Top 7 Best 2×72 Belt Grinder [Reddit Choices]

When it comes to working with surfaces and making knives, belt grinders are the most used tools. These are powerful machines that you can use for different projects. They come in a wide variety in terms of types and sizes.

If you want to start a journey into knife making, you will be lucky to find useful, reliable information here, all in one spot.

The information we provided will help you find the best 2×72 belt grinder. You will also understand why it is the perfect choice for some of the most important applications, especially in knife making. Since it can be challenging and expensive to pick the right tools, materials, and general supplies for the type of work you want to pursue, we want to help you find the right 2×72 belt grinder for your project.

Top 7 Best 2×72 Belt Grinder Reviews in 2022

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The only way you can have a unique knife is if you make it yourself. You can only achieve this is if you have the right skills and tools. One of the most important tools for this kind of project is the belt grinder. Whether you want to grind, sand, polish or remove paint on a surface, this machine can do it all.

The level of efficiency and effectiveness often varies from one model to another. That is why you need to be more strategic and keen on the choosing process. You need to consider factors such as quality, safety, and cost, among others.



One of the most appreciated qualities of the 2×72 Belt Grinder with Motor lies in its versatility. You can use this grinder in a lot of areas. With high-quality parts and a structure that is easy to set up and use, this grinder can be anyone’s favorite.

Apart from the fact that it is the most popular grinder of this type on the market, it is effective, safe, and durable. Its D-plate allows enough room for slack belt grinding and is one of the parts that make up the greater part of its general excellent quality.

The 2×72 Belt Grinder with Motor uses accessories from biggest manufacturers, making things even easier for you. The motor functions at 1.5 HP, is single phase, and totally enclosed fan cooled. With its 3450rpm, it grinds within no time and does its job more precisely and accurately. It has a powder-coated chassis and a 3/8-inch thick steel D-plate that tilts forward and backward to grind bevels.


  • The motor is powerful.
  • It is easy to assemble.
  • Uses accessories from most reputable manufacturers.
  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Safety switch plus its general safe design.


  • It is too overpriced for its value.

2. 2″X72″ – Best Belt Grinder for Knife Making

Best Belt Grinder for Knife Making

This is a heavy-duty high-precision knife maker machine that delivers excellent performance and reliability. You can have a more comprehensive grinding experience with this belt grinder knife maker machine.

As you can see, this machine does more than just grinding, with more parts to make that possible and use easier.  That makes it belong to a slightly different category that involves knife making. It comes with compulsory items that you will need to begin chiseling metal right away.

The 2″X72″ Belt Grinder Knife Maker Machine has a work table plus a flat platen grind tooling arm that together completes a very efficient machine. This machine has a multi-speed control so that you get to choose the right speed for every task. Its 2 HP motor works excellently do deliver the best grinding performance of these kinds. It offers quick belt change and boasts precision belt tracking together with adjustable belt tension.


  • 2850 rpm is more than enough for its main tasks.
  • Quick attachment change.
  • Delivers excellent performance and reliability.
  • Includes work table support.
  • Adjustable belt tension and multi-speed control.


  • It is currently rare on the market.

3. JET J-4103 2 x 72 Square Wheel Belt Grinder

2 x 72 Square Wheel Belt Grinder

In many areas that involve grinding, nothing can beat the J-4103 from the reputable JET. This is a durable, precise, and powerful grinder with lots of advanced features to its name. The JET J-4103 is also one of the most versatile belt grinders you can encounter in the market.

Unlike other grindings that only claim to be versatile, this model contains features that make the best for any material. It boasts a platen setting, hence the perfect angle for high-speed, precision flat, and level grinding.

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Whether you want to grind or refinish cylindrical shapes, this is your most reliable belt grinder for it. The yoke surface will conform to the shape of the surface to create an even, smooth finish. You are certain the best grinding experience for whatever you want to use this machine for, and you will be done in no time. There is a serrated contact wheel that is used for removing heavy stock.


  • It is a multipurpose square wheel grinder.
  • Provides fast and efficient grinding.
  • Delivers the perfect finishing.
  • Grinds in areas that are difficult to reach.
  • Long-lasting and delivers dependable performance.


  • A little bit noisy.

4. Palmgren 2×42 Belt/Disc bench finishing machine

2x42 Belt grinder, Disc bench finishing machine

Where many belt grinders are excessively boisterous, this model is exceptional. It is one of those choices that are moderately smooth and peaceful. When the idea is to keep it simple but very effective, versatile, and durable, you need this machine more than anything.

It has the capacity to complete that project that you have in mind. It is a direct-drive combination belt and disc finishing machine that guarantees exceptional quality and cost-effective solutions to help you save your money too.

The machine also boasts a direct-drive powertrain with a heavy-duty capacitor motor, which is a combination that allows the unit to work under load without bogging or slowing down.  With its fast and easy belt changes, you have a comfortable time making the best with this machine.

Belt also operates in the vertical or horizontal position, which is amazing. The machine contours to ferrous metals, nonferrous metals, plastic, wood, and composites. Also, it contours to large and small parts.


  • Belt operates in a vertical or horizontal position.
  • Contours to all parts and types of materials.
  • Can perform various types of activities apart from grinding.
  • Lightweight.
  • Ergonomic.


  • Aligning the belt can be difficult.

5. JET J-41002 – Bench Belt and 8-Inch Disc Sander

best belt sander

This machine combination is designed to deliver the perfect finish. That makes it a superior model to use for the best grinding or sanding. It is suitable for industrial-grade knife making, delivering durable, precise, and versatile performance.

Any expert would love to use such a powerful machine since it saves your materials and energy and makes it possible to create the best within the shortest time possible. It brings your skills to life and brings the best out of every work you put into your project.

You can make a delicate design by removing the platen to polish the outside or inside a curve. The JET J-41002 features a conveniently spacious worktable, on which you can work comfortably with any wooden or metal pieces. Also, you can tilt the worktable to either side, with several stops and different angles. Therefore, all you need to do is turn the worktable in the proper ways.


  • Suitable for professional use.
  • Offer precise operation.
  • Versatile and long-lasting.
  • Boasts heavy-duty steel base.
  • Miter gauge turns and locks at common angles.


  • Expensive but it is because it is good.

6. Bucktool Combo 2 x 42 – best belt sander for knife sharpening

best belt sander for knife sharpening

This is a powerful sander with the best qualities you can want in a tool like this. The Bucktool Belt Sander is an ideal machine for evacuation and profiling, and it is exceptionally effective at these two activities. You can use it for mirror and silk completion work.

With a 1/3 HP 120V motor, you can depend on it not to disappoint you when you need it to deliver within a tight deadline.

The Bucktool Belt Sander is CSA listed, and professionals seem to love it a lot. It boasts 3450 rpm and has been designed for general purpose sanding and finishing. Besides, you can sue it on most metals, plastics, wood, and other materials. You will definitely love its 2×42 inch high-quality metal sanding belt. You can position the belt either horizontally or vertically to get the best results with whatever you are doing at that particular time.


  • Quick-release tension mechanism.
  • Innovative tracking mechanism.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Rotates fast at 3450 RPM.
  • Cast iron table.


  • You may not get a user manual.

7. JET JSG-6CS 6×48 Belt Sander – 708598K

6x48 Belt Sander

There is a reason why JET is so popular and reputable. When you use the JET JSG-6CS (708598K), you get a clue in how unique and innovative the company’s tools are. It provides raw industrial 1.5 HP sanding power that can get the job done just like you need it. This tool operates vertically, horizontally, or at any angle in between. It has positive settings at 90 degrees and 45 degrees.

The belt tracking adjustments are also easily made with exclusive dual-thumb screws. The adjustment locks to keep the machine’s belt on track when it tackles any tough applications.

Besides, the machine features both a quick-lock dust cover for the disk and quick release belt tension lever. Its two precision ground cast-iron tables have miter gauge slots for easier use and better performance. Also, the machine has a built-in handle that makes it easily portable around the workshop.


  • Included stand save space.
  • Built-in handle maximizes portability.
  • Quick-release belt tension.
  • Two ground cast-iron tilting tables.
  • Quick-lock dust cover for the disk.


  • Poor dust collection system hence leaves the workplace dirty and difficult to clean.

Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best 2×72 Belt Grinder for knife making

Choosing the best 2×72 belt grinder is not always an easy thing to do, but if you manage to pull it off, the benefits are far reaching. What is right may depend on the task for which you intend to use your new belt grinder. You can use it to make a knife on your own.

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On top of that, it works well for grinding, sanding, and to make a nice and smooth finish. You can never go wrong with a good tool choice and true skills to get the job done. Whether the project is large or small, if you make the right belt grinder choice, your chances of success will be maximized.

Motor Size 

The motor is undeniably the most important component of a belt grinder. Therefore, it should be one of the first things you analyze in a belt grinder before buying the machine. It helps you choose the right power of the belt grinder while using it.

Smaller grinding machines usually have motors with up to 1/3 horsepower, while larger ones have 1 and above HP motor. In between the minimum to maximum horsepower motor lies a great deal of options you can choose. When buying your next machine, make sure you choose the right motor size for your project.

Belt Speed

The best speed is essential for making high-quality knives or for best grinding results. That is why you should check this factor in every belt grinder you intend to buy. The speed is often measured in surface feet per minute SFPM. More SFPM is often considered better in a lot of ways.

If what you intend to use in your new belt grinder requires a slower speed, there is no need to go for a faster belt speed. However, in most cases, faster belt speed is better when any speed can be used. Therefore, find out before making a purchase what belt speed will be right for your projects.

Variable Speed

Choosing the right speed for each project can be a great strength to have in a belt grinder. Not all of these machines have the variable speed feature. Therefore, if you know various speed options would work the best for you and your grinding tasks, choose a sander that offers these features. You should also check the number of speed options it offers.

Faster speed completes the work quicker, and slow speed would take you so much time to c0omplete a knife. However, sometimes for you to do quality work, you will have to use both slow and high speeds at different times or different applications.

Ease of Assembly

Although this factory is self-explanatory, we can still show you how to choose your next belt grinding machines based on it. You can choose a machine just because it is easy to assemble. It would save you the trouble you may have to go through to hire a professional or spending too much time trying to guess what to put where.

There are lots of amazing models out there that are super easy to assemble. Some come with clear and easy instructions to help you assemble the machine correctly and within the shortest time possible. You can save some money, energy, and time with a grinding machine that is easy to assemble.

Cleaning Up

The mode and ease of cleaning up the sander are important factors to consider when choosing the right belt grinder for yourself. You need something that is a breeze to clean up. This will ensure you do not have to suffer much, maintaining a tidy workplace and the machine clean.

You should check the cleaning method before you choose to buy any of these machines. Cleaning up may seem to be a small factor, but it is worth considering every bit.


It is all about how much money you are willing to part with to get a new belt grinder. It is a question every potential buyer should ask themselves before making the purchase. Once you have prepared a budget, purchase a machine whose price falls within that budget.

Different models come at different prices, and it is such a variance in prices that can help you choose what you can afford. If you know how much you are willing to spend on a new grinding machine, you will less likely be confused or find yourself in a dilemma. And if several machines fall within that budget, you can use other factors to help you choose the ultimate best option.

Different Belt Grinder Size

It does not matter what you want to use your belt grinder for: the right size can make a huge difference in making your work a success. Whether you are in the knife-making business or just do it as a hobby, you should know how to choose your belt grinders.

If you are looking for a belt grinder for knife-making, the model you choose should help you create a sleek, beautiful blade. There are numerous machines to choose from, with some being better-suited to certain processes than others.

2×72 Belt Grinders

This size is best suited for professional knife-making and accounts for most belt grinders for knife making. You can never go wrong in creating the sleekest and most beautiful blade with this if you know how to use it and make knives. They are the industry standard and are compatible with several belt materials.

For their level of performance, the 2×72 belt grinders are surprisingly compact. These machines also come with more accessories such as wheel attachments, rotary platen, and surface grinding attachments. The 72-inch belt length reduces heat build-up and wear.

1×30 Belt Grinders

This is the cheapest belt grinding machine to start knife making with, making it an affordable investment for hobbyists. They are great finishing tools that also work well for detail work and knife sharpening. These tools may not be anywhere near their high dollar counterparts but for what they are worth. They are fantastic and a great place to start.

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The belt is 1-inch wide, which makes it adequate for profiling knives and grinding bevels. However, the belt is not wide enough to flatten off materials effectively, even though that is a downfall you can live with.

1×42 Belt Grinders

In terms of performance, the 1×42 belt grinders are somehow similar to their 1×30 counterparts. As you can see, these machines have slightly more surface area for grinding, which is a good thing for your projects.

 However, it has a smaller range of abrasives readily available for it. The belts perform excellently for knife sharpening and detail work. You can use the 1×42 belt grinders for bevel grinding, profiling, and the greater part of the knife development’s initials steps. Also, remember that its smaller work surface and lower motor power make it inferior at creating knives faster.

2×42 Belt Grinders

These grinding machines are usually designed for the woodworking market. They often come with a six-inch disc sander on the side. They are always the better option than the 1×42 belt sanders since the two are similarly priced, but the 2×42 has a wider belt.

That makes their wider belts the winning point in the comparison between the two. They also work fairly well for knife-making and are popular with knife-making hobbyists. So if you are beginning and need an entry-level belt grinder, consider taking this over the 1×30 and 1×42 belts because it is more stable than these two.

2×48 Belt Grinders 

These grinders are very interesting in many ways. For instance, the smallest size of the belt can come in a square wheel configuration body. However, most commercially available grinders of this size are available in an upright style.

They also have an excellent array of belts, which is the same selection that is available for the 2×72. Therefore, the 2×48 machines can be an excellent alternative to the 2×72 grinders. Both hobbyists and professionals use both sizes.

4×36 Belt Grinders

Besides the fact that they are common, these are the sanders many people have questions about. Many sites warn people against them. But why? Most hardware stores have these machines, but they are not good for knife making.

They are not well-suited for most knife-making applications. The way they are made does not allow for the use of the belt’s edge, and since this is an essential part of knife making, you cannot use it for these applications. However, other parts can be utilized just well. For instance, they are great for woodworking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use a 2″ x 72″ Belt Grinder for Knife Making?

For professional knife making, the 2-inch x 72-inch size belts are considered the industry standard. The 72-inch belt length is responsible for the reduction of heat build-p and wear. Hence, you can use this belt during all stages of blade creation.
You can use it from the initial knife development stages right through to the finishing touches, such as sharpening and polishing. It makes knives more quickly because it has a larger working surface. Also, it usually has a variable motor to customize knife making for every stage of the entire process.

What is the difference between grinder vs. sanders?

Grinder is mostly designed for metalwork and can be used to sharpen, shape, and even repair different metals.
On the other hand, sanders are mostly meant for woodworking projects. The latter gives the wood surfaces a smooth finish, polish, and remove paint. Some grinder models can be used as a sander, and there some that can be transformed from grinder to sander.
Similarly, there are belt sander metal models that you can use to complete a grinder job. However, such changes usually cause more, and even when you have changed them, they are not as good as grinders.

Why are belt grinders so expensive?

One of the reasons why commercial belt grinders are so expensive is because you are literally paying for the precision. The difference that such expensive belt grinders make should not be overlooked. They are less frustrating at best. You will not have belt tracking problems, and the motors will not burn. So, before you think of them as expensive, think of the benefits.

Final Verdict & Recommendation

You can always find the perfect option for every machine or equipment you are looking to purchase. With the market flooded with every type, you can find yourself in a tough situation.

However, with this guide, I hope you can find exactly what you need. Whether you want to sand, grind, or create a smooth finish, you can always find what is right for the task. The market will always offer a great variety to choose from, but you must learn how to pick accurately every time you want to purchase a new one.

Each of these seven models has features that set them apart from the rest. Such differences should help you find a tool for unique grinding, sanding, polishing, and finishing needs. I would recommend the JET J-41002 2-Inch by 42-Inch 3/4-Horsepower Bench Belt as the overall best.

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