hassle and damage that comes with oil spills. Instead of changing your oil and accidentally spilling on your workpiece, you should consider having a tool that spares you time and effort. Additionally, it has a no-mar pad that protects the wood from damage and slipping.

Moreover, the dial-in depth gauge comes in handy when working on various wood materials. It guarantees that you can work proficiently on hardwood and softwood pieces. This nailer will help you achieve formidable results with less time and effort. Additionally, the nailer has a capacity of 104 nails that saves you the trouble of inputting nails every time you shift to another piece of wood.

I believe that the powerful air duster will help you achieve a smooth finish while working. Also, the EZ clear clutch prevents nail jamming so that you do not get hurt. 42XP is perfect for anyone working on remodeling, flooring, trimming, and casing to achieve the best results.


  • It has an anti-lube design to avoid oil spill accidents.
  • The magnesium coating provides a durable shield.
  • It is light to work with.
  • The no-mar pad prevents the wood from slipping.
  • It includes an EZ clutch to prevent nail jamming.
  • The air duster helps you achieve a smooth finish.


  • It May does not work well with fiber cement.

3. Paslode, Cordless Finish Nailer

Paslode Cordless Finish Nailer

The concept of a cordless and lightweight finish nailer not only sounds good but also functions perfectly. You no longer have to cancel or postpone work when there is no power source. All you need to do is charge your battery and load it up in the morning. The 7V battery provides a consistent charge of 12 000 nails which can last you a day of work. In addition, it minimizes downtime when reloading nails or adjusting chords.

Additionally, the Paslode finish nailer has a dial that helps you adjust the depth that the nails will drive into the wood. It ensures that the nails go with the perfect wood size to prevent nails from sticking out. The 16-gauge nailer can drive nails up to a length of 2.5inches. Plus, it can do this on every piece of wood you can think of.

The angled position is especially relevant to improving your flexibility. Thanks to the angled magazine, you can drive nails into corners that are hard to reach. Therefore, your work will look neat and sturdy. It also has a no-mar tip that prevents the wood from getting scratches and slipping of your workpiece.


  • The angled magazine ensures precise placement.
  • It has a dial for adjusting driving lengths.
  • It has a powerful nail charge to last you a day.
  • The no-mar tip keeps the wood surface smooth.
  • It has a floaty and cordless design.


  • The gas canister may be imperfect.

4. NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic 16-Gauge 2-1/2″ Straight Finish Nailer

NuMax SFN64 Pneumatic Straight Finish Nailer

First of all, the Numax finish nailer has an aluminum housing that provides durability standards. These standards are matchless with other 16-gauge nailer counterparts. In addition, you do not need to worry about accidental damages and scratches on your nailer because the housing is wear-resistant. It also provides sequential nailing for precise nail attachment.

Moreover, the no-mar tip is indispensable to keeping the surface of the wood smooth. As a result, there will be fewer scratches and dents while working. Also, the quick-jam release allows for minimal nail jams and prevents you from getting hurt. The finished nailer has a comfortable grip that keeps your working progress painless. The lightweight structure also reduces fatigue.

Numax is a tough and dependable straight finish nailer perfect for all woodworking projects you may have. Their company prides itself on making woodworking tools for wood and nail jobs across the globe. Apart from finish nailers, they also create nails and staplers that you can use when flooring, framing, siding, roofing, and finishing. I recommend Numax straight finish nailer together with relatable products for premium quality results.


  • It has a durable aluminum housing.
  • The no-mar tip prevents scratches.
  • You can adjust the depth without any tools.
  • It has a comfortable grip handle.
  • The quick-jam release prevents nail jamming.
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  • The rubber cover tip needs to be thin to allow deep nail driving.

5. Makita AF635 15 Gauge, 2-1/2″ Angled Finish Nailer

Makita AF635 angled finish nailer

Makita is a dynamic pneumatic nailer with a hard-wearing magnesium housing and aluminum magazine. Therefore, it can withstand the rough working conditions without getting malfunctioning or breaking. In addition, the angled magazine increases flexibility when working since you can drive nails in tight and often unreachable angles. So, if you have a work project that demands full coverage, the Makita finish nailer is the right tool for you.

Furthermore, it can drive 15-gauge nails within 1.25inch- 2.5inch length. The magazine is open so that you can check the nails’ progress while working. In addition, you can adjust the depth of the nail drive with just your finger. Also, the multi-directional exhaust port helps you evade the exhaust air of the nailer. Finally, it has an impressive nail lock-out structure that prevents accidental nail jamming while working.

I must say that I am impressed because the Makita finish nailer includes a reversible belt hook. You can hook it somewhere when you need to rake a break, especially when working on a window or ladder. Another feature is the air duster which keeps your working surface free of dust and debris. Makita finish nailer will help you with any professional or domestic woodworking projects.


  • The magnesium coating is heavy-duty.
  • It has an angled magazine for flexibility.
  • It has a nail lock-out mechanism for blocking nail jams.
  • The air duster is ideal for cleaning your working surface.
  • It has a belt hook to keep it close to you.


  • Some package items may be miss after shipping.

Types of Finish Nailers 


Among the three types of finish nailers, pneumatic nailers are the lightest and fastest. The nailer connects to an air compressor through a hose with high pressure, which charges the entire nail gun. You need to attach the air compressor to a power source. It can be a hassle since you cannot move around as much. However, it can drive nails fast with minimal lifting.


Electric nailers do not require a power source. Instead, it includes a small air compressor towards the top of the nailer that the battery powers. Once you press the trigger, the air flows into a metal pin that drives the nails. Electric nailers drive nails rapidly and are portable because they use battery power. Also, they are low maintenance.


Gas nailers use propane gas in fuel cells that create small explosions in the combustion chamber. The piston then moves, driving a nail into a piece of wood. The gun also uses rechargeable batteries to power the fuel cell. You could say that the fuel cells represent the air compressor in the electric and pneumatic nailer. Gas nailers are light but high maintenance.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Finish Nailer


The power of the finish nailer determines the size of a nail that it can drive. Pneumatic nailers are more powerful than gas and electric nailers because it uses an air compressor. An electric-powered air compressor produces more power than a battery-powered nailer. To prove the difference, a pneumatic nailer can drive 15-gauge nails in 2.5inch hardwood. On the other hand, battery-powered nailers can drive 16-gauge nails in 2.5inch softwood.

Corded vs. Cordless 

Cordless nailers use batteries to power the nail gun; they include gas and electric nailers. Corded nailers use hoses that attach to an external power source. It is all a question of mobility. Corded nailers have limited mobility because the extent to which you can move depends on the length of the cord. 

Even so, pneumatic nailers are lighter and faster than cordless ones. However, it is easier to work with cordless nailers because your movement is not restricted.

Straight vs. Angled 

Although both straight and angled nailers use the same spring-loading techniques, the shape of the magazine is different. A straight nailer has a magazine that is parallel to the surface of the gun. On the other hand, an angled nailer has a curved magazine arced at a certain degree.

They both deliver nails the same method and convenience, except that angled nailers are more flexible. As a result, they can drive nails into tight spaces. Nails for angled nailers are more expensive; however, they have sturdy construction.

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Gauge estimates the size and thickness of the nails you use with a finish nailer. There are two different gauges we use with finish nailers; 16-gauge and 15-gauge. 16-gauge nails are thinner and smaller than 15-gauge nails. Consequently, we use 15-gauge nails for heavy-duty tasks and pneumatic nailers that are more powerful.

Nail Depth and Jamming

 Most finish nailers include an adjustable depth dial. It allows you to specify the amount to force you to use to drive the nail. You need to set the right amount of force to drive the nail that it neither protrudes nor deepens. You may cause jamming when force is too little to push the nail which springs towards you. You can remove the jammed nails by detaching the head of the nailer.

Size and Weight 

Almost all finish nailers have similar weight and dimensions. The dimensions are usually 12inch length by 12inches in width. Pneumatic nailers weigh four pounds, while cordless nailers weigh from four to five pounds.

Safety Features 

The most common safety features are the contact safety tip and safety switch. The safety switch is often next to the trigger. It allows you to stop a nail from firing even after pressing the trigger. The contact safety tip ensures that you do not fire into the air since it needs to contact an object to fire.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of nail gun do I need for woodworking? 

You require a pneumatic nail gun when working on a heavy-duty project since they are more powerful. However, it uses a power chord which may limit your mobility, especially for projects where you need a ladder. 
If your project is not demanding, use a gas or electric cylinder as they are cordless, hence more portable. However, gas nailers need you to replace the fuel cells periodically and recharge batteries. For a more detailed project with tight angles, you need an angled nail gun.

What is the best nail gun for home projects?

I think any nail gun is perfect for home projects since their results are alike. However, when comparing home projects to field-work projects, I would recommend pneumatic finish nailers. Pneumatic nailers have power hoses which would be more manageable within a home. You can easily attach the nail gun to a power source that fewer people can interfere with. Also, pneumatic nailers are fast and light.

What nail guns do carpenters use? 

Carpenters use pneumatic, electric, and gas nail guns depending on their projects. All the three work pretty much alike except for their power sources. Pneumatic nail guns can handle more heavy-duty tasks than electric and gas nail guns. The variation between straight and angled nail guns is also vital because carpenters can use angled ones in tight spaces.

What size nail for framing with a nail gun?

Nails for framing are 3.5inch 16D which you can only use in framing nail guns. A finished nail gun cannot frame surfaces because the limit is 2.5inches.

How to install a chair rail without a nail gun? 

You can use chair rail molding that adds to the interior of your house. Follow the steps below:
Measure the space of your wall.
Cut the chair rail according to your wall space.
Apply wall glue to stick the moldings


I hope you have gained more knowledge on the various types of finish nailer and what you need to consider. Also, you may have made your choice of a finish nailer that is to your liking. I am sure that your project will be as fruitful as your search.

My top pick is the Makita finish nailer because it includes a reversible belt hook; I find it unique. The reversible belt hook is a winner because you can carry the nailer around your waist or arm for easy access. Even so, I suggest that you choose a finish nailer that qualifies your standards because we have what you are looking for.

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