Top 7 Best Block Plane Woodworking [Reddit Choices]

When it comes to woodworking, you can’t go wrong with a block plane. This handy tool is used to remove material from the surface of your workpiece or clean up nicks and scratches in the wood. Therefore, a block plane is an essential tool for any woodworker.

However, planes are tools for smoothing wood. They take the grain direction of the wood and push it to one side, which is why they’re often called plane irons. Planes are also known as block planes because they use a block of iron fixed in place with a handle that moves back and forth.

Furthermore, many best block plane woodworking is available in the market, such as Stanley block plane, Low angle block plane, KAKURI Japanese Block Plane, etc. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. We will discuss them below, and don’t forget to check the FAQs section as well! 

Top 7 Best Block Plane Woodworking

1. STANLEY Hand Planer – Best Stanley block plane

Best Stanley block plane

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  • Save time and money on all your general woodworking projects. 
  • A durable, well-made hand plane that is easy to use and maintain.
  • This tool will help you get the job done quickly and easily.
  • Performs a wide range of tasks. 
  • Has the power to perform the toughest jobs with ease. 
  • The perfect tool for any professional or do it yourself.

The Stanley is the perfect small block plane tool for most woodworkers, ready to tackle any general-purpose or light-duty task as well. The quality of the Stanley is outstanding, with a cast-iron body and a durable epoxy coating providing long-lasting protection. And with its no-nonsense, rugged design, you can be sure that this tool will serve you well for years to come!

However, STANLEY Tool Company is known for manufacturing high-quality hand tools. You can buy any accessories that you need for your hand tool, or if you’re looking to buy the best quality hand tool, Stanley is the brand for you.

 2. KAKURI – Best hand planes for beginners

Best hand planes for beginners


  • Smooth and easy to use.
  • Woodworkers enjoy the woodworking experience.
  • Enjoy a good finish with a good block plane.
  • Get great results in a short amount of time.
  • Great for beginners. 
  • It makes woodworking easy for anyone. 
  • You can even do your project.  
  • Made of high-quality materials. 

Japanese are known for making unique woodworking tools, which are explicitly designed to work with woods. They are handmade by skilled craftsmen, not mass-produced in factories. When you purchase a Japanese manual plane, you are actually investing in a piece of history handcrafted by artisans who use old-world techniques. Amazing things happen when you have the best of the best.

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KAKURI is not only the most versatile woodworking tool. It is also a symbol of Japanese culture and history. These planes are handcrafted with the highest quality and made to last a lifetime. The Japanese Block Plane has been used for centuries to plane different types of planks, and they’re perfect for smoothing and chamfering joinery. With such a unique design as the Japanese Block Plane, you can use your woodworking skills like a pro. 

NB: This is a factory-made manual hand planer. 

3. YOGEON – Best manual hand planer

Best manual hand planer


  • Great for woodworking, wood planing, and surface smoothing.
  • Create beautiful projects with ease.
  • Get the proper control you need to make precise cuts.
  • Get the best woodworking tools for your next project.
  • All products are made of quality materials.
  • You’ll be able to work with confidence and precision. 
  • It makes woodworking easy and fun again!

YOGEON is a relatively unknown brand on the woodworking scene, but they are truly world-class in making the perfect plane. With each tool crafted by them for maximum precision, YOGEON creates the best planes on the market. With features that are only found in some of the finest planes on the market, you’ll want all your woodworking tools to be crafted with YOGEON’s high precision tools to get the best results possible every time!

The company integrates all kinds of tool-making technologies and has been specializing in producing advanced woodworking tools for customers’ personalized needs and wants. In fact, they also produce a variety of other products such as blades for saws, planers, blenders, and many others. All of these tools are used to make various kinds of furniture and decoration objects.

4. Spear & Jackson – Best block plane for the money

Best block plane for the money


  • Best Carpenter’s Block Plane for end grain.
  • Single-handed operation.
  • Precision milled, cast iron body and faces.
  • Features Brass adjusting screw.

The Spear & Jackson #4 Slotted Block Plane is a uniquely designed plane that enables you to plane a single block to shape without needing a second plane. This means that you’re able to shape a single board or piece of timber perfectly flat – or into various shapes – with just one plane, saving you time and effort.

However, it’s an excellent piece of equipment for anyone keen on woodworking. It is not very difficult to use and has an effortless yet effective design. The plane is made from cast iron and has a milled base so that the blade doesn’t get clogged with dust. This makes it possible to use without any problems.

5. Caliastro – Best low angle block plane

Best low angle block plane


  • Precision blades for perfect smoothing.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Precise blade adjustment. 
  • Sharp cuts every time. 
  • Built with quality in mind for a long-lasting product.

If you are looking for the best low-angle block plane, then Caliastro might be considerable. Caliastro is a leading brand that boasts an extensive line of high-quality woodworking, metalworking, and household use. In fact, their tools will give you the precision and power you need to do your job right.

The body of the block plane is made from frog cast iron that provides accuracy and durability, while the sharpened blade provides a perfect finish for cutting material.

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6. KAKURI – Best hand plane for the money

Best hand plane for the money


  • 50mm woodworking Japanese block plane
  • Woodworking hand planer for surface finishing of wood.
  • Get the results you want with this top-quality tool.
  • It’s easy to use, durable, and well designed.
  • Cut smooth wood surfaces with ease. 
  • It produces extra wide-planed surfaces quickly. 
  • Made in Japan.

This is one of the best tools in the world, which you can use to make your work easier. It is beneficial for woodworking and used in furniture making, the construction industry, etc. The best woodworking plane has a square blade that cuts perfectly on a square surface. It is best suited for working on irregular surfaces too!

However, this block plane is made by Kakuri. It’s an environmentally-friendly Japanese business venture specializing in hand tools for woodworkers. All KAKURI products are made in the factory by hand, utilizing traditional Japanese craftsmanship and techniques.

7. Senkichi – Best chamfer plane for woodworking

Best chamfer plane for woodworking


  • High quality and excellent workmanship.
  • Blade sharpness is good, easy to use, very beautiful. 
  • Suitable for scraping or detailed woodworking. 
  • Detail cutting work of the surface with high precision and accuracy such as fine carving, engraving, etc.

Senkichi is a well-known brand in the woodworking world. Senkichi has been making planes for many years. Their planes are made to last and are simply beautiful to look at. If you are looking for a compact yet high-quality tool, then it will be perfect for you!

The super lightweight metal planes are perfect for detailed work like trimming joints or working around details on cabinets, doors, or any other woodworking project. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sharpen my block plane, and what kind of stone should I use for this purpose?

For block plane sharpening, you can use a medium-fine gritstone. Do not use a Waterstone for this purpose because the water will soften the metal too much. The best stone for this is an oilstone, but they are hard to find these days.
Lastly, you need to know what angle you should be working at when sharpening your block plane. The angle is 25 degrees, but this can vary depending on the hardness of your steel. The burr you get for that particular plane will be different than the one you might get from another block plane

Can I use any type of wood to make a block plane?

The term block plane can be used in two contexts. One is used for hand planes, and the other is block planes. Block planes are used to smooth wood in cross-grain to make surfaces flat, square, or right angles. They are generally used to plane wood that has been glued up into blocks.

What is the best block plane woodworking?

The best block plane for woodworking is the Stanley block Plane. This is an essential tool for all woodworkers to use, as it will allow them to create quality workpieces with ease. In addition, the blade can be adjusted to different depths, which is helpful in terms of versatility.

How do you choose a block plane?

First, know what you are looking for in a block plane.
You need to understand the types of planes that are available in the market. There are three types of planes:
Block Plane
Jack Plane
Scraping Plane
If you want to choose a block plane, then you should consider some factors like:
Quality of Blade
Portability of Blade and Handle
Solidity Actions and Body
Style Desirability etc.
For example, if you are looking for a block plane to cut wood, you would want something lightweight and easy to handle.
Next, the block plane should have a blade that is made of high-quality steel. This will ensure that the blade stays sharp for a more extended period. The blade should also be ground to the correct angle, which allows it to work efficiently.
Lastly, you want something that can withstand heavy use and rugged conditions. It is generally helpful for woodworkers to know how many strokes they need to make per inch of cut; this is important because it will allow them to find out what size block plane they need in order to operate efficiently with their tools. Hand-held block planes increase efficiency by allowing each stroke to be made at the same speed.

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What wood planes are the best bang for the buck?

These planes can be found on Amazon and other reputable websites, and although each is priced differently, they will offer the pilot a good amount of hours of flying time for their investment.

How important are a planer and jointer in woodworking?

A planer and a jointer are important tools in woodworking. A planer cuts flat surfaces from the face of the wood, getting the best from it. A jointer is an assembly that straightens and flattens the surface of a board by matching its edges to those of a board without any noticeable grain.

How does a wood plane work?

A wood plane consists of a blade fixed to a metal base with a hole in the center. This blade is held firmly in place by a bracket that can be adjusted so that it can move parallel to the blade. The wood used for planes is usually oak or hickory, though any hardwood will do.

Final Verdict

Woodworking is an excellent hobby that anyone can enjoy. However, if you are a beginner in this field, then you should definitely consider investing in a block plane. In fact, when it comes to woodworking, block planes are one of the most valuable tools. They allow you to quickly and easily remove large amounts of material from a piece of wood without damaging the surface area. In addition, these planes are excellent for smoothing and blending cuts. They also help to make the work more comfortable and easier. However, if you want to go for a high-end block plane, then the No. 1 Stanley Block plane is your best bet. It has a sharp blade with a curved cutting edge that helps produce clean results while being easy on the hands. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty which is a great advantage for professionals to beginners.

However, If you’ve been looking for the best block planes or are just curious about what they’re all about, above, we’ve put together a list of the best block planes woodworking! So now, it’s your turn to buy one and give it a try! 

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