Top 8 Best Budget Wood Lathe [Reddit Choices]

A wood lathe is a machine that is used to shape wood or other materials. These machines are basically workpieces held between two moving parts, and they are controlled by the operator who manually turns the dials, which change the position of the cutting tool. Lathes can be powered by electricity, gasoline, or hydraulics. When it comes to budget lathes, you must remember that an electric one will cost less than one that uses gas or hydraulics. 

Therefore, we have added the top-rated 8 best budget wood lathe for the money. In fact, later, there is a faq section for better understanding. 

Top 8 Best Budget Wood Lathe Reviews

1. WEN – Best cheap wood lathe

Best cheap wood lathe


  • Great lathe for beginners.
  • Quality woodwork at a great price.
  • Easy to operate, Do not need any tools or extra parts. 
  • It can be assembled for easy transportation and storage.
  • Course finish is smooth, Can be used for bowls, cups, chess pieces, etc.

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The WEN Woodworking Lathe has everything you could possibly want in your basic wood lathe. It’s extremely affordable, easy to set up, and features variable speed controls that make it perfect for beginners as well as experienced woodworkers. In addition, its smooth operation and sturdy construction make it an excellent choice for producing items like bowls, pens, chess pieces, and other small workpieces.

In fact, WEN lathes have been created to take everyone’s job to a new level of woodworking. Everyone can have a WEN mini benchtop at home without any problems.

However, this vertical turning tool is ideal for numerous tasks, as mentioned above. 

2. Mophorn – Best lathe for the money

Best lathe for the money


  • 4-grade speeds wood lathe. 
  • Precision cutters for smooth work.
  • Very powerful motor. 
  • Easy to handle and control. 
  • Perfect for sanding, polishing, or carving wood pieces.
  • High-speed wood lathe with 3 chisels. 
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Freehand tools and accessories included.

There are many ways to do things around the house, but the best ones are the ones that will provide you with professional results done quickly and effectively. The Mophorn Wood Lathe is one of those products that do just that. It’s perfect for anything from woodworking to crafting, like making handles or wood crafting. With enough power to tackle any project, it’s no wonder why so many other people have chosen to take joy in it as well.

However, never get an uneven edge again! With the new Mophorn benchtop lathe, you can polish your projects to perfection at a rapid rate with better accuracy. You’ll get a perfect, flat surface! In addition, the increased speeds of 4 grades will make it easier for you to get your project done.

3. WEN – Best value wood lathe

Best value wood lathe


  • This hand lathe offers the ultimate value.
  • A complete package for your woodworking needs.
  • For those new to woodturning or those who want a simple and affordable way to make gorgeous bowls and other projects.
  • Easy to operate and easy on your wrist (the workbench can be adjusted).
  • Best value wood lathe, 
  • 5 Speed Benchtop Wood Lathe with 4.5Amp Motor.
  • Easy to use and very helpful
  • Great machine for beginners and a great price too.
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If you are looking for the best value wood lathe under $300, it is the best available option. This wood lathe can turn, mill, or twist wood into various shapes. The design of the machine allows the user to pick any type of wood and turn it into a product of desired design.

In the world of woodturning, WEN is one of the best brands you can trust. Their product’s quality is not only unparalleled but also highly affordable. With affordable prices and various accessories, this lathe will make your work a whole lot easier. In addition, you can choose from a variety of wood sizes and types. As a result, the lathe is able to perform a wide range of tasks for any skilled craftsman.

4. Mophorn – Best heavy-duty wood lathe

Best heavy-duty wood lathe


  • The heavy-duty wood lathe is designed for high-speed precision cuts.
  • Variable speed control allows cuts to be adjusted for application. 
  • Best Mini Wood Lathe. 
  • Comes with a Regulation Digital Display. 
  • Stable and smooth operation preserves the workpiece during the cut process. 
  • Delicate workmanship creates smooth, accurate cuts on your projects.

The Mophorn Wood Lathe is a perfect addition to any shop or home for wood crafting. With its high-speed motor, this lathe works wonderfully well for delicate work, and the stable operation keeps everything stable for your safety. Its powerful motor is very reliable. It can deliver consistent power throughout its entire duration.

However, Mophorn is a brand that makes sturdy and durable cheap wood lathes for all kinds of woodworkers and woodturners, and we’re here to make sure that you’ll enjoy your time working with your tools. Turn your wood into beautiful objects because we believe that no one wants to work with rickety junk, especially when turning quality woods. With Mophorn, you can be sure to get top-quality products and at prices that will make your woodworking more efficient.

5. XtremepowerUS – Best lathe for home shop

Best lathe for home shop


  • Safe, Compact, fits in tight spaces.
  • Solid & Steady frame.
  • Adjustable speed.
  • Easy to use.
  • Convenient to operate even for beginners.
  • Compact size for storage area.

Lathes are one of the essential tools for woodworkers. However, when it comes to buying a lathe, many think they just have to buy the most expensive one they can find. The truth is, an entry-level lathe can get the job done just fine. This lathe is great for making perfect bowls, bowls for puzzles, decorative arts, small bowl blanks, and so on.

However, everybody will agree that the faster you turn, the quicker you’ll be able to complete your project. The Xtreme Power US Lathe is designed to provide you with the most efficient, easy-to-use process possible. The design is perfect for both professionals and hobbyists alike!

6. Mophorn – Best wood lathe under 200


  • Designed for a variety of turning projects in labs, workshops, and factories.
  • Variable speed motor provides extra torque for higher speeds.
  • Cast iron construction ensures long life.
  • Professional tool rests for turning tools.

With a wide variety of benchtop models in a variety of sizes, in a variety of material grades, Mophorn is both versatile and robust. So if you’re looking for a line of tools that’ll keep up with the most extensive applications, you’re at the right place.

Choose Mophorn, the ideal variable speed wood lathe for ultimate woodworking! Possessing various features such as cast-iron construction, professional tool rests, and variable speed, the Mophorn lathe is perfect for a variety of projects such as handles, bowls, crafts, etc. 

However, it is a perfect tool for anyone trying to save money on their hard-earned cash. This lathe is cheaper than its competitors and more durable, efficient, and user-friendly. 

7. VEVOR – Best small wood lathe

Best small wood lathe


  • Compact & Firm Structure Lathe, With 700W Motor
  • Wide Application: Cutting, Sanding, Knurling, Drilling 
  • Ease of Adjustment: Large anvils for easy adjustments 
  • Excellent Performance: Powerful Motor for fast work with a large headstock.
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You will never regret an investment in VEVOR lathe if you’ve only got the space of a garage to spare. 700W of power, 7-speed motor with no frills, brings you the best performance in woodwork at an affordable price. While small in size, it tackles large projects with ease. Built for durability, it can handle anything that is put before it.

8. JET – Best lathe machine

Best lathe machine


  • A great lathe that’s easy to use. 
  • Control the speed of the workpiece with a simple switch. 
  • Effortlessly change from one project to another with a push of a button.
  • It’s well designed to provide the best possible value.
  • Impact-resistant, durable, and sturdy construction lets you work long after others have quit for the day.

You are always on the lookout for a great deal on a great quality wood lathe. However, you don’t always think about the quality of your lathe. If you want to make money, make it in a way that leaves no eye for imperfections! With the JET LATHE, you will not be disappointed! You will not be disappointed if you come in at a great price and with all the features you could ever ask for.

However, this JET wood lathe is the ultimate all-in-one tool for countless household tasks. Its compact size makes it perfect for homework as well as professional, while its powerful motor can handle all sorts of woodworking tasks. In addition, it features an easy-to-use digital readout, allowing you to select the ideal speed depending on what job you are doing. It also includes convenient wood storage so that you can store the necessary accessories in it without any hassles. 

What to look at while buying the Best budget wood lathe?

Just because you are purchasing an inexpensive lathe, it doesn’t mean that this may be the only one you need. You have to get more for your investment money regarding the quality of products, which might also lead to making a steady income at home doing woodworking without being overworked on all sides of life outside work. Just as not any single brand has terrible reviews, those manufactured by companies specialized in such industries as woodworking are exceptionally well known for their quality.

WEN has an excellent reputation at providing the best wood lathes to none but experienced woodworkers, so you can purchase one of these if expensive new tools aren’t needed on your project that is old-time craftsmanship involved in building objects with beavertail or handcrafted look. WEN also makes one of the best left-hand models, which comes in handy when shaping wood in the reverse end for the right-handing nature found in many industries.

While I prefer woodworking with hand tools, buy a small compact design lathe because it makes the job much faster when turning out precision objects which would take hours or days on pedal-powered lathes. The bottom section of this particular segment is also tilted at about 45 degrees so that loose parts are easy to store while working without spilling material all over the place. The power assist handle can be adjusted to give you enough leverage during the different stages of turning.

The purpose behind having a stationary model is that it keeps all parts in one spot, which you probably may not have space for when working inside your home or even taking up too much time setting them outdoor on tables and benches. At the same time, some other pieces need further shaping, drying, or grinding before finishing with sandpaper & similar preparations, then stain and varnish. The same applies to different types of woodworking you might have in mind. So to learn how having a lathe can help speed up your work instead of causing extra hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best budget wood lathe?
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Buying the best budget wood lathe is not an easy task. There are various factors to consider in this process, like the cost of the wood lathe, the speed of the wood lathe, how long before you start making money with it, and so on. With all these factors in mind, here are some tips when choosing your wood lathe.
Therefore, the best wood lathe includes the least expensive high-quality products that will perform well with beginners, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Whether trying to achieve smooth carving of basswood or effortlessly intricate details for decorative reasons, you want to produce desirable shapes with ease. Then it is essential that whatever type of material you choose, nothing gets jammed up while working, and you finish the job faster than expected

What is the best entry-level lathe for beginning woodworkers?

The best entry-level lathe for beginning woodworkers is the Grizzly G1059.
It has an 8-inch swing, a 1/4 HP motor, and a 1/2-inch collet. It has a maximum speed of 800 rpm and weighs 52 pounds. The base is heavy-duty steel, and the headstock is made of aluminum alloy.

Where can I get a 150$ wood lathe that can turn bowls?

1. offers a wide range of woodturning lathes and accessories at affordable prices.
2. Grizzly Industrial is a leading supplier of high-quality woodturning equipment and supplies for hobbyists and professionals.
3. Woodcraft is also a company that makes high-quality equipment and parts accessible to beginners.

What’s a good woodturning lathe for a beginner?

A woodturning lathe is a hand tool that allows an individual to create objects out of round stock. These objects include bowls, spoons, bowls, pens, and other small items. The lathe does not require power to run.
Lathes are tools used for turning wood, metal, or other materials into various shapes using a cutting tool or cutting thread. Lathes may be powered or unpowered and usually have a rotating workpiece held securely using a chuck or grip. Lathes are used for woodworking and metalwork by using their cutting tool(s) mounted on an arbor that feeds into the tool heads spindle.

What are some simple gift ideas for woodturning (lathe)?

This question has multiple answers. One example of a simple woodturning gift is a small toolset for beginners. These sets might contain chisels, gouges, and any other tools needed for turning wood.

How can I carve out details in wood without a lathe?

If you are looking for a way to carve wood without a lathe, the best option would be to use a circular saw. Many saws can be used for wood carving, but if you want professional quality results, you will need to invest in a quality circular saw.

Can you wood turn with normal chisels?

The answer to this question is “it depends.” Regular chisels have a round cross-section, and their cutting edge is in one place. They can be used to chop a bevel, but it takes a long time because the round cross-section does not allow much edge contact. Usually, chisels are used to cut an edge on the workpiece material. They can be helpful for dadoing and dovetailing joints in boxes, frames, cabinets, and many others.

Final Verdict

A wood lathe is a powerful tool that helps you make and shape various wood crafts. Lathes can be used for turning, drilling, milling, and cutting. It is the second most widely used machine in the world after the drill press. A wood lathe has many uses, such as carving, making wooden toys, designing furniture, etc. It helps in shaping materials such as plastic and metal as well. The type of work it does depends on its size and power. However, we have added the best budget wood lathes for beginners because they all offer a very low budget.

Now, it’s your time to buy one and give it a try! 

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